HP printers are known for their excellent printing at a much affordable cost. These printers are very much reliable, and if used properly, very few issues will occur. Like other printers, HP printers also work perfectly with generic ink cartridges. However, there will be a slight difference in the print quality. In this article, we would like to begin with the main reasons that could cause the “not printing in black” problem on your HP 7520 printer. Also, we will be stating the solutions to resolve the issue. Do check out the whole article to find the answer to your query – “Why is my HP 7520 printer not printing in black?”


There are quite a few cases where your HP printer stops printing in black. Here are some of the main reasons.

  • When your printer starts warning you to change the Black ink cartridge, then replacing it could be a better idea.
  • If you print a huge volume of data and the ink runs very low, then you will start noticing air into the print nozzle.
  • When the air starts to get into the nozzle, your HP printer will stop printing in black. It may not fully stop, but you will witness small lines in the printed document. This also indicates that some of the nozzles are blocked, but not all of them.
  • If you print with an empty black cartridge for a long time, then you may even permanently damage the printhead. If the ink viscosity is not adequate, then various issues can occur.
  • The cartridge ink needs to have the correct flow so that it does not dry up quickly.
  • One other very common issue that causes a printer to stop printing in black or color is a faulty purge pump or purge seals.
  • If the purge pump is working correctly, then the printer should be ready to print.
  • Faulty data cables are one of the reasons for the HP printer not printing in black.


  • Turn off your printer. Unplug it from the electrical source and disconnect the USB cable also.
  • After a few minutes or so, plug all the connections back in. Turn on your printer.
  • Now, you need to print a Quality Diagnostic Report. Or else, print a test page. You will get this option (Print Test Page) on the printer’s display screen.
  • Check the printer’s ink levels to cross-verify the amount of ink left in your cartridges.


  • Try to replace the cartridges that are low on ink or are empty.
  • Ensure that the ink cartridges are installed in their appropriate slots. See if the vents of the cartridges are clogged. However, you can fix the clogged issue using a pin.
  • Still, if your printer is not able to print like before, move on to the below sections.


  • First, open the scanner unit and get to the cartridge area.
  • When the cartridge unit slides to the middle, just pull out the power cord without powering off the printer.
  • Remove the ink cartridges from their slots.
  • Pull out the printhead using your fingers.
  • Clean the printhead and re-insert it. Insert the ink cartridges.
  • Close the cartridge area and the scanner unit.


  • Connect your HP printer to a reliable power supply. Press the Menu button.
  • Use the printer’s navigation buttons to go to the Setup menu.
  • Now, access the Maintenance screen and choose the Deep cleaning option.
  • You have to perform the deep cleaning process about two to three times.
  • Now, see whether you are able to print documents in black.
  • If your HP Printer 7520 Not Printing Black, Click the Call button on this page and contact our technical experts to help you resolve the issue.