Troubleshooting Printer is offline (Windows)

An Offline status implies that the computer is not able to transfer information to the printer. The worse part is that in some instances the printer might go offline in an unforeseen manner. You can follow these steps to fix this issue:

  • Avail HP Print and Scan Doctor to examine connectivity
  • Confirm about your default printer and unpause printing
  • Reset the    OJ Pro 8630 printer and examine the connection status.
  • Ensure that the appropriate port is chosen.
  • Take care that you upgrade the printer’s firmware.
  • Create a safer connection like manual connection (network connections only).
  • Include a second printer device to Windows (this is applied for network connections only).
  • After deleting the printer devices, install the device another time using HP Printer Assistant. Printer Offline (Mac)

Offline gives a clue that the Mac cannot communicate with the printer. The offline message is visible when the OJ Pro 8630 printer is powered off, or a USB cable access has become unplugged.

Step 1 : Examine the connection between the printer and the Mac.

  • Choose the type of connection you have, then follow the guidelines to make sure the connection is functioning.

Step 2 : Perform reset of power to the printer and delete multiple printers from the printer’s list

  • You can delete any additional entries in the Printer’s list.

Ink System Failure

  • When you are endeavoring to print from your OJ Pro 8630 printer, you see an error message stating “ink system failure”. This puts you in a difficult situation of not printing your documents. When this error message shows up, most users are baffled.
  • This error may be caused because of issues with printheads and cartridges. We know that the printhead is the portion of the printer that provides the ink from the cartridge to the paper at the time of printing. Cartridge refers to the ink container.
  • Hence, if there is an issue with the printhead and cartridge, your device may generate mediocre quality printouts or even worse, may not print at all.
  • When an ink cartridge failure error shows on your printer, follow these steps to set right the issue:
  • Get the advantage of authentic    HP ink cartridges.
  • Reset the printer to eliminate the error message.
  • Detect the problem with the 123 hp ojpro 8630 printer by removing the ink cartridges.
  • Clean the ink cartridges and subsequently verify the error message.
  • Download the printer firmware update.
  • Get the benefit of an automated tool to clean the printhead.
  • After switching on the OJ Pro 8630 printer, remove the printhead.
  • Examine the carriage path for any obstructions.
  • Perform re-installing of the printhead.
  • Carry out reseating o the printhead for over three times.
  • Opt for a new printhe Slow printing

Sometimes it is frustrating when the print speeds are slower that what we have estimated. There will one speed mentioned in the print specification but the 123 HP Officejet Pro 8630 printer will print in a different speed. For fixing the issue, you can follow these steps:


  • Take care to reset the printer. Here, make sure that you perform the startup routines and allocate the warm-up period for the 123 hp ojpro 8630 printer
  • You can get the benefit of printing with plain paper by opting the Normal or Draft quality. This gives you faster prints.
  • Install the latest driver version by uninstalling the print driver.
  • When an ink cartridge failure error shows on your printer, follow these steps to set right the issue:
  • Go to our site and download and install the up to date driver.
  • Download the 123 HP Officejet Pro 8630 printer firmware and run it.


  • Check the strength of your network signal for wired and wireless connections.
  • Endeavor resetting the printer.
  • Get faster print speeds by selecting the Normal or Draft quality.
  • Install the current driver version after uninstalling the print driver.
  • Navigate to our site, perform the on-screen instructions to make use of the latest driver.
  • A firmware update can solve the issue.
  • Verify the network status. HP prefers router that have Bonjour software enabled.

123 HP ojpro8630 Paper Jam Error

Sometimes, while printing, the OJ Pro 8630 printer stops inputting pages. You will get a paper jam message here. The Power button light may also blink in a swift manner.Paper jams can be either real jams or false jams. The steps given below apply to both real and false paper jams.

Solution one

Attempt rebooting the printer. Observe the warm-up period of the printer. For confirming that the 123 HP Officejet Pro 8630 printer’s hardware works properly, print a test page.

Solution two

  • Take away any jammed paper from the printer.
  • Take way any loose paper from the main Tray 1, and the optional Tray 2 accessory if it was set up.
  • Take away any jammed paper from the back of the OJ Pro 8630 printer.

Step 2 : Confirm the printer driver settings

  • Suppose you were availing the ADF to print when the error took place, inspect it for any jams or torn paper.
  • Remove any jammed paper from Tray 1 and Tray 2.
  • Endeavor printing a test page to ensure that the hardware works properly

Solution three : Confirm that the carriage can move without any obstruction

Using a flashlight look into the carriage path for hindrances.Attempt printing a Printer Status Report.

Solution four : Clean the rollers found inside the printer, the ADF and the duplexer.

After this, you can print a test page.

Solution five : Do a reset of the OJ Pro 8630 printer

  • Sometimes a paper jam error continues even though there is no jammed paper. This is called false paper jam. You can perform these steps to resolve this issue.
  • Perform the startup routine, give time for the warm-up period for your OJ Pro 8630 printer and subsequently print a status report.

Print from the HP AiO printer Remote app

You can use your printer over a wireless network with the help of this app.

Step 1 : Verify the requirements

  • Before performing the task at hand, ensure that the printer and your mobile device adhere to the following requirements:
  • To use the app, ensure that your mobile device is linked to your wireless network.
  • To avail the app with a printer that is already setup and linked to a network, your mobile device and 123 HP ojpro8630 printer must be plugged to the same network.
  • Suppose you cannot link your printer to a network, you can still print straight to your printer by means of Wi-Fi Direct.

Step 2 : Set up the HP AiO Printer Remote app

Set up the AiO Printer Remote app either on your Android or your Apple iOS device. After this step, add your printer. You can follow the onscreen steps.

Step 3 : Print documents and photos

  • Before performing the task at hand, ensure that the printer and your mobile device adhere to the following requirements:
  • Identify the desired file on your mobile device. It can also be available on your social media or cloud account.
  • Suppose you have not yet added your cloud or social media account, perform the on-screen prompts.
  • Opt for the document or image you wish to print.
  • A preview of the item shows up.
  • On the preview screen, perform any changes with the app editing tools, comprising crop or rotate.
  • You can then print.
  • You can also examine ink levels, book for supplies, and obtain printer settings, details and report
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