123.hp.com/oj4655 Setup

Get Our Steps for 123.hp.com/oj4655 Printer Setup in Simple Steps


How to Setup HP Officejet 4655 Printer?

  • Unbox the printer and discard the packaging materials.
  • Set the Language, Country/Region, Time, and Date on the printer’s operation panel.
  • Pull open the front cover of the printer and lift the cartridge lid.
  • Strip open the colored cartridge and load it in its respective slot.
  • Repeat the above procedure for the black cartridge as well.
  • Pull the paper tray towards you.
  • Adjust the width guides and tuck the paper tray back into the printer.
  • The paper holder extends itself automatically after which the printed alignment sheet is output.
  • Keep the alignment page facing down on the scanner glass.
  • Tap Finish on the Finish Setup Online dialog box.
  • Touch Wireless Setup Wizard > Network Name > Password > OK.
  • Head back to the Home menu and install the 123.hp.com/oj4655 printer driver on your computer.

Free HP Officejet 4655 Driver and Manual Download

As soon as you install all the hardware and accessories that comes with the printer, you have to look for a perfect printer driver and software to install on your Windows/ Mac computers, and make the most of your printer. We provide detailed instructions on how to 123.hp.com/setup 4655 the printer driver for both Mac and Windows computer. Driver is necessary to initiate and perform printer functions.

HP Officejet 4655 Setup

HP Officejet 4655 Wired Setup

It is necessary to have an Ethernet cable in order to make a successful connection over a wired network for printer installation. Other than this you should have a functioning network and the entire featured officejet 4655 printer driver from our website.

HP Officejet 4655 USB Setup

Check the instructions to setup the printer via USB connection for computers that operate using Windows. Windows computer should be installed with the full-featured 123.hp.com/oj4655 printer driver to avail most supported features from a USB cable connected printer.

HP Officejet 4655 Troubleshooting Issue

HP Officejet 4655 Slow Printing for Windows

When your printer print speed is sedate than predicted speed, or if it does has not satisfy the speed that are mentioned in the printer specification, then follow the steps.

Step 1 : HP Officejet 4655 Reboot

  • Power up the HP Officejet 4655 printer.
  • Stay until the printer is calm and immobile and then proceed.
  • Maintain the printer in on, the power cord should be disconnected from the printer.
  • The power cord is linked to the wall outlet.
  • Stay for at least for 60 seconds.
  • The power cord is linked again into the wall outlet and to the printer.
  • Power up your printer, if it does not switch on by itself.
  • Stay till the warm-up phase gets over and the 123.hp.com/oj4655 printer remains silent and stationary before you proceed.
  • Attempt to print the sample document. If the issue still persists then perform the next step

Step 2 : Check the Officejet 4655 Driver Settings

  • Browse your HP Officejet 4655 Printer below Windows, and then select the Devices and Printers in the listed results.
  • The printer symbol should be double-clicked.
  • Set Preferences should be double-clicked.
  • The paper type info should be recognized.
  • Under the Paper type area, confirm that Plain paper is chosen.
  • Below the Quality Settings area, ratify that the Draft or Normal are selected.
  • Choose the Ok or Apply option to make sure with the changes that are done, shut down the HP Officejet 4655 printer driver window, and then the Devices and Printers screen.
  • Try to print the document. If you are still facing the problem, then perform the next step.

To rectify the slow printing issue with your printer, before calling us, you can go through the document here. Click on Read More…

How to Clear HP Officejet 4655 Carriage Jam?

Read and follow the prompts which were described below to boot up your 123.hp.com/oj4655 printer again.

Step 1 : HP Officejet 4655 Carriage Jam

The carriage reset must be done after rebooting the printer. The steps that are described below let your printer to restart.

  • The Power button makes you to turn off your printer. Even if your printer is still in ON condition, unplug the power cable from the printer.
  • Stay calm for a minute.
  • The cable should be re- plugged.
  • Use the power button to switch on the HP Officejet 4655 printer.

Step 2 : Take a HP Officejet 4655 Printer Status Report

In general, the hardware functionality of your printer is analyzed by printing a print a Printer Status Report.

  • The feeder tray of the HP Printer should be filled with fresh sheets of paper.
  • Start the printer control panel. Click the printer display and tap on the Setup icon.
  • Tap on the Reports option, by sliding the display to the next screen. Tap on the Printer Status Report option in order to print a report.

This document gives you a detailed elucidation on how to resolute the carriage jam. A carriage jam error normally transpire when the 123.hp.com/oj4655 printer carriage cannot slide. Use the steps in this manual to resolve the carriage error.