Guidelines for HP Ink Tank Wireless 418 Setup

Procedure for HP Ink Tank Wireless 418 Setup and Troubleshooting.

hp ink tank wireless 418 setup

Free HP Ink Tank 418 Driver and Manual Download

To operate your printer as you need, get a full feature driver installed on your computer. Get the best printer driver from this website. The link is displayed on this page. Click the link and follow the prompts as they appear to download and install the latest HP ink tank 418 driver for your printer.

How to Install HP Ink Tank Wireless 418 Driver?


  • When the HP Ink tank wireless 418 printer is shipped to your home, install the latest driver for it on your computer. Before you get a driver for your printer, check if its compatible to it. Be careful, as wrong driver can create lots of printer issues.
  • To download the best printer driver, click on the given link below. It will direct you to the driver download page. In the page, select the compatible driver and tap the Download button. The driver starts downloading.
  • The HP Easy Start might get download. After it gets download, open the downloaded file to begin the HP Ink Tank Wireless 418 Setup. The on-screen prompts appear when the driver installation begins on your computer.
  • Follow the directed prompts as they appear. It will prompt to choose the mode of connection during the printer driver installation. Choose the mode of connection for your printer. Then proceed with the remaining on-screen prompts.
  • The printer driver gets install on your device after finishing all the on-screen instructions on your system. Perform the tasks as desired after the driver installation.
  • Contact us for assistance on installing the printer driver. Our experts quickly guide you through the Setup and installation process. tank wireless 418 Printer Series Control Panel Features

  • The first thing you will notice in the printer’s control panel is the control panel display. This control panel display indicates number of copies, printhead printing status, and signal strength. It also indicates the Wi-Fi Direct status and printhead problems.
  • Below the HP Ink Tank Wireless 418 Setup printer control panel display, there is a Cancel button and it is denoted with symbol ‘X’. This Cancel button stops the current operation.
  • Below the Cancel button is the Wireless button. This button turns on or off the printer wireless capabilities. There is a wireless light which indicates whether the printer is connected to a wireless network.
  • The next button is the Wi-Fi direct button. It is used to turn on or off Wi-Fi direct. The Wi-Fi direct light indicates the on or off status of Wi-Fi Direct.
  • The fifth button is the Color Copy button. When you press the button, the color copy job begins. Press the button multiple times to increase the number of color copies. Copying begins immediately after two seconds of releasing the button.
  • The next button is the Power button. It turns the printer on or off. The next button that is to the right side is Printhead alert light. This indicates prinhead problems.
  • Below the HP Ink Tank Wireless 418 Setup printer Printhead alert light is the Resume button. This button resumes a job after a disruption. The Resume light indicates the printer is in the error state.
  • The Next button is the Information button. Below that button is the HP ePrint button. The last button is the Black Copy button.

HP Ink Tank Wireless 418 Troubleshooting

Sometimes, you may encounter issues with your printer while printing, scanning or faxing documents. There are certain issues that might occur often on your printer. Resolving those issues is not a big deal. The printer manual generally includes effective solutions for these issues. In this website, we have included simple and effective solutions for certain common issues. Most common issues for this printer are network scanner connection error, printer is offline, printer not found during network driver Setup, USB scanner connection error, blinking lights and ‘E’ errors, and wireless troubleshooting. All these issues can be quickly resolved by our experts. Contact us to avail the tech solution.

Solve HP Ink Tank Wireless 418 Black Ink Not Printing and Other Print Quality Issues

  • When you try to print the documents, if the black ink does not print, then check if you are using the genuine HP ink and printheads. If the genuine ink and printheads are not used in your HP Ink Tank Wireless 418 Setup printer, then these below instructions will not be able to troubleshoot the issue.
  • Check the ink levels in the ink cartridge. If the ink levels are low, it impacts the print quality. Use the ink tank window to check the printer ink levels. If the ink level in any of the tanks is low, add ink to the minimum fill line.
  • Ensure the loaded media is compatible to the printjob. Remember to load the paper print side down in the input tray. Many papers like photo paper and other special media have printing and nonprinting sides. The smoother side is print side. Avoid using wrinkled or curled paper. Use the right paper for your print job. Also, try to use different paper to check if the problem is with the media.
  • Check whether the print settings is compatible for your print job. Also, it might vary by operating system and software application. After checking the print settings, try to print and see if the problem is resolved.
  • If the problem persists, check if there are any ink smears on the back side of printouts. If ink smears are present on the paper, use an automated tool to troubleshoot the issue. Print a Print Quality Diagnostic page to resolve many print quality issues. Then evaluate the results. Use an automated printhead cleaning utility to unclog printhead nozzles.
  • If the issue appears still, then use the HP software to align the printheads. Aligning the printheads can resolve the issue. If the issue persists, replace the printheads in your HP Ink Tank Wireless 418 Setup printer.