123 hp ojpro 8715 Troubleshooting

Prints extra blank page

When any extra page 123 hp ojpro 8715 prints unnecessarily, you can follow the instructions below to resolve the issue.

  • Upgrade the antivirus protection program installed in your system to the current version compatible with your system. During scanning, all the viruses and malware are removed. If the issue persists, move to the next step.
  • Ensure that your printer firmware is updated. Make use of HP Download and Install Assistant to employ for a firmware download and install or select download only to commence the    123.hp.com/ojpro8715 printer driver file.
  • Due to partially downloaded software the error occurs, uninstall the driver software by selecting Uninstall from the list of installed programs and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the software removal.
  • Download the updated version of your printer software by selecting the Download option which is adjacent to the full feature driver, or select Basic Driver for other driver options from our website.
  • Modify the printer spooler option from printer properties to print directly to the 123 HP Officejet Pro 8715 printer

Once you are done with the troubleshooting procedures, the extra page is not printed by your printer.

HP Print and Scan Doctor

  • Double-click the    HP Print and Scan Doctor icon on the system to open the tool, after opening the tool, select Start on the welcome screen
  • Select your 123.hp.com/ojpro8715 printer and after pressing next, the finding and fixing problem screen displays.
  • Click Fix Printing.

Fix the default printer and resume printing

  • Turn off the printer and then on it again to make sure that it is in working condition.
  • Search Windows for Devices and then choose Devices and Printers in the list of available devices.
  • Right-click the icon for the default printer, and then choose See what’s printing.
  • Select See what’s printing after right-clicking the icon for the default printer.
  • Choose your printer, in case a checkmark views adjacent to Pause Printing and Use    Printer Offline, choose each item to remove the checkmark

Rearrange the printer and monitor the connection status

  • Power on the printer and verify the printer’s status and then unplug the power cable from the printer’s rear and from the wall socket.
  • Halt for a minute, restart the computer and then attach the power cable back to the printer’s rear and to the wall socket.
  • If the printer is not turned on by itself, press the power button to switch it on and make certain that the 123 HP Officejet Pro 8715 printer is connected to the computer.

Ensure the correct port is nominated

  • Select Devices and Printers in the list of available options by searching Windows for devices.
  • On Devices and Printers window, select Printer Properties by right clicking on your 123.hp.com/ojpro8715 printer’s name.
  • On the Properties window, choose the Ports tab and then choose your printer’s name in the Printers column.
  • Select the appropriate port type in case the selected port does not match the current connection used by the 123 hp ojpro 8715 printer.

Generate a manual connection (network connections only)

  • Attempt to print a Network Configuration Printer from your 123 HP Officejet Pro 8715 printer and note down the network status of your network connection (wired or wireless) from the report.
  • Search for IP Address, subnet mask, and Default Gateway for your connected network connection type on the report. Use the IPv4 address if your report has separate numbers for IPv4 and IPv6.
  • Find the URL(s) for Embedded Web Server (EWS) on the report and enter your URL into your Internet Browser. Use another Internet Browser, if the web page looks blank.
  • Choose the Network or Networking tab and choose your connection type as wired or wireless.
  • You can choose Manual IP, Select Apply and wait until the modifications are completed.

Select a second printer device to Windows

  • Select Devices and Printers in the list of available printers after searching Windows for Devices.
  • Right-click your    123 HP Officejet Pro 8715 printer’s name and then select Printer Properties.
  • On the Properties Window, select the Ports tab, and then choose Add Port.
  • Select Standard TCP/IP Port, and then choose New Port.
  • Key in the printer’s IP address that you note down before, and then select Next.
  • Select the new Standard TCP/IP Port from the list of option, and then click OK.
  • Attempt printing, scanning and opening the 123 hp ojpro 8715 Printer software.


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