HP Officejet 100 Unbox the printer

Step one : Unload the 123.hp.com/oj100 Printer

After checking the contents of the box, eliminate all packing materials from outside and inside the 123 HP Setup Officejet 100 printer.

Step two : Link the power cord

Ascertaining that the power supply is linked to the back of the printer link the power cord into the power supply and a grounded wall socket.

Step three : Insert plain paper

After raising the access cover and ensuring that the power button is on, raise the paper tray. Mount a stack of unused paper print side up into the tray, and then fit the paper width guide accordingly.

Step four : Fix the cartridges

Access the front access cover of the printer. Give some time for the cartridge carriage to be idle and noiseless. Take away the new cartridge and then pull the pink tab to eliminate the protective tape. Raise the cartridge latch, and then place the cartridge at a slight angle. After shutting the cartridge latch, press the latch in the downward position. Close the front access cover. After you have fixed the cartridge, it begins to initialize.

Step five : After installing, align the cartridges

Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

Open the Toolbox from the All Programs option in Start. You can make use of the Services tab to align the print cartridges.

Mac OS X

Open the HP Utility icon from the Dock. Select your 123 HP Setup Officejet 100 printer under Printers option and tap Align.

123.hp.com/OJ100 Driver installation

As soon as you install all the hardware and accessories that comes with the printer, you have to look for a perfect printer driver and software to install on your Windows/ Mac computers, and make the most of your 123 HP OJ100 printer. We provide detailed instructions on how to install the printer driver for both Mac and Windows computer. Driver is necessary to initiate and perform printer functions.

A Cartridge Problem message occurs

Ensure that the cartridges are fixed correctly

Access the front access cover of the 123.hp.com/OJ100 printer. Confirm that the tri-color cartridge is placed in the left compartment and the black or photo cartridge is placed in the right compartment. Close the cartridge latches and the front access cover. If the issue still takes place while printing, go to the next step.

Remove and then re-add the cartridges

Access the front access cover and halt until the carriage is idle and quiet. Raise the cartridge latch to set free the 123 HP OJ100 cartridge from the slot. Without being rough, pull the cartridge up and out to detach it. You can remove a specific cartridge or both the cartridges according to the error message displayed. Re-add the cartridge at a slight angle into the existing carriage compartment. Shut the cartridge latch and the front access cover.

The Carriage is Stuck

Remove any jammed paper

Eliminate any loose sheets of paper from the output slot and the input tray. Then remove the power cord from the power strip or wall socket and eliminate, without force, any jammed paper of pieces of torn paper in the output slot. Connect the power cord back into the power source or wall jacket. After turning on the printer, load paper into the input tray. Touch the Resume button. The 123.hp.com/OJ100 printer proceeds with printing the next page. Now you can resend the pages that were jammed. Eliminate the paper jam from the interior part of the 123 HP Setup Officejet 100 printer in case you cannot detach the jam from the output slot. After opening the front access cover, give some time for the carriage to go to the center access area. Remove the power cord from the power source or wall socket. If the carriage is hindering the jam, move the carriage to one side by yourself. Eliminate any jammed paper and pieces of torn paper from inside the 123 HP OJ100 printer. Connect the power cord back into the power source or wall socket. Here also you can mount paper into the input tray and tap the Resume button. You can resend the specific pages that were jammed. Then you can print a self-test report. If the issue still takes place, proceed with the next solution. Read More

Troubleshooting Bluetooth connectivity issues

After ensuring that the printer is idle and noiseless, touch the Bluetooth button on the printer to switch on Bluetooth. You can switch on the Bluetooth-enabled sending device. Confirm that the 123 HP Setup Officejet 100 printer falls in the range of the Bluetooth-enabled sending device. You can also attempt eliminating any other Bluetooth device linked to your computer that are not necessary to troubleshoot connectivity problems. Eliminate any USB devices that are not necessary to troubleshoot connectivity problems, for time being. In case the document does not print after sending a print job, there are chances of wireless signal interruption. If a message shows on the computer or device enunciating that there is a signal issue, you can cancel the print job. You can always attempt to send a smaller document for printing. Besides, the printer can be set to Visible option. Care can be taken to key in the passkey when you fix the security level of the 123.hp.com/OJ100 printer to High.


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