Wireless printer Setup – Windows

Make use of the instructions and connect your 123 HP Envy 5642 printer to the wireless networks using the directives.

Step 1 : Download the software and establish a wireless connection with the printer

It is mandatory to connect the printer to the network before starting the print or scan job. When the establishment of connection gets over, start to install the software. Here are the procedures to Setup the printer over the 123 HP Envy 5642 wireless network.

Step 2 : Enable the wireless connection on your printer

  • Download the required file and open it to install.
  • Note down the network name and the security passphrase.
  • The system should connect to the Internet connection.
  • The printer, computer, and the router should be placed at a closer distance.
  • Take away the USB cables or Ethernet cable connected to the computer.
  • You can modify the connection type from USB to the Wireless, if required.
  • Avail an on- screen instructions to complete the connection setup.

Step 3 : Establish a link to the wireless network

  • Power on the printer, while establishing the connection.
  • Navigate to the printer wireless licon and activate the wireless licon.
  • The list of available networks can be viewed by selecting Settings licon Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Pick your 123 HP Envy 5642 printer name. You are directed to index the network name. To do it, go to Enter Network Name and do the necessities.
  • After entering the WEP or WAP key, select Done and choose Ok.

Step 4 : Downloading and installing procedure for printer driver on your computer

Follow the guides given below to download and install the printer driver on the computer.

  • While starting the process, no USB cables should be connected to the computer.
  • The on- screen instructions let you to do the necessities for the installation process.

123 HP Envy 5642 Wireless printer Setup – Mac

Affirm that you have all the essential items needed to setup the printer to the wireless network. Connect the printer to the wireless connection, install the latest version of printer driver and software on the Mac device.

  • In case the installation process is not done already, navigate to 123 HP Setup Envy 5642 the printer with a Wireless connection steps.
  • Look at Change an existing USB or Wired (Ethernet) Connection to a Wireless connection steps to change over to the connection type.
  • Setup the 123 HP Envy 5642 printer over the wireless network
  • The instructions to setup the printer over the Wireless network is similar as described for Windows operating system.
  • Change over the existing connection from USB or wired to a wireless connection. It is mandatory to 123 HP Setup Envy 5642 the printer software or the OS- driver to change over the connection type from USB or Wired to Wireless.

USB Printer Setup – Windows

Have a glance at the instructions and use it to configure your 123.hp.com/envy5642 printer using USB connection for computers which works using Windows OS. Affirm that your Windows computer is installed with the full featured HP printer driver to avail most supported features using a USB cable connected printer.

Step 1 : Collect the required items for the printer setup

  • Make certain that you have the below mentioned articles prior to initiating the setup procedure:
  • Power up your printer and in a ready state.
  • Obtain a cable whose length is not more than 3 m (9 ft 10 in) in length.
  • Your 123.hp.com/envy5642 printer may encounter an error if it is not attached directly to the electrical source.
  • Detach all cables that are connected to the printer. Obtain the necessary instructions to configure the printer.
  • Detach all cables and they need to be connected unless you are directed.
  • Access the Windows search bar, index in devices on it and then select the Devices and Printers control panel settings from the results listed.
  • Right-tap on the printer button to delete the devices which are linked. Subsequently, touch the Remove Device option.
  • All the other printers which are linked needs to be detached.
  • Go along with the succeeding steps when the Devices and Printers window has been shut down.

Step 2 : Set up the printer after driver installation

You must install the updated version of the printer driver on your computer in order to do the needed printer functionality.

Browse for the most updated version and go along with the prompts to complete the installation process.Depending on the printer model, your computer downloads the software using HP Easy Start app.

  • Your computer starts downloading the software with HP Easy Start app depending on the printer model you are working with.
  • In case a driver or HP Easy Smart starts downloading, make use of the on- screen prompts to go to the downloaded file and initiate to configure the printer. Select the connection type as USB when you are prompted. It is not obligatory to do the succeeding steps explained in this section in case the printer configuration has been finished.
  • In case the download is not fruitful or your printer is not listed, trail the instructions.
  • After finishing the installation, initiate to print/ scan/ copy as your wish.


  • Make use of the same instructions which are mentioned for Windows computer.
  • Access the Install screen, make certain that the HP Scan or HP Easy Scan is chosen if the printer has the scanner to activate the full scan functionality.
  • When instructed by installer, tap on the Add Printer option to generate a new print queue on the Mac computer.
  • When the Add window starts, browse for and select your printer name and then go with the Use or    Print Using menu, pick the name of your 123.hp.com/envy5642 printer from the pull- down list and then click on Add options.
  • Return back to the HP installer to finish the installation process.
  • Based on your need among the 123 HP Envy 5642 printer’s functionality, make an attempt to print, scan or fax.

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