Instant Setup

Get Solution for Printer Setup, Driver and Manual Download, Ink Cartridge.

How to Setup HP Envy 7858 Printer?

  • After purchasing the printer, the primary step is to unbox the device . Take out the printer from the box. Remove all the unwanted materials surrounding it.
  • Place the printer on a flat surface. The items in the box include a USB cable, power cable, user manual, ink cartridges and a software 7858 CD.
  • It is suggested to use a power cable for excellent printer performance. Plug in one end of the cable to the rear of the printer.
  • The other end of the cable should be connected to the electrical socket. Switch on the printer by pressing the Power button.
  • Pull the input tray. Extend the paper-width guides to their maximum. Insert plain sheets of paper into the input tray.
  • Adjusting the papers is done with the help of the paper-width guides. Make sure that you do not bend the edges of the paper.
  • Wrinkled or bend pages leads to the paper jam issue. After that, take out the new ink cartridges from the packaging.
  • Install the cartridges into their respective slots. Make certain that they are placed properly into their slot.
  • Once they are placed, the printer automatically prints an alignment page. This indicates that the HP Envy 7858 cartridges are installed properly.

Free HP Envy 7858 Driver & Manual Download

  • A Driver is a means of communication between the printer and the system. To start the communication, install the driver in the system.
  • Use two methods to install the driver. One method is to download the printer driver from our website. The other method is to use a software installation CD.
  • When you are choosing the second option, examine whether the updated driver is available for the installation process.
  • In most cases, an updated driver is not available in a software installation CD. You can choose the first option to get the updated driver.
  • Download the printer driver from our website. Type the required details on the search fields.
  • Based on the OS version and version of the operating system, click the link below to download the setup file automatically.
  • After downloading, move to the folder where the downloaded file is stored. Click the setup file to start the installation process.
  • Agree to the terms and condition . Choose the mode of connection as Wired or Wireless based on the printer’s features.
  • Choose the Custom option to avoid the installation of unnecessary apps. Select the Finish option to complete the 7858 process.
  • Once the installation is completed, try to print from the printer to ensure that the installation is done properly.
  • In case you choose to insert the CD into the driver, place it and click the setup file for the installation process.
  • Keep a note that the Windows system supports .exe setup file and the Mac system supports .dmg file.

HP Envy 7858 Printer System Minimum Requirements

For Windows

For a Windows 10,8 and 7 systems, you can use 1GHz 32 bit or g4 bit processor. Make sure that the hard disk space is 2GB for printer installation. To install the drive, you need a CD-ROM/DVD or download the driver with an Internet connection. If the printer supports USB connection, USB port is necessary for the connection process.

For Mac

For a Mac system, use 1 GB hard disk. Download the HP Envy 7858 driver using an internet connection. Check whether the printer supports USB connection. If yes, Mac system needs a USB port to connect the printer and the system.

Quick Ink Cartridge 7858?

Ink cartridges are one of the necessities required in the printer. It is advised to use authentic and compatible ink cartridges with the printer. Ensure that there is no dust or debris accumulated in the print head. This can lead to ink cartridge issues. Register your printer’s name in the Instant Ink feature to save up to 70% of ink and avail the ink cartridges at your doorstep. During the 7858 process, remove the protective tape on the top of the cartridge. Unnecessary handling of the cartridges can lead to ink system failure or ink clogs. Examine the ink level on the control panel of the printer. Use the HP Smart App to monitor the ink level and get the updated status. Insert the black ink cartridge into right slot and color ink cartridge into the left slot . Any doubts regarding the Instant Ink feature, contact us.