Solve HP Envy 4500 Ink Cartridge Problem

HP Envy 4500 Ink Cartridge Problem will Occur when the printed output is missing black or color ink or the printed page is blank or has a small amount of ink.

hp envy 4500 ink cartridge problem

Step 1 : Use an Authentic HP Envy 4500 Ink Cartridges

Always use authenticated HP ink or toner supplies. The quality or reliability cannot be guaranteed for non-HP or refilled cartridges. In case you do not use authenticated, HP Cartridges the procedure which is listed below might not rectify the problems. Get directed to HP Sure Supply to verify ink or toner cartridge compatibility or purchase replacement cartridges and other supplies.

  • Go to HP Sure Supply.
  • If required, choose your country or region.
  • Go through the instructions to order the new supplies or verify the cartridge compatibility with the printer.

You can also purchase genuine HP cartridges and supplies from other retailers. If the HP Envy 4500 Ink Cartridge Problem Still, persists, and you are using genuine ink cartridges, follow the next step.

Step 2 : Validate Estimated Ink Levels of HP Envy 4500

Print quality may be affected by low ink levels. Check the estimated ink levels to confirm if any ink cartridges are critically low in ink or empty. From the control panel of your printer, select the Ink icon to display the current estimated ink levels.

Step 3: HP Envy 4500 Ink Cartridge Replacement

  • Switch on your Printer.
  • Confirm to fill the printer with plain, white paper. Clasp the handles on either side of the paper, and then open the ink cartridge access door until it fixes into place.
  • The carriage moves to the center of the printer. Clutch until the carriage is idle and noiseless before you commence.
  • To release the ink cartridge, open the lid on the ink cartridge slot, then slowly push the lid back until it stops.
  • Take away the existing cartridge from its slot.
  • Take out the new cartridge from its package. Be careful to only touch the black plastic on the ink cartridge.
  • Remove the plastic tape from the ink cartridge.
  • HP Envy 4500 Ink Cartridge Problem, Hold the ink cartridge by its sides with the nozzle towards the printer, then slide the ink cartridge forward into its slot.
  • Shut the lid on the ink cartridge slot to secure the ink cartridge into place.
  • Repeat the previous steps to install the other cartridge, if required.
  • Shut down the ink cartridge access door.
  • Once you installed the new ink cartridges, the printer automatically prints an alignment page.
  • Wait for the alignment page to get fully discharged from the printer.
  • Open the scanner lid.
  • Position the alignment page with the print side downward on the scanner glass. Position it according to the engraved guides around the glass.
  • Shut down the scanner lid, and then choose Ok
  • Step 4 : HP Envy 4500 Ink Cartridge Cleaning

    Make use of an automatic tool to clean the ink cartridge to solve HP Envy 4500 Ink Cartridge Problem from the control panel of your Printer, and then evaluate the results.

    • Make sure to place the input tray with plain, white paper.
    • On the control panel of your printer, scroll the display to the left, and then choose Setup.
    • Select Tools, and then choose the Clean Cartridges option.
    • The printer prints a Print Quality Diagnostic report.
    • Evaluate the print quality on the Print quality Diagnostic report.
    • If the print quality is acceptable, choose No. You can stop with troubleshooting steps.
    • If the print quality is unacceptable, click yes when it is instructed to perform the next level of cleaning to fix this Ink Cartridge Problem.

    Step 5 : Find HP Envy 4500 Ink Cartridge Problem

    Evaluate the Print Quality Diagnostic report you printed in the procedure to clean the ink cartridges. Check the text and color blocks on the sample page to find any defective ink cartridges.

    • In case you find any troubles with the black text on the page, substitute the black ink cartridge.
    • In case you find any problems with the colored blocks on the page, replace the tri-color ink cartridge.

    Step 6 : Confirm HP Envy 4500 Ink Cartridge Warranty Status

    In case you have a faulty cartridge or printhead, it might be under warranty. Verify the warranty on the ink or toner supplies, and then estimate the limited warranty information for your supplies, by following our above Steps you can easily solve a HP Envy 4500 Ink Cartridge Problem.