Quick Wired 123.hp.com/setup 4655 in Windows

Wired 123.hp.com/setup 4655 it is necessary to have an Ethernet cable in order to make a successful connection over a wired network for printer installation. Other than this you should have a functioning network and the entire featured driver from our website.

123.hp.com/setup 4655

Step 1 : Requirements for HP Officejet 4655 Wired Setup

Before starting the driver installation procedure, ratify that you are provided with a proper conditioned network router and an Ethernet cable.

  • Rectify that you have a network router, switch, or hub with required number of Ethernet ports.
  • Your computer must be connected to the router, switch, or hub if it is not in connection already.
  • Get an Ethernet cable. A telephone cable must be used.

Step 2 : Connect HP Officejet 4655 Printer to the Network

Use the steps furnished below to initiate the connection between your Officejet 4655 printer and the network with a help of an Ethernet cable.

  • Power up your Printer using a power button.
  • Detach any plug or protective cover from the Ethernet port on the back side of the printer.
  • Connect one end of the wired cable to the 123.hp.com/setup 4655 printer port and the other end to the router’s free port, Click for Troubleshooting Issue.

Step 3 : Download the HP Officejet 4655 Software Subsequently Install It

The upgraded Mac print driver for your printer is available on our website. When you are urged to choose a connection type, pick a Wired network.

  • Your HP Officejet 4655 printer is powered up.
  • Detach the USB cable which you have connected between your printer and the computer.
  • Reach our Web page, and click on the Software and Downloads options to download the software for your 123.hp.com/oj4655 printer.
  • When you are requested to select a method to find your printer model, choose it and then use of the on-screen prompts to direct to the downloads page. Tap on the Download options which is followed by the full feature driver (optional), or tap Basic Drivers for alternate printer driver options.

Instant Wired 123.hp.com/setup 4655 in Mac

It is must to pick out a connection type. After selecting a connection type, read the guidelines to establish connection between your printer and Mac computer over a wired or wireless 123.hp.com/setup 4655.

Concoct your printer to connect over a Wired (Ethernet) network : To make your printer installation an efficacious one, an Ethernet cable is required. Avail the full feature driver from our website.

Step 1 : Cross Check the HP Officejet 4655 Requirements

Primary, confirm that you have a working conditioned network router and an Ethernet cable, and then install the printer driver.

  • Be sure that you have a network router, switch, or hub in handy with a sufficient number of Ethernet ports.
  • Your computer must be linked to the router, switch, or hub if it was not connected already.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to establish the connection.

Step 2 : Link the HP Officejet 4655 Printer to the Network<

    Avail the subsequent steps in our website to connect the Officejet 4655 printer to your network using a wired (Ethernet) cable.

  • Power up the HP Printer.
  • All plug or protective cover should be detached from the Ethernet port  on the hind side of the printer.
  • The Ethernet cable is linked to the 123.hp.com/setup 4655 printer port, and then the other end is to be in contact with an accessible port on the network router, switch, or hub.

Step 3 : Run the 123.hp.com/oj4655 software after Downloading

The recent version of the Printer driver for Mac is downloaded from our website. When demanded, prefer a Wired network connection type.

  • Your Officejet printer should be powered up.
  • If the link between the printer to the computer is done b means of a USB cable, it should be removed.
  • You can be directed to the Customer care support site for Software and Driver downloads.
  • Select a technique to search the model of your HP printer, then go through the on-screen prompts and move to the downloads page.
  • Tap on the Download option that is laid next to HP Easy Start or followed by the full feature driver, liable to the option that gets screened.
  • The Downloads folder is accessed, then start the HP Easy Start file or the full feature driver .dmg file to commence the installation procedure.
  • Read and follow the on-screen directions to make your printer to be prepared for the wired 123.hp.com/setup 4655 and install the software.
  • When requested by the installer, tap on the Add Printer option to generate a print queue on the Mac. The Add window gets exhibited.
  • Your printer name should be chosen, tap on the Use or Print Using menu, in the exhibited menu.

HP Officejet 4655 Printer USB Setup

USB 123.hp.com/setup 4655 for Windows

Check the instructions to setup the printer via USB connection for computers that operate using Windows. Windows computer should be installed with the full-featured HP printer driver to avail most supported features from a USB cable connected 123.hp.com/oj4655 printer.

Step 1 : Gather the essential items at the time of printer setup

Ratify that you have all the essential stuff before starting with the setup process and follow the succeeding instructions.

  • Make sure that you have arranged all the items mentioned below before starting up the 123.hp.com/setup 4655 procedure.
  • Your printer should be powered up and prep your Officejet for installation.
  • You are instructed to connect a cable whose length should not be more than 3 m (9 ft 10 in) in length.
  • Your HP Officejet 4655 printer may face an issue if it is not connected directly to the electrical outlet.
  • All the cables that are connected to your printer need to be disconnected. The required prompts are acquired to prep up your printer for setup.
  • You should link the cable to the printer only when you are directed to do so.
  • The Windows search tab screens, the index in with devices on the respective tab, and then choose the Devices and Printers control panel settings from the exhibited list.
  • Do right-click on the printer symbol to exclude the devices that are connected to your printer. Subsequently, tap on the Remove Device option.
  • The printers other than your HP Officejet which are linked must be excluded.
  • Carry on with the succeeding steps when the Devices and 123.hp.com/oj4655 Printers window has been shut down.

Step 2 : Arrange the Printer for Installation after Downloading the Appropriate Driver

123.hp.com/setup 4655 the updated version of the printer driver on your computer so that the essential functionalities can be used by your printer. Look for the current upgraded version and continue with the prompts to complete the installation procedure. Liable to the printer, your computer starts to download the HP Easy Start app.

  • HP Easy Start app gets downloaded on your computer liable on the model of your printer that you are using.
  • If a driver or HP Easy Start app finishes the downloading process, then read the on- screen prompts to open the downloaded file and begin to prep up your printer. Select the connection type as USB when you are guided to select. It is not mandatory to follow succeeding steps in this section if the HP Officejet 4655 printer configuration has been completed successfully.
  • If the download is not successful or your 123.hp.com/setup 4655 printer is not listed, read and follow the instructions.
  • Once the installation is completed, start to print/ scan/ copy as per the requirement.

HP Officejet 4650 USB Setup for Mac

  • Follow the same preceding instructions which were described for Windows computer.
  • The Installation screen is shown. Subsequently, make sure that the HP Scan or 123.hp.com/oj4655 Easy Scan is chosen, if your printer comes with a scanner you can activate the full scan functionality by selecting this.
  • When you are instructed by the installer, tap on the Add Printer option to frame a new print queue on the Mac computer.
  • When the Add window gets opened, you can search and select your printer name and then proceed to the Use or Print Using menu, pick out the name of your printer from the list, and then do a tap on the Add options.
  • Regress to the HP Installer again to finish the installation process.
  • Based on the preference among the 123.hp.com/setup 4655 printer’s functionality, attempt to print, scan or fax.