First-time printer setup

To make a Envy5660 printer function successfully, it is important that you set up its hardware. The steps provided below help to arrange the printer independently.

Step 1 : Unlade the printer

Unseal the printer and the packing materials from inside and outside the printer. Remove all the tapes covering the printer control panel display and peel off the tapes around the packing materials.

Step 2 : Analyze the contents of the box

Ensure that you clear all hardware and items from the box before you initiate the recycling process. The contents of the box might change based on the country/region. Observe the packaging for a list of things consigned in the box.

Step 3 : Mount paper into the printer’s paper tray

Grab the input tray towards you with its handle to open it. Load plain white sheets into the paper tray and move the paper width guides to the extreme end. Align the paper stack properly and bring the width guides to its original position. Move the paper stack forward until it clicks into the place.

Step 4 : Attach the power cord and customize your preferences

Link the power cord ends to the printer’s rear and into a wall’s electrical outlet. Turn on the 123 HP Envy 5660 printer, choose your preferred language, country/region from the control panel, and then tap Continue to approve your choice. Set the month, day and year and then tap Continue. Similarly, set the time and then tap Continue.

Step 5 : Instate the ink cartridges into its respective slot

Install genuine HP ink cartridges that are provided along with your 123 HP Setup Envy 5660 printer. Open the access door of the ink cartridge by placing two of your fingers under both the small handles from the sides of the access door and lift it up slowly. When the Door Open screen appears on the printer’s control panel with The cover or door must be closed to the print message, close the door and check if it is completely closed.

Scan to a computer

Turn on the computer to install the full feature printer driver .Connect the printer to the computer with a USB cable or over your local Envy5660 wireless network.

Step 1 : Place the photo or document

Follow the steps on how to scan a photo or document from the scanner glass or from the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) tray. The same process is used to scan for computer, email and memory device.

  • Turn on the printer.
  • Place the document or image on the scanner glass or on Automatic Document Feeder Envy5660 Scanner glass

  • Raise the scanner lid.
  • Load the item with the print side down on the scanner glass .
  • Seal the scanner lid.

Automatic Document Feeder

  • Insert the item into the automatic document feeder.
  • The Envy5660 print side upwards and the top edge moves into the tray first.
  • Modify the width guides to fit the item.

Step 2 : Scan the item

Scan the document or photo and send it to a designated folder on the computer.

  • Touch the Scan icon on the printer’s control panel.
  • Choose the Computer icon to scan to the connected computer.
  • Choose the name of the computer you want to save to scan.
  • Choose a scan option that matches to the document or picture.
  • Click on Start Scan. The 123 HP Envy 5660 printer scans your document or image and save it to a folder.

Scan to a memory device

Scan your required document and store it on a memory device. Place the document in Scanner glass or Automatic Document Feeder.

Scan the item

Select the memory device, and then scan from the printer control panel.

  • Insert the memory device into the printer.
  • Click on Scan icon on the printer’s control panel.
  • Click Memory device
  • Choose your File Type and Resolution.
  • Press Start Scan to scan the item. Envy5660 Printer scanner

Scan directly to e-mail

Send your scanned documents and images to additional mail addresses directly from the printer’s control panel.

Step 1 : Prepare for the scan job

Confirm that the printer is linked to the wireless network and then enable the Web Services.

  • Turn on the printer and establish connection with local wireless network for Internet access.
  • Choose the wireless icon on the printer’s control panel to verify the connection status.
  • Click the Web Services icon to ratify that Web Services is initiated on your 123 HP Setup Envy 5660 printer.

Step 2 : Set up the Scan to Email profile

To use the Scan to Email feature, set an email profile,then press email with the email icon on the printer’s control panel.

  • Press Continue on the welcome screen.
  • Enter the email address by pressing the Email box and then press Done.
  • Press Continue.
  • A PIN is sent to your email address. Press Continue.
  • Press PIN, key in the PIN you received in your email and then press Done.
  • To save your login information, press Store Email or Auto –Login.

After creating the email profile, place the document or photo in scanner glass or Automatic document feeder.

Step 3 : Scan the item

Choose your scan type and type your email address to send the scanned documents.

  • Touch the scan icon and then touch email on the printer’s control panel.
  • Choose the account in use on the control panel display and then press continue.
  • Select the created email profile, key in the password if instructed and then scan the item.

Printing with Mopria Print Service (Android)

Mopria Print Service Plugin, a free app available in the Google Play Store of your Android mobile Device. Using the app, you can print photos, documents, WebPages, and emails from your Android Device to your network connected Envy5660 printer.

Step 1 : Examine the requirements

The printer and the Android mobile device must meet the following requirements before installing the Mopria Print Service Plugin :

  • Set up the printer hardware.
  • An Android device that is compatible with OS 4.0 or later.
  • Setup your 123 HP Setup Envy 5660 printer over a wired or wireless network with an Internet access.
  • Connect the Android mobile device and printer to the same wireless network.
  • Keep the printer and Android device close to the access point(router), but they should not be closer than approximately 6ft(1.8m) as Wireless signals become weak at greater distances.

Step 2 : Install the Mopria Print Service Plugin on your Android device

Install or update the Mopria Print Service Plugin from the Google Play Store (Android device) and then ensure that the plugin is switched on.

  • Install Mopria Print Service Plugin and choose a method to activate it.
  • Confirm if the Plugin has been installed successfully through the notification dashboard. Tap to enable the Mopria Print Service Plugin notification.
  • If Mopria Print Service Plugin is updated, touch the Settings icon, tap More, More Settings, More networks or NFC and sharing and then touch Print or Envy5660 Printing.
  • Select Mopria Print Service, and then choose On.

Step 3 : Print with the Mopria Print Service Plugin

You can print photos, documents, emails or WebPages from your Android mobile device. Open the document or photo you want to print, choose the menu icon and then Press Print. A print preview screen displays on the Android device screen.

  • Navigate using the down arrow to view the printer list, and then choose your    123 HP Envy 5660 printer.
  • To print over a network, select HP [your printer’s name]from the list of available printers.
  • To print over Wi-Fi Direct, select DIRECT-xx-HP [your printer’s name] from the list of available printers.

Scroll down the menu to alter your 123 HP Setup Envy 5660 printer settings and then select the Print icon. If you cannot find the password from the label, move to the next step.

Note down the password on the Internet service paperwork. You can also review the ISP documentation. Note down the network name and password from the ISP welcome letter. Ask your Envy5660 Internet Service Provider for assistance.


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