How to Setup Printer?
  • Unpack the printer from the box. Peel off any tape or packing material from the exterior of the printer.
  • Peel the sticker on the printer’s control panel. Take out any shipping restraint or packing material from the inside of the printer.
  • Attach the power cord to the back of the printer, and then attach the other end of the power cord into an wall outlet. Switch on the printer.
  • To assign your preferences on the printer control panel, tap your preferred language and county/regions, and then tap Yes to approve your choice.
  • If required, choose the date and time, and then tap Yes to approve your choice.
  • Place blank paper into the input tray, then force it toward you to extend the paper tray. Glide the paper width guides to their extreme position.
  • Place a stack of U.S letter, or A4 Size paper into the paper tray with the short edge forward and the print side facing down.
  • Push the stack into the tray until it halts. Glide in the paper width guides in until they recline against the edges of the paper, then push the input tray forward until its snaps into position.
  • Install the ink cartridges in its appropriate slots. Once you install the ink cartridges, the printer will print an alignment page.
  • Use the alignment page to align the ink cartridges. Download and install the printer driver and software to complete the printer set up.

Free HP Envy 4513 Driver Download and Installation

Installing the full feature HP Envy 4513 printer driver and software package is an important step in setting up your printer. The printer driver and software let you access the full functionality of your printer. Make sure to install the printer driver and software package that includes HP Scan or HP Easy Scan. Follow the instructions listed below to download and install the full feature printer driver and software.

  • You can download and 4513 the full feature printer driver and software package for your printer from this website. For Windows, your file will be in .exe format. For Mac, your file will be in .dmg format. You will be prompted to Run, Open or Save.
  • Choosing Run or Open will launch the file instantly, once it downloads. Choosing Save will let you store the retrieved file. Choose Save. You will be able to view the estimated time left for the download to complete in the Downloads bar of the browser.
  • Once the download is over, launch the installer from the Downloads bar of the browser or the Downloads folder of the computer. Once the installer launches, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the procedure.
  • For Windows, connect the computer to the printer, if required. For Mac, if you are prompted to Add the printer to the printer queue. Select the printer.
  • Choose the Use or Print Using menu, choose printer in the pop-up menu and then choose Add. Go back to the HP Installer to complete the 4513.
  • If you have any queries, contact us.
  • Printer Functions

    HP Envy 4513 How to Print?

    The HP Envy 4513 lets you print your documents and photos in an enviable quality. It offers a black print resolution of 1200 X 1600 dpi and a color resolution of up to 4800 X 1200 optimized for HP Premium Photo plus paper with an input dpi of 1200 X 1200. It uses Drop-on-demand thermal InkJet printing. It has a maximum duty cycle of 1200 pages. The printer is compatible with HP ePrint service. The service lets you assign print jobs to your printer by sending the file you wish to print as an attachment to the printer’s designated email address.

    HP Envy 4513 How to Copy?

    Copying lets you make make multiple copies of an original which is not available in only in physical form. This is useful to make copies for documents or photos that were not originally created digitally or are not available in digital form. The Automatic Document Feeder enables you to make copies of documents that have multiple pages. Do not load photos in order to avert damage to the printer and the photo .You can use your ADF to also make two-sided copies. This lets you save paper and also makes it convenient to distribute and store the document.

    Instant Scan 4513

    Scanning lets you store your documents and photos in digital form. Unlike copying which is meant for distribution and storage of a document or photo in its physical form, scanning lets you store a document/photo available in physical form to stored and retrieved in its digital form. The is also compatible with HP Smart app which lets you scan your documents to your mobile device. You can use the Automatic document feeder to scan multiple pages into a single file. This lets you save time. To get the best out of your printer’s scanner make sure to 4513 the printer driver and software package that includes HP Scan or HP Easy Scan.

    Fix HP Envy 4513 Troubleshooting Issue

    How to Clear HP Envy 4513 Paper Jam?

    • If you receive a paper jam error, examine the input tray, output tray, ink cartridge access area, ADF, and underneath the printer for any jammed paper.
    • Use both hands to remove the stuck paper to prevent it from tearing any further. If the error persists, check if the carriage can move freely and there is nothing obstructing its path.
    • Use the Clean Page Smears function by navigating to Setup > Tools > Clean Page Smears. A printer will slowly feed and then eject a blank page.
    • Clean the rollers inside the printer and remove any dust, fiber, debris that might have accumulated in the roller. Use a long lint-free cotton swab and distilled/filered/bottled water for the cleaning process.
    • If the paper jam error seems to be false, then resetting the printer might rectify the error.

    Solve HP Envy 4513 Print Quality Issue

    • Use genuine HP Ink cartridges. If there are smears of ink on the back of your printouts, you can use the Clean Page Smears tool from the printer’s control panel.
    • Ensure that you use the appropriate paper type for your print job. Select the appropriate print quality: Best, Normal or Draft from the software you are printing from.
    • Examine the estimated ink levels. If the levels are low or empty then replace the ink cartridge.
    • Print a Print Quality Diagnostic report form the Envy 4513 printer control panel. If the color blocks in the reports do not have white lines and are not faded or missing, check the alignment lines.
    • If the color blocks have while lines, are blurred, or are missing completely clean the ink cartridges and reinstall them.

    Solve Wireless 4513 Issue

    • If you receive a ‘printer is not found’ or similar message during network 4513, then resetting the printer is one of the methods to resolve the issue.
    • Restart the computer, printer, and router to troubleshoot and resolve any error states present during the printer setup.
    • Detach the power cord from the router. Switch off the printer. Exit all active programs on your computer, along with the HP Software installation window, then shut down the computer.
    • Fix the power cord to the router. Once the internet activity light indicates a normal connected status.
    • Switch on the Envy 4513 printer. Switch on the computer. Attempt installing the Hp Printer driver and software again.

    Why is Printer is Offline?

    • If your printer is offline, here are some methods to resolve the issue: For Windows 8 and 10, use HP Print and Scan doctor to automatically fix several of problems that can cause the printer to go offline. If the printer is still offline set the default printer and unpause printing.
    • For Mac, restart the printer, router and the computer. If the printer shows up in the device list and the printer options are displayed, the printer is not connected to the printer. Attempt printing again, and if the issue is unresolved go to the next step.
    • Once the printer is quiet and inactive, proceed further. With the printer powered up, detach the power cord from the rear of the printer. Detach the power cord from the wall outlet.
    • After one minute, fix the power cord back into the wall outlet. Fix the power cord back into the wall outlet. Fix to 4513 the power cord to the back of the printer.
    • If the printer does not switch on by itself, switch it on. Attempt to print again.

    How to Solve HP Envy 4513 Ink Cartridge Issue?

    • If you receive an Incompatible Ink Cartridge or Ink Cartridges Missing error message, then as preliminary step make sure that you are using compatible cartridges.
    • Remove, inspect the ink cartridges for any unremoved packagin material and reinstall them in their designated slots.
    • If the error still persists, clean the electrical contacts of the ink cartridge. Make sure that they are not dirty.
    • If the error is still unresolved, remove and reinsert the cartridges into their appropriate slots once again. If the error persists, clean the ink cartridges once again.
    • Finally, try resetting the printer. If the error persists, check the ink cartridge warranty and replace the ink cartridge(s) indicated on the control panel .