123.hp.com/amp120 Setup

Guidelines for 123.hp.com/amp120 Printer Setup and Mobile Printing.


How to Setup HP Amp 120 Printer?

  • Open the box by peeling off the tape on the top of it. Take out all contents from it and keep them aside.
  • The contents in the box are a USB cable, power cable, ink cartridges, user manual, warranty card and a software installation CD.
  • Drag the printer from the box using the packing and keep it on a flat surface. Remove the packing materials from it.
  • Experience the excellent performance using the power cable of the printer. Link one end of the cable to the printer’s rear.
  • The other end of the cable should be connected to the wall socket. Switch on the printer by pressing the Power button.
  • Load plain papers into the input tray. Use the paper-width guides to adjust the papers for proper alignment.
  • Install the HP AMP 120 ink cartridges into their respective slot. Ensure that they are securely placed into their location.
  • Touch only the black plastic on the ink cartridge. Unnecessary handling of the ink nozzles and copper strips leads to ink system failures.
  • After the 123.hp.com/amp120 cartridge installation, printer prints an alignment page automatically. Pair the printer with a bluetooth to get connected.
  • Once the printer is configured, download the printer driver and software from our website to get all latest features in it.

Instant 123.hp.com/amp120 Driver Installation

A HP AMP 120 Driver is a means of communication between the printer and the system. Without a driver, you cannot do any functions in it. Make use of the instructions below to start the installation process.

How to Install HP Amp 120 Driver for Windows?

  • When you are urged to install the driver, there are two methods for installing it. One is to use a software installation CD and the other is to download the driver.
  • If your choice is the software installation CD, place it on a disc drive. Once the system starts reading the CD, it displays the list of contents in the file.
  • Select the .exe setup file from the list. Double-click on it to commence the installation process. In case the installation fails, download the driver from our website.
  • Click the link for the 123.hp.com/amp120 driver download. Based on the OS version and printer model, the setup file gets downloaded automatically.
  • Depending on the on-screen instructions, complete the installation process. After the installation process, try to print a test page.
  • You are required to print a test page to examine whether the driver is installed properly. In case of any issues with the driver, contact us.

How to Install HP Amp 120 Driver for Mac?

  • Get a software installation CD available in the printer’s shipment box to install the printer driver and software.
  • Another method of installation is to download the HP AMP 120 printer driver and software from our website. Try to prefer the second method to get an updated driver.
  • When you using the first method, place it on a system’s disc drive . Wait for a while for the system to read the list of files in the CD.
  • Choose the setup file in .dmg format and double-click on it. Wait for a second for the 123.hp.com/setup 120 process to start automatically.
  • If the system does not have a disc drive, download the 123.hp.com/amp120 driver by clicking the link provided on our website. The setup file gets downloaded automatically.
  • Based on the on-screen prompts, complete the installation process. Try to print a test page to verify whether the driver is installed properly.

Quick HP Amp 120 Mobile Printing

HP Amp 120 ePrint Setup

  • On the control panel of the HP AMP 120 printer, tap the ePrint icon. In case the icon is not available, move to the Web Services or Wireless Settings option to access Web Services.
  • Select the Print Info icon on the control panel to get the information sheet which includes the email address of the printer.
  • In case there is no email address in the sheets, search the printer’s claim code and include @hpeprint.com to it to get the printer’s email address.
  • Using this email address, send the file to the printer’s mail address directly. In case the 123.hp.com/amp120 printer does not have a touchscreen control panel, move to the next step.
  • Try to print a network configuration page or self-test page to print the printer’s email IP address.

HP Amp 120 Google Cloud Print

  • Switch on the printer, insert plain paper into the input tray. Ensure that ink cartridges are 123.hp.com/setup 120 properly.
  • Make certain that the printer is linked to the same wireless network. Open the Chrome browser and log in to the Google Account.
  • Wait for the Google Cloud Print to recognize the printer’s name on the network. In case it is enlisted under New devices, select Register to enroll the printer’s name.
  • In case the printer’s name is not under My Devices, printer’s name is registered already. Examine whether the printer and system are linked to the same network when the printer’s name is not enlisted.
  • Wait for the confirmation page to print. Now the 123.hp.com/amp120 printer is ready to print.