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Print, Scan and Copy – HP DJ377 Printer Functions

  • To perform the basic tasks like printing, scanning, and copying, driver software is required. This is available on our site. Download the right software by choosing your printer model.
  • The operating system should also be chosen before the download commences as there is a driver for every specific Operating System. The driver is unique for every printer model there is.
  • Following the download, proceed to install the software on your computer. by choosing express install, default settings will be updated and installation will commence.
  • You can opt for manual installation and specify a particular directory for installation. Make sure your 123 HP Deskjet 3777 Printer and computer are connected before commencing the installation.
  • Whilst installation, specify the mode of network connection that you would like to follow. It could either be USB or a wireless setting. The printer is configured accordingly.
  • Note that post driver installation, your printer needs to be added to your computer’s list of devices. This process is different for Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • The steps Involved in setting up the printer to start printing are very simple. Following the driver installation, select the document that you want to have printed.
  • Click on the print icon from the menu. This will take you to a print preview and print setting window. Modify the print settings as per your preferences. Finalize your settings.
  • Click on view preview and if you are satisfied with the print preview, select print. The number of copies to be printed can be modified in the settings. After confirming, printing commences.
  • Same is the case for copying. To do this, driver software being updated in mandatory. By copying, you can make unlimited duplicates of the scanned document.
  • To start copying, insert plain paper into the input slot. Make sure the paper width slider is in the same setting as the paper inserted. After the paper is inserted, make sure that it is secured in place.
  • The original document that is loaded in the scanner is pulled into it. Following which being light is noticed under the lid and the document comes out post scanning.
  • The inserted original document post scanning will come out. Click on the copy button and number of copies printed will be performed as per the printer setting.
  • Scanning is where the original document is copied and the results are obtained as an electronic copy on the computer screen. This file can be stored, emailed or manipulated as the user sees fit.
  • The scanner needs to be calibrated before you start scanning the files. To calibrate, go to your printer assistance software such as HP Print Assistant and open Print option.
  • Click on Maintain your 123.hp.com/dj3777 Printer and the printer will print a calibration paper. Now, place this paper for scanning. On the Scan Service tab, select Calibrate Scanner.
  • The printer will pull the paper slowly. Do not disturb the printer until it is done so. Following this step, the printer will calibrate itself. Your printer is not ready to start scanning.


Paper Jam

  • There is a possibility that the printer is displaying false paper jam error. This might occur even when there is no paper.
  • Start with removing all the paper present in the tray. This step should be thoroughly performed. Use a flashlight to check if there are any torn papers stuck inside the toner. To remove any paper from the tray area, press the cancel button and the printer will proceed to eject any paper stuck in the input tray.
  • Clear any jammed paper that is easily visible in the output tray that. Following this, try to remove jammed papers present in the ink cartridge area. To do this task, open the ink cartridge door and wait for the cartridge to silent down. With the printer turned on, disconnect the power cable. Use the same flashlight to check for papers stuck inside the cartridge area. If you find anything, push the cartridge to one side and remove the paper blocking the cartridge’s path. Close the cartridge door when done.
  • Proceed to reset the 123 HP Deskjet 3777 Printer to resolve paper jam error issue. Turn on the printer and abruptly disconnect the power chords. Reconnect the power chords after waiting for over a minute. If the printer doesn’t turn on automatically, do so yourself. The printer will go through a warm-up phase and calm down. You have successfully reset the printer.

Printer does not turn on

  • Your HP Deskjet 3777 printer might not respond to you pressing the power button and will stay turned off. There are simple solutions to address this issue. Your printer is equipped with an external power module. Make sure that the wall outlet, power chord, and power module and working properly. Pay special attention to verify that they are all connected and have access to power supply.
  • If there arises a scenario where you have to replace the power module or the power cord, always prefer purchasing genuine HP parts. Ensure that the power module cord is the same color and same shape as the inlet connector present in the printer.
  • In case they are different, replace them with the cord that matched with the one on the printer. Connect the right cord and try turning the printer on. If there still is no response, try checking the power specification on the adapter to check if they agree with the printer’s specifications.
  • Check the wall outlet for a faulty connection. Unplug the connecting wires and connect to a different socket on the wall. In case of voltage fluctuation, consider purchasing a surge protector.
  • Turn on the 123.hp.com/deskjet 3777 printer and observe the power button on the printer to see if it is working. If it is working and this there is no response from the printer, purchase a power module and connect it to the printer. This should definitely get a favorable response from the printer.

Fix – Copy quality issues

  • When the documents that you try to copy are having quality issues, there is dirt accumulation in your printer. This can be fixed by following the below-mentioned steps.
  • Scanner cleaning : Printer output will greatly suffer if there is dirt accumulation in the scanner. Fingerprints, smudges, foreign particles present on the scanner glass, under the lid and on the edges of the scanner bed should be removed. This is done with the help of a soft lint-free cloth that is wiped across the surface of the scanner.
  • Copy settings change : Change the copy settings on the control panel of the printer. This is done by selecting the settings icon in the control panel and clicking quality and optimization settings. Here you can change the size of the copy, increase or lower the contrast.
  • There is an Enhancements option, used to amplify the picture settings whilst printing images and photos. There is the option of setting quality to Best, Normal or Draft. Putting your printer in the draft will increase the speed of the copies but your quality ill take a hit.
  • Paper settings change : If it so happens that the paper present in the paper tray and the paper settings inputted in the control panel of the printer doesn’t match, there will be an error and quality of the print goes down ultimately. Rectify this by changing the paper to the one present in the tray in the Paper Settings under Setup tab.
  • Printer reset and service : Try resetting the printer by removing the power cord whilst printer is turned on and reconnecting them. If that doesn’t solve the issue, last case scenario would be that the printer needs a servicing.

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123 HP Deskjet 3777