HP Ojp8717 Printer Troubleshooting

Slow Printing

When your 123.hp.com/ojp8717 printer print speed is sluggish than you expected or do satisfy the speeds noted in the printer specification.

Step 1: Boot up your 123 HP Officejet Pro 8717 printer

  • Switch on your HP Officejet Pro 8717 printer.
  • Hold on until the printer is steady and noiseless before you carry on.
  • With your printer turned on, release the power cord from the printer.
  • Detach the power cord from the wall outlet.
  • Pause at least for 60 seconds.
  • Attach the power cord back into the wall outlet.
  • Re-plug the power cord to the HP Officejet Pro 8717 printer.
  • Switch on your HP Officejet Pro 8717 printer, in case it does not automatically turn on.
  • Pause until the warm-up period finishes and the printer are steady and noiseless before you continue.
  • Let the printer print the sample document. If the issue still occurs follow the next step.

Step 2: Confirm the printer driver settings

  • Confirm the printer driver settings. Picking certain paper types or printing in Best quality can slow done your printer print speeds. Allow the printer to print your document in plain paper in Normal or Draft quality for better print speeds.
  • Double-tap the printer icon.
  • Double-tap Set Preferences.
  • Classify the paper type information.
  • In the Paper type area, make certain the Plain paper is selected.
  • From the Quality Settings area, make certain that the Draft or Normal are selected.
  • Select Ok or Apply to make certain the changes, close the printer driver window, and then close the Devices and Printers window.
  • Let the printer print the document. In case the issue still occurs, follow the next step.

Step 3: Printer driver uninstallation- instructions

  • In case the printer contacts to the system via USB cable, free the cable from the printer.
  • Search for programs and features from Windows, and then select the Programs and Features option in the provided list of results.
  • From the list of installed programs, pick out your printer name, and then select Uninstall or Yes.
  • Undergo the instructions to finish the software removal entirely.
  • Boot up the system again.

Step 4: Printer driver reinstallation- instructions

Once the printer driver uninstallation is done successfully, move to our website, and then undergo the instructions to download and install the updated printer driver.

Let the printer print a sample document. In case the issue still occurs, follow the next step.

Step 5: Maintain the printer firmware up- to- date

Download the firmware updates from our website.

  • Make certain that the printer is on and coupled to the system, either via a network or from a USB cable.
  • Get directed to our website to click Software and Drive Downloads, and then key in your printer model number.
  • Pick out your operating system if necessary.
  • Select the Firmware option, and then select Download.In case the firmware section is not registered, a firmware upgrade is not available.
  • Select on the Use HP Download and Install Assistant option, select Next, and then select install now.
  • In case the serial number is registered, tap the printer serial number, and then select Update.
  • In case the serial number is mentioned in the list but status is not applicable, the firmware does not need to be upgraded. Select on the Cancel option.
  • In case the serial number is not listed and the printer is aiding a network connection, connect a USB cable, hold on for 20 seconds, and then select on the Refresh option.
  • After the update has been completed successfully, select Ok.
  • In case you attach a USB cable for the networked printer, then eliminate the USB printer driver that was added by Windows.
  • Look for Devices and Printers under Windows, and then open Devices and Printers from the exhibited result.
  • Right-click the USB printer device that resembles to your printer model, and then click on the Remove Device option.
  • Release the USB cable, and then reboot the system.
  • Let the printer print to sample document. In case the issue still occurs, follow the next step.

Step 6: Confirm the network status

In case your printer is connected to a wired or wireless network, there are several tips and procedures that resolute slow printing issues.

On your system, confirm the wireless signal strength by picking the wireless connection icon in the Windows taskbar. In case the signal strength is not remarkable, place the router, system, and printer at a closer distance.

If your printer is connected to the network via Ethernet cable, confirm that the cable connections are secure.

Boot up your router by freeing it, wait for 10 seconds, and connect the cable back.

HP Officejet pro 8717 print job stuck in print queue

Your printer cannot print from a system because a print job gets stuck in the windows print queue. This print job may not be detached and prevents further print jobs from printing. Select on the Cancel option on the job in the queue does nothing.

Step 1: Terminate job files and reboot it

When you assign a print job to your printer a file gets created in Windows. At some point, these files might be corrupted and cause issues. To reorganize your printing environment, stop the print job files manually and restart both the system and the printer.

  • Switch off the HP Officejet pro 8717 printer and then disconnect the printer power cord from the power outlet.
  • Store your work. After using these procedures, the current print jobs are lost and it must print again.
  • You can open Windows Services by one of the following methods:
  • Look for services, and select Services in the list of results.
  • Tap Windows key on your keyboard, enter services.msc in the window that gets displayed, and then select Ok.
  • Get through the list of services and find the Print Spooler name.
  • Right-click the Print Spooler option and then click on Stop option.
  • Once the service has been stopped, close down the service window and 7. Eliminate all files inside the PRINTERS folder.
  • Switch off your system.
  • Confirm that your printer has been detached for at least 60 seconds, and then attach the power cord into a power outlet.
  • Power on your HP Officejet pro 8717 printer and the system.
  • Make an Attempt printing a document.
  • In case of the printer prints, your printer is alright.
  • In case the print job becomes stuck, trail the next step.

Step 2: Activate HP Print and Scan Doctor

HP Print and Scan Doctor recognizes and recover the printing and scanning issues. It quickly and automatically does many HP Ojp8717 Printer Troubleshooting tasks known to solve the problem.

Trail the instructions displayed on the screen in HP Print and Scan doctor to automatically identify and fix the printer issues. After discovering and recovering the issue, print your desired document or images.

  • In case the printer prints your document, your 123.hp.com/ojpro8717 printer is alright.
  • In case the print job stuck again, trail the next step.
  • Step 3: Printer driver reinstallation- Instructions

    In case the print job remains to get stuck while printing, reorganize the printing software files by removing and reinstalling the printer driver.

    • In case the printer attaches to the system via USB cable, unplug the USB cable from the printer.
    • Browse for devices and Printers, and then select Devices and Printers in the results.
    • Right-click on the printer icon, and then select on the Remove Device option.
    • Start your system.
    • Get directed to our website and go to Software and Drivers to find and download printer software that matches your printer model.
    • Install the software based on the guidelines.
    • In case you are aiding a USB connection, connect the cable only when it is instructed to do so during the software installation.
    • Print your required document.
    • In case your printer prints, your 123.hp.com/ojp8717 printer is ready to use.
    • In case the print job becomes stuck again, call on our toll-free number, get connected to our technical experts and get the printer issues solved.


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