Quick HP Envy 4511 Wireless Setup

The HP Envy 4511 Wireless Setup is used for bridging the printer to the Windows and Mac computers or laptops. This setup does not require any cords or cables to be inserted to the printer.

hp envy 4511 wireless setup

How do I Connect HP Envy 4511 to Wireless in Windows?

  • The network settings such as SSID name and key need not be typed for utilizing HP Auto Wireless Connect.
  • Ascertain not to use a static IP address on your PC.
  • To use HP Auto Wireless Connect, launch the software for free from this website.
  • Follow the procedures that display on the screen.
  • Choose the Network connection mode as Wireless.
  • Select Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer.
  • The Auto HP Envy 4511 Wireless Setup features supports only PCs that run on Mac OS X 10.5, Windows Vista, and later devices.
  • To reset Auto Wireless, touch the Restore Network Settings or Restore Network Defaults option on the operation panel of the printer, Click Here for Troubleshooting Issue.

How do I Connect HP Envy 4511 to Wireless in Mac?

  • Collect the name of your network also known as the Service Set Identifier and the WEP or WPA security passphrase.
  • Bridge your PC to the network to which you want to link the Envy 4511 printer.
  • Disconnect any Ethernet or USB cords from the 123.hp.com/envy4511 printer.
  • Switch On your device by force pressing the Power button.
  • Select the Wireless button on the control panel of the Envy 4511 printer.
  • The Wireless Summary menu opens on the screen. Touch Settings and then choose Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Follow the procedures that display on the front panel to connect the Envy 4511 printer to the wireless network.
  • Now install the driver for the hp envy 4511 wireless setup from this page.

How to Connect HP Envy 4511 to WiFi?

  • In the Device Settings menu, open the queue of available printers.
  • For Windows 10 PCs, select the Start button.
  • Choose Settings and click the Devices option, and then select Printers & Scanners.
  • For devices that function on Windows 8.1, click Devices on the Charms window and choose Add a Printer or Scanner.
  • Choose your Envy 4511 printer in its icon name. Open the WPS PIN dialog box by selecting Add Device.
  • A request message with the WPS PIN displays on the Envy 4511 printer’s front panel, else a page gets printed with the PIN in it.
  • Go to the Wi-Fi Direct window on your PC and type the WPS PIN.
  • End the HP Envy 4511 Wireless Setup – WiFi connection by selecting the Next button.