HP Officejet 8040 Troubleshooting

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hp officejet 8040 troubleshooting

HP OJ 8040 Issues with Printer Apps

There was a trouble connecting to the server error message exhibits

Step 1 : Shut Down and Re-Open the Printer Applications

Make use of the printer app. If the issue lasts, go to the next step.

Step 2 : Use the printer app later

Make use of the printer app later when HP Web Services is accessible.

Step 3 : Affirm the Printer is Connected to the Appropriate Wireless Network

If your HP Officejet 8040 printer is not linked with a working Internet connection, printer apps do not function properly. In the printer display, ingress the Wireless network or Settings menu to affirm that the wireless signal is activated.

Step 4 : Renovate the OJ 8040 Printer Firmware

  • Tap on the ePrint icon or button or, go to Settings or Setup if wanted, then tap on the Product Update or Check Product Updates.
  • If you are provoked to roll or accept terms of service, have a glimpse at the on-screen instructions to permit Web Services and configure automatic updates. This process customize the printer Internet connection so it can receive informs.
  • If the printer has not started up the update process by itself, choose on the Check for Updates option or a similar menu to start the upgrade, hence you have a completed a hp officejet 8040 troubleshooting of printer app issue.

HP Officejet 8040 Troubleshooting Apps Launch Leisurely, Lock or Crash

Exclude, then re-add the printer app

Log in to your HP Connected account to exclude, and then re-add the printer app. The My Printers tab unlocks and a list of linked 123.hp.com/oj8040 printers gets displayed.

  • Pick out the Printer Apps tab. A list of printer apps supported by your printer displays.
  • Under the My Printer Apps tab, pick out the printer model that you need to remove, and then pick out the Remove from My Apps option.
    • The printer app is separated.
    • To include a printer app, select the printer app that you want to add under the Apps heading, and then choose Add to My Apps.

    Power off, then switch on Web Services

    To reorganize the printer apps for your printer, switch off and then turn on Web Services from the hp oj 8040 printer control panel.

    • For HP Officejet 8040 Troubleshooting, Assess the following services and features that do not work after you switch off Web Services.
    • HP ePrint : Removes your HP ePrint printer email address and allow senders list.
    • If you have an already existing email account on the same printer link with it or lese register yourself with a new account and then link it. At this time affirm that your web services is enabled.
    • HP Printer Apps: Removes all printer apps.
    • HP Instant Ink : Removes the printer from your HP Connected account, but monthly enrollment and billing continues.
    • In the absence of Web Services, the server can no longer link with the printer to monitor ink levels and direct new ink cartridges, and the printer might halt printing. If you registered in the HP Instant Ink service, you need to stop your HP Instant Ink service separately. Carry on using your HP Instant Ink service, you must switch on Web Services, and then trail the instructions on the information page to add your printer to HP Connected for the hp officejet 8040 troubleshooting process.
    • Go to the 123 hp oj 8040 printer’s control panel, click on the ePrint icon or button, and then tap on the Settings option.
    • If your printer control panel is not furnished with an ePrint icon or button, direct to Web Services Setup, Network Setup, or Wireless Settings to access the Web Services menu, based on the printer model.
    • Choose Turn Off, Disable, or Remove, liable on your printer model.
    • Trail the on-screen instructions to switch off HP Web Services.
    • Begin HP Web Services by reviewing the same steps you used to turn it off.
    • Once HP Web Services is switched off, a printer claim code prints that you can use to add your printer to HP Connected, in countries/regions that help in HP Connected.

    Inspect the network ports

    If you are using your HP printer in a business environment, there lies the possibilities of hp officejet 8040 troubleshooting problems if definite router ports have been closed by your network administrator. If the ports are closed, the printer cannot initiate outward connections to the Web Services servers. Use the printer app.

    HP Officejet 8040 Troubleshooting Turns Off Suddenly or Repeatedly Issue

    The printer unexpectedly switches off without warning. A print, copy, scan, or fax job flops because power may be low or the printer is off. The printer does not response to any job when it is turned off. When the is associated to an outlet that supplying low power problem, the printer might power off recurrently.

    Step 1 : Modify the Entry Settings (optional)

    Your printer is proposed to decrease power consumption when the printer is not active. Auto Power Off or Schedule On and Off lets the printer to turn off after two hours of idleness. When you are ready to use your printer again, use the Power button to switch the printer back on. View the Schedule On and Off or Auto Power Off feature on the control panel of the printer or over the software, according to your printer model.

    Step 2 : Re-Avail the HP OJ 8040 Printer

    • For HP Officejet 8040 Troubleshooting, Switch on the printer and pause the printer is silent before you proceed.
    • With the printer switched on, release the power cord, recess for 60 seconds and plug it back into the socket.
    • Switch on the HP Officejet 8040 printer, if it does not turn on by itself.

    Step 3 : Renovate the Printer Firmware

    • Affirm the printer is on and linked to the computer, via local network or a USB cable.
    • Pick out the operating system if mandatory.
    • Click on the Firmware option, and then go with Download.
    • If a Firmware section is not chosen, an upgrading is not presently available for your printer.
    • Tap on the Use HP Download and Install Assistant option, select the Next option-> Install now.
    • When the Printer Update window displays, search for the printer serial number.
    • If the serial number shows, click the checkbox next to it, and then select on the Update option.
    • If the serial number shows but the status is ‘not applicable’, you should finish the firmware upgrade. Select Cancel.
    • If the serial number does not show and your printer customs a network connection, attach a USB cable to the 123 HP Officejet 8040 printer and computer, break for 20 seconds, and then select the Refresh option for the hp officejet 8040 troubleshooting process.

    When the upgrade finishes, click the OK option. If you linked a USB cable to upgrade your network printer, remove the USB driver installed by Windows. After firmware is upgraded, check the printer power choices as was done before.

    Step 4 : Attach the Printer Directly into a Power Outlet

    • Switch off the HP Officejet 8040 printer.
    • Eliminate the printer power cord from the power strip or surge suppressor.
    • Inspect the power cord for any wear or damage.
    • Pause for at least 30 seconds, and then connect the power cord straight into an electrical outlet.

    Step 5 : Confirm Other Devices are Not Causing the Issue

    • Connecting too many other electronic devices to your printer may cause your officejet 8040 printer to lose power and switch off. Verify the USB cable runs directly from the computer to the printer.
    • If the printer is associated to a USB hub, remove the hub, and then join the USB cable straight to the computer and the printer.
    • Remove any memory cards or USB drives from the printer.
    • Switch off and switch on the printer for hp officejet 8040 troubleshooting.

    Step 6 : Link the HP Officejet 8040 Printer into a Different Electrical Outlet

    • Switch off the HP Officejet 8040 printer.
    • If applicable, detach the USB cable from the printer.
    • Keep the printer to a different electrical outlet, rather to one in another room or area, and on alter electrical circuit.
    • If applicable, re-join the USB cable to the rear of the 123 hp oj 8040 printer.
    • Re-link the power cord to the rear of the printer and switch on the printer.

    Step 7 : Change the Power Module

    Liable to your HP printer model, the power supply may include a power module inside the printer (internal) or outside the printer (external). Trail the section that equals the power supply type for your printer.

    External power module

    If the indication light on the power module is off, or if the power module does not have indication light and you have done all of the preceding solutions, change the power module.

    Internal power module

    If the indication light on the printer is off or if there is no indication light, and you have done all the solutions above, the printer should be examined, we hope that our above steps helps you for hp officejet 8040 troubleshooting.