HP Envy 5640 Airprint & ePrint Setup

hp envy 5640 airprint & eprint

Easy Envy 5640 AirPrint Setup

  • A feature developed by Apple which enables a wireless connection between the Envy 5640 printer and Mac devices is called AirPrint. Make sure the Wi-Fi connection is enabled on your Apple device.
  • Open the Setup or Network Settings menu by tapping the Wireless icon on the printer’s control panel.
  • Now you can view the connection status on your touch panel.
  • Link the printer the network using the wireless or Wi-Fi Direct method.
  • After setting up AirPrint, carry out a print job. Make sure to power On the printer.
  • Open the document or image to be printed and then choose the Share icon.
  • Click the Print option to open the Printer Options window. Touch your Envy 5640 printer on the Select Printer menu.
  • Change the needed settings and click OK, and then select the Print option, by following our solutions you can complete HP Envy 5640 Airprint Setup.

Easy HP Envy 5640 ePrint Setup

  • Print the Envy 5640 printer’s network configuration or self-test page.
  • Locate the IP address of the Envy 5640 printer on the printed network configuration report.
  • Open an Internet browser on your computer or laptop and type the IP address of your printer in the search bar and then tap the Enter button.
  • If a website security certificate opens on your computer, choose Continue.
  • The Embedded Web Services information page opens on the system.
  • Ensure that the Envy 5640 printer and the PC are bridged to the same network.
  • Choose the Web Services menu on the EWS page. Select the Continue, Turn On, or Enable option and then do the on-screen procedures.
  • Click Print Info Page on the Web Service Settings screen and find the IP address of your printer to finish the ePrint setup.
  • We Hope that you got a Solution for HP Envy 5640 AirPrint & ePrint Setup.