The HP Photosmart Premium C309G printer prints quite a lot of pages per minute. But, when it does not print properly or if it doesn’t print in black color, then the problem is with the printer driver or due to some incorrect paper settings. At this point, just ensure that you follow the solutions mentioned in this guide. Let us see why HP Photosmart Premium C309G Not Printing.

Why does my HP printer not print?

You don’t know what exactly the issue is. Initially, reinstall the printer driver.

  • On your Windows computer, navigate to the Programs and Features option.
  • Continue to select your HP printer.
  • Click Uninstall.
  • If prompted, continue with the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure of removing the printer software. Additionally, remove the printer from the devices list as well.
  • Now, you’ve completely finished the process of removing the printer driver from your computer. It’s time to download the printer driver again from the official HP website. Go to the HP Software and Driver Downloads page and choose the appropriate printer driver to download.
  • Resume the printing and check whether the printing is clear with sharp texts.

The document that you print does not meet your expectations at times. It is ok. It can be resolved by canceling all the stalled print jobs. Here’s how to do it.

  • On your Windows computer, click the Start menu.
  • Select the Hardware and Sounds option.
  • Navigate to the Devices and Printers section.
  • In that section, locate and right-click the printer icon.
  • Select See what’s printing.
  • Go to the Printer menu and then select Cancel All Documents. By deleting the stalled print jobs, the print job is sent again. It might help your HP printer to print once again. Resume the printing operation.

Additionally, fix the problem by downloading the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool. This tool will help you identify the problem and resolve it immediately.

Is the problem not getting fixed? No worries. Clean the print head. Here’s how to do it.

  • On the HP printer control panel, you need to select the Setup menu.
  • Select Printer Maintenance and then print a test page. Now, you need to examine the test page. Cross-check it and resolve the problem.
  • Print again.

You should not forget this solution. Check the print settings. By mistake, you might have wrongly chosen the settings.

Verifying the print settings

  • Open the application that you want to print from and then click File.
  • Click Print and then navigate to the Properties dialog box.
  • In the Properties dialog box, check the paper type, print quality, paper size, and then select the Grayscale option.
  • Cross-check the settings. Finally, click Print.

By replacing the ink cartridges, you might fix the print quality for your HP Photosmart Premium C309G printer. Here’s how to do it.

  • Initially, open the ink cartridge access door.
  • Wait for the carriage to stop moving.
  • Unpack the new ink cartridge package.
  • Remove all the protective materials from the inside and outside of it.
  • Insert the cartridges and make sure that the cartridge matches the label.
  • Finally, close the ink cartridge access door.

That’s it. You’re ready to print the document. If your HP Photosmart Premium C309G Not Printing still, Click the Call button on this page and contact our technical experts to help you resolve the issue.