First Time Printer 7612

The initial step for 7612 is to take away all the tapes, stickers and the packing materials away from in and around the printer. Your required items will be packed and shipped in a box. 7612
  • The HP Officejet printer should be taken away from the packing box.
  • Take off all the packaging materials in and around the HP Officejet 7612 printer.
  • Remove all the packing tapes from the ink cartridge access door on the printer’s control panel.

Step 1: Fixing the Dual – Sided HP Officejet 7612 Printing

Once the printer has been unloaded, mount the duplexer.

  • Search for the duplexer in the shipment box.
  • Remove the tapes and packing materials from the duplexer.
  • Flip the printer over to its posterior side.
  • Clutch the duplexer firmly and fix it into the slot on the posterior side of the printer. The duplexer should be fixed into the printer until it accommodates well into its place.
  • The printer should be turned again to its front side after fixing the duplexer.

Step 2: Fixing the HP Officejet 7612 Printer’s Second Tray

Get Tray 2 fixed if required. If the 7612 printer lacks this, you can skip this procedure.

  • Remove the packing materials from Tray2.
  • Remove the packing materials, subsequently keep the tray on a flat surface.
  • Take out the Tray 2 from its box, free it from the packing materials, and then unwrap all the tapes which are present.
  • The tray should be kept on a flat surface where you want to use the printer.
  • Fix the HP Officejet 7612 printer on the top of Tray 2.
  • The left, right and back edges of the printer’s tray should be positioned.

Step 3: Connect and Configure the Printer

Once the duplexer has been positioned, the printer should be given power supply and basic preferences should be configured.

  • Fix one end of the power cord to the printer’s posterior end and the other into the electrical outlet.
  • Power on the 7612 printer in order to set the Preferences.
  • Go to the printer’s control panel to select the language you want, and then choose continue to confirm the selected options.
  • Slide the display up to pick the desired country or region and then click on Continue to affirm the selected choice.
  • Then, glide the display up and down so that the month, day and year can be structured. Select Date and Time set the date and time and then affirm it by tapping Continue.
  • Once the settings are well set, click Done.

Step 4: Load the paper tray 1 with the paper

Here are the procedures to place the paper into the paper tray one.

  • Slide out the tray by holding the bottom of Tray 1.
  • Slide out the paper width guide tabs, and then arrange the paper width guides to their outermost positions.
  • Insert plain paper into the tray in such a way that the print side faces downward and the short edge goes forward.
  • The plain paper should be loaded into the tray in a way that the print side faces downward.
  • After altering the paper width guides, push the tray inwards until it clicks into place.
  • Once the paper width guides have been modified, slide the tray inwards until it places properly into a place.
  • Lift the paper catch after dragging the paper tray out.

Step 5: Fix the Paper into the Tray 2

With the help of tray 2 you can make more prints. It is not required to follow these procedures if your 7612 printer doesn’t have Tray 2.

  • Clench the below portion of the Tray 2 to drag it out.
  • The width guides should be stretched to their outermost positions.
  • Once the paper guides have been adjusted, insert the paper on which you want to print in the center of the tray. The print side should be held down.
  • Keep tray 2 inside the printer again.
  • Raise the paper catch after dragging out the output tray extender.

Step 6: Fix the HP OJ 7612 Cartridges into the slot

The prime step to configure your printer hardware is to install the HP ink cartridges that are shipped into the box.

  • Take out the cartridges from the box. The ink cartridges should be clutched in a way that the nozzles of the ink cartridges are facing the printer. Place the cartridges into its slot by sliding them forward until it clicks.
  • Repeat the procedures provided above to mount the other cartridges.
  • The ink cartridges access door should be shut after 7612.
  • The printer will now print the alignment page after the cartridge alignment.

Step 7: 7612 the Driver and Software

Check the guides displayed on the screen in order to connect and install the updated printer driver version on the printer. Or else, go with the step- by- step instructions on our website to complete the connection and driver installation.

  • Download the driver, and then go ahead with Open, Save, or Run in any windows that show to download the driver on the system.
  • The driver gets downloaded in the Downloads folder. Double – tap on the folder to initiate the driver installation.
  • Continue with the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the connection setup and driver installation.
  • Get back to the home page in your web browser and get the 7612 printer registration and activation completed.