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123.hp.com/ojpro8716 Printing Documents -Windows

You can print documents from a Windows computer and modify any related print job settings.

Printing a document

For optimized results, open the print window to modify the print job settings.

  • Prior to print a document, make changes to the document to alter text font and size, click the layout options, and to vary any other appearance settings.
  • In the app you have created the document in, choose the File menu and select the Print option to open the basic print settings.
  • The layout, quality, and advanced print settings can be accessed by selecting the 123.hp.com/ojpro8716 Printer Properties Properties or Preferences options. The Document Properties or Printing Preferences window can be viewed in a new window.
  • Alter the layout and paper settings for your print. The Menu names and the settings available might vary by printer.
  • Modify the quality and color settings for optimized printing results. The Menu names and the settings available might vary by printer.
  • Click OK, then select Print.

Printing Photos

Print the desired photographs from a Windows system using the correct paper type and print job settings.

Step 1 : Place the photo paper into the main input tray

Place the paper into the main paper tray. Inserting the paper is based on where the tray is and what type of 123 hp ojpro 8716 printer you have.

  • Take away the plain paper from the main input tray.
  • Place the short edge of the photo paper into the tray based on your printer type.
  • Adjust the paper width guides so they place against the edge of the paper.

Step 2 : Print the desired photo

Access the print window and document properties to configure the 123 HP Officejet Pro 8716 printer print job.

  • Prior to print, modify the photo to enhance the colors, brightness, contrast and any other settings.
  • Right-click the photo you want to print, choose Open with, and then click Windows Photo Viewer or Paint.
  • Select Print, or click File or the menu icon, and then select Print.The Print or Print Pictures window opens with normal print job settings.
  • Open the    123.hp.com/ojpro8716 printer Document Properties window to access layout, quality, color and advanced print settings.
  • If the Print Pictures window is displayed, click Options and then select Printer properties in the print settings window.
  • From the Print window in Paint, tap Preferences.
  • Go through the instructions to find the print job settings for images in the Document Properties window.
  • Select Ok, and then click Print.
  • After printing the document, take away the photo paper from the tray. In case it is left in the tray for an extended time, the paper might start to bend.
  • While printing your documents or images if you face any difficulties, call us on our toll-free number to resolve your issues.

123.hp.com/ojpro8716 Scan

Scan with HP Scan software

Using the HP Scan Software you can scan the required files. Ensure to download the 123.hp.com/ojpro8716 printer software on your system before scanning a file. Using the HP Scan Software, you scan from the computer, modify the scan settings, save scans and more.

Based on the type of 123 HP Officejet Pro 8716 printer you use, two versions of HP Scan are available. The functionalities and scanning support are similar for both versions.

Scan a document or image using HP Scan software

  • Insert the document you want to scan on the scanner glass or in the document feeder slot, or in the automatic document feeder that depends on the requirement. In the case of photos, make use of the scanner glass to avoid damages.
  • Look for your 123.hp.com/ojpro8716 printer name under Windows.
  • If the system displays your printer name, select the printer name in the list of options.
  • If your 123 HP Officejet Pro 8716 printer is not displayed, download the print driver from our website.

​ Open the printer software, click Scan a Document or Photo. The HP Scan opens in a new window. Select any of the shortcuts that correspond to the file type and resulting action you need. Modify any of the shortcut default settings on the right side of the HP Scan window, if required. Choose Show scan preview or Show Viewer After Scan to preview and make further edits to the scanned document before saving it on your computer. To make alterations to the settings such as quality, color, and default scan destination folder, click Advanced Settings or More. Choose Scan. The 123.hp.com/ojpro8716 printer scans the file, and then a preview of the scan is displayed in HP Scan. If required, double-click the thumbnail image of the scanned file for further settings. Click Save and the Save as windows opens. Choose the folder that you want to save the scan to, alter the File name if required, confirm the file type in the Save as type menu, and then select Save. Open the folder in which you have saved the scan to, and then double-click on the file to view your scanned file.

Scan to email

You can attach a scan to an email message automatically using the email shortcuts in HP Scan. The local email client software such as Microsoft Outlook, Live Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird must be installed into the computer and link to an email service provider to scan to email.

  • Click on the HP Scan Software and open it, choose any of the email-related shortcuts such as Photo to Email, Document to Email, Email as PDF, or Email as JPEG, and then tap Scan. The scan preview opens in a new window.
  • Click Send.

A new email message displays on the screen with the attachment.

Ojpro 8716 Copy

You can make a number of copies of the printed documents and images with HP Office jet Pro 8716 printer.

Step 1 : Place the actual document or picture

Copy the document using the Automatic Document Feeder by placing the original media on the ADF tray or above the scanner glass. This copier based 123 hp ojpro 8716 printer is capable of producing a duplex copy.

  • Turn the printer on.
  • You can use the two methods to copy your document or image:

Automatic Document Feeder : Place the document that you wish to copy on the Document Feeder tray allowing the print side face upward and the top edge is inserted into the tray initially. Arrange the width guides for the media to fit in and the control panel shows a message that the original document is loaded.

Scanner glass : The document should be placed on the scanner glass in the same way it is placed on the ADF. Make sure that the document is placed appropriately within the carved guides nearby the glass, and then bring down the scanner lid.

Step 2 : Photocopy the media that you require to

  • Choose Copy from the Home screen on the 123.hp.com/ojpro8716 printer’s control panel.
  • Choose the Document, ID card, or Photo that you wish to copy.
  • Mention the required number of copies.
  • Choose the tray and paper size on the Tray Selection.
  • If you wish to make a single-side copy, choose 1-or-2-sided copying and for dual-sided it’s 2-2 sided copying.
  • Choose Preview and then click on the previewed image to edit. It is easier to crop, resize and align the contrast of the copy from the Edit screen.
  • Click Done to go back to the Copy screen.
  • To customize your copy settings, select the Settings icon and modify the copy metrics mentioned below.
  • Choose Lighter or Darker, set the darkness or brightness level, and then click Done.
  • Click Quality to choose the desired quality level of the output.
  • Selecting the Draft mode produces a quick copy with less ink consumption. If you select Normal, it gives the standard    copy quality and Best produces a copy with clarity in terms of information in the document.
  • To enlarge the copy, touch Resize and key in the value as you require, and then select Done.
  • Choose Enhancements to select the settings of 123 hp ojpro 8716 print or photo.
  • To acquire an output with a margin shifted to the left end of the page, click Binding Margin, and then select On.
  • Select Save Current Settings to hold back the advanced settings once the copy job is completed, and then tap Save.
  • Go back to the Copy screen, select the Back option.
  • To begin the copy job, choose Start Black, Start Color or Start Copy depending on the type of media you place on the ADF or the scanner glass.

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