Instant Printer Setup

When you experience any frequent issues with the printer, troubleshooting steps need to be followed to solve them. With these solutions, most issues can be fixed. When you have a paper jam issue, examine whether the compatible papers are inserted into the printer. At the time of the driver installation, a message pops up screening driver is not installed properly.

There can be several reasons for this issue. If the setup file is corrupted, the issue occurs. During the installation, do not switch off the printer. Outdated drivers can also be the reason for the issue. Clear this issue by updating the printer driver. When there is an improper communication between the printer and the system, a printer offline issue displays on the control panel. Fix this issue, updating the driver and restarting the printer should be done. For every printer issue, a hard reset can fix the issue. If your issue is not fixed, contact our technical experts to resolve it.