A printer may fail to print color documents due to several reasons. The primary cause would be the printer driver; thus, when you fix your printer driver, you can resolve the complete issue itself. If your HP Officejet 4650 Not Printing Color, go ahead with the troubleshooting techniques mentioned below.


Reinstall the printer driver

When your HP OfficeJet 4650 printer fails to print color, you should check whether it can make a color copy. To check it, place the documents on the scanner glass and press the Color Copy button to make a color copy. If your printer can make a color copy, it signifies that the issue is with the printer driver. Follow the instructions listed below to fix the issue.

  • If you have connected your printer and computer using a USB cable, unplug the cable from both ends.
  • On your computer, click Start, navigate to Control Panel, and click on Programs and features.
  • Select all your HP printer entries and uninstall everything.
  • Now, restart your computer and visit the official website of HP.
  • Enter your printer model in the search area and download the printer driver recommended for your Operating System.
  • Install the printer driver on your computer, and when prompted, connect your printer and computer using a USB cable.
  • Now, check whether your HP OfficeJet 4650 printer can print color.

Clean the printhead

  • If the printheads are clogged, your printer may fail to perform properly.
  • In those instances, you should clean the printheads. Open the cartridge access door, clean the printheads with a lint-free cloth, and check whether your printer can print color documents.

Power reset your printer

  • Sometimes, the issue might be with the printer itself. However, you can try fixing this problem with a power reset.
  • To do a power reset, turn off your HP printer and disconnect the power cable.
  • After a minute, reconnect the power cable and turn on your printer.

If your HP Officejet 4650 Not Printing Color Still, reach out to us to get expert assistance.