HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M281fdw

HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M281fdw Setup


This HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M281fdw printer produces impact with its high- quality and increased productivity. The mobile printing is easy and avail the fastest in class double sided printing speed and first page out of the printer is less. It works well only with cartridges using an HP original chip.


  • The printer can print, copy, fax, and copy at its best quality.
  • It supports multitasking.
  • The print speed of black and color in Normal is up to 21 ppm.
  • The recommended monthly volume of the printer is about 15 to 2500.
  • The duty cycle of the printer is about 40000 pages for A4 type.

Unbox the HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M281fdw Printer Setup

  • Use the instructions provided in this document and setup your 123.hp.com/ljpro m281fdwprinter easily once it is shipped at your door step. Check if all the accessory accessories of the printer are received along with your printer.
  • Remove the printer from the packaging box and eliminate all tapes and packing materials found around it. Open the cartridge access door to remove the plastic tapes found inside.
  • Take out the power cord and connect its one end to the printer’s rear end and the another end to the power supply. One the printer is powered on, push the power icon to switch on the printer and then set the preferences of your choice.
  • To install the ink cartridge, take out a new cartridge and remove the plastic tapes that are present outside it. Hold it carefully and place it in the provided slot. Make sure that it fits in the slot properly. Follow the same to install all the other ink cartridges and then align them to get the best print results.
  • Use plain white paper and load it in the input tray of the printer. Affirm that the paper is flat and even in order to avoid the paper jam issue in later times. Subsequently, install the driver and software for your 123 HP Color Laserjet Pro M281fdw printer.
  • Before you proceed to install the driver and software for your printer, check the compatibility. You can get the installation done wither by installing the driver and software from us or using the HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M281fdw installation CD. Trail the prompts and complete the installation.

123.hp.com/setup – Driver and software download

The below instructions of this document help you install the driver on your Windows computer easily.

The required latest printer driver and software for your HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M281fdw printer is available with us. All you have to do is to get directed to our website and key in the printer model number in the provided field, follow the prompts and complete the installation.

  • Use the instructions in this document and install the full- featured printer driver on your computer to get best results out of your printer.
  • Settings Windows to automatically update the download driver software helps you complete the installation process easily. To do this, look for the Change installation devices option Control Panel settings and click on the Yes option. Subsequently, click on Save Changes.
  • Check the printer’s network compatibility and go along with the instructions to establish the network connection. Once it is done, use the Add a Printer option on your Windows to install the built- in printer driver.
  • Link your printer to the computer using a USB cable or via a local network so that Windows can recognize your printer at the time of printer driver installation.
  • If you use the Wired mode of connection, follow the prompts and check if your printer name is listed. If yes, click on The HP M281fdw printer I wasn’t listed and then choose the Add a Local printer or network printer with manual settings option.
  • Choose Next and click on Windows update and check if your 123 HP printer is listed. Tap on the Add a printer using TCP/IP address or Hostname and then choose Next. Tap on Autodetect, trail the prompts, and hold on until the computer detects the printer name.

Mobile printing – HP Laserjet Pro M281Fdw Printer

123.hp.com/ljpm281fdw – ePrint Setup

  • Check if your printer is compatible with the ePrint feature and then connect your printer to the connection which is already shared by computer.
  • Enable Web Service or the Embedded Web Server to allow your printer to communicate over the Internet securely with web- connected printing service like Hp ePrint.
  • One you turned on Web Service, hold on for the printer to print the Make the Most of your printer or Important HP Laserjet Pro M281fdw Printer Setup Instructions. If the printout is not obtained, disable the Web Services, leave for a while, and then enable it again.
  • Get the printer’s email address that is your printer claim code. Using the HP ePrint feature, you can print your documents and photos over the Internet securely as long as an Active Internet connection and an email account is available.

123.hp.com/ljpm281fdw – AirPrint Setup

  • Check the compatibility of the printer and then establish the printer connection.
  • Affirm that your computer and Apple devices are connected to the same wireless network.
  • Either use Wi- Fi Direct or HP Wireless Direct to establish the network connection. Choose the document of your choice from your device.
  • Click on Print and then tap on the Select HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M281fdw Printer option. Click on the options to alter necessary settings and then click on Print.
  • For more details, check with our technical support team on the toll- free number displayed.

123.hp.com/ljpm281fdw – Google Cloud Print Setup

  • To avail printouts using the HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP 281 fw printer, you should connect your printer and mobile to the same wireless network.
  • Using the Cloud Print feature, you can print webpages, email, photos, and documents easily.
  • On your device, click on Cloud Print and then tap on the Print option. Click on Upload file to print and then choose the Select a file from my computer.
  • Access the required documents or photos and then click on Open. Subsequently, click on Print.

Troubleshooting – 123.hp.com/ljprom281fdw

Laserjet Pro M281FDW Clear paper jam

  • The paper jam issue generally occurs when the carriage fails to move freely, paper gets stuck in the paper tray, or accumulation of dirt in the paper rollers.
  • Make use of the guidelines in this document to avoid frequent occurrence of the paper jam issue. Do not let objects like rubber bands paper clips, remain inside the printer.
  • When placing the paper in the input tray tap the bottom edge of the paper on a flat surface in order to make the stack even on all sides.
  • feed only compatible paper type and size. Do not overload or place insufficient amount of paper in the tray in order if you want to avoid page ordering issues.
  • Eliminate the paper jam manually and affirm that the carriage of the printer moves freely. If not, give us a call and resolve your paper jam issue.

Laserjet Pro M281FDW Print quality issue

  • When the printouts are not obtained in expected quality, the guidelines provided in this section will help you bring back the printer performance.
  • Buy and install a new genuine ink cartridge from the manufacturer in order to avoid the print quality issues. Using of ingeniune HP Laserjet Pro M281fdw ink cartridges will also lead to print quality issues.
  • Ratify that no ink smears are present on the back of printouts. To do this, tap on the Setup icon and select the Tools option. Tap on Clean Page Smears and wait until a blank page is ejected.
  • verify if you are using the correct paper for your print job. To check the printer’s compatibility of paper, read the printer manual.
  • Check if the Printhead is causing the issue. If yes, clean the printhead or replace it. Call our technical experts and resolve your HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M281fdw printer issue.

Laserjet Pro M281FDW Wireless connection issue

  • If the printer issue occurs, trail the below instructions and get the connection established again. First, printer, reboot the computer, and the router.
  • Using the diagnostic tools, find and fix the HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M281fdw printer connection issues. Get the correct tools installed on your computer and trail the prompts to fix the issue.
  • Verify the prompts displayed on the screen to check the status of the wireless connection and then analyze the wireless network test results page.
  • Limit number of wireless channel interference to get good signal strength. Having more number of channels over a same wireless network will result in network issue.
  • Switch off the additional routers and establish the connection again. Do not keep the objects like cordless phones, Tvs, and other electrical devices nearer to the router.

HP Laserjet Pro M281FDW Printer offline

  • When the printer is out of connection, trail the below instructions to get back the internet connection. Using the diagnostic tool is one of the good choices of using resolving the printer offline issue.
  • Check whether your printer is set as a default printer. If not, trail the on- screen instructions to personalize your printer as a default one.
  • Reboot the printer followed by verifying the connection status of the printer. The guidelines for checking the connection varies are liable to the connection type.
  • Selecting the inappropriate port would result in printer offline issue. Verify whether the printer which you are using is connected to the correct port.
  • Verify if the firmware of your printer installed on your computer is recent. Get directed to our website and check if any update is available for your printer model and proceed to re- establish the network connection for your printer

HP Laserjet Pro M281FDW Cartridge issue

  • Here is all you have to do if your printer displays any alert message regarding the incompatible ink cartridges.
  • Remove the installed cartridge from the slot, verify if any damage is occurred and then re-seat the cartridge.
  • Reboot the printer. To boot up the printer remove the power cord from the printer’s end when the HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M281fdw printer is kept on. Wait for a while and then establish the connection as how you did before.
  • Ratify that the cartridge contacts are free from dust and dirt. Accumulation of dirt is bound to happen if regular cleaning of the HP M281fdw ink cartridge contacts is not done.
  • Get a new ink cartridge and replace it using our guidelines. You can also call us on the toll- free number to know more details.


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