hp printer not printing text


HP printer may not print text due to common reasons like low, empty, or defective cartridges, printhead problems, or paper alignment problems. The following instructions will help you to solve the ‘HP printer not printing text’ issue.


  • Make sure to insert some sheets into the input tray.
  • Click the ‘Minus(-)’ sign on the left-hand side of your printer control panel.
  • Now, you will see a list of setup menus on the control panel.
  • Click the (>) icon from the right side of the control panel.
  • Select the Tools option and click the OK button to view the tools list.
  • Choose the Display estimated ink level option on the top of the list and click OK.
  • Now, the panel will show you the estimated ink levels of the cartridges.
  • If one of the cartridge’s ink levels is below the warning level, you need to replace it with a new ink cartridge.
  • Open the ink cartridge access door and remove all the empty cartridges.
  • Take out the new cartridge from the package and discard its protective tapes.
  • Insert the new ink cartridge into its holder and close the cartridge access door.

Follow the above instructions to replace the low/empty cartridge on your HP printer.


You need to check whether the printer’s printhead is clean or not. If the printhead is not clean, use your printer’s automated tool to clean it.

  • Make sure to turn on your printer.
  • Select the ‘Minus(-)’ icon on the control panel of your printer.
  • Choose the Tools option from the Setup menu and click OK.
  • Now, select the Clean Printhead option from the Tools menu.
  • Click on the OK button.
  • Ensure to check the print quality on the printhead test page.
  • If the print quality is not good, you need to repeat the cleaning process from the first step. To get an optimal print quality, you may need to clean the printhead several times.


  • If the ink cartridge has enough ink but still cannot print, you need to replace the defective ink cartridge with a new one.
  • Make sure that your printer is turned on.
  • Open the ink cartridge access door. Wait until the carriage of the cartridge comes to the center.
  • Remove the defective ink cartridge from the respective place.
  • Take out the new cartridge from the package and clear its protective tapes.
  • Now, install the new ink cartridge into the appropriate slot.
  • Close the ink cartridge access door.
  • Now, you can check whether your printer can print text.