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Envy 4500 Print

Envy 4500 Printing with Wi-Fi direct

Acquire a direct Envy 4500 wireless connection to the printer using Wi-Fi Direct that lets you print without a local network or connecting to the Internet. By permitting Wi-Fi Direct on the printer, you can print documents or photos from Wi-Fi capable computer and mobile devices. This is similar to Bluetooth but uses Wi-Fi to work at a greater distance and faster speeds.

Print from an Android device that supports Wi-Fi Direct

Switch on Wi-Fi Direct on the printer and Wi-Fi on your supported Android mobile phone, select the Direct –xx-HP [your printer model name] from the available list of printers.

  • Install the upgraded version of the HP Print Service Plugin or Mopria Print Service on the Android device. Download these plugins from the Google Play Store or another Android app provider, according to your region.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi Direct in the printer.
  • From the control panel of the printer, select the Wi-Fi Direct icon to display the Wi-Fi Direct name and password.
  • For printers without a control panel, click on the Information icon to print a report that has the Wi-Fi Direct name and password.
  • If the printer does not have an Information button, press the Resume button for 2 seconds to print a report that has the Wi-Fi Direct name and password.
  • If the option displays, click Automatic to print without a password or choose Manual to confirm the print job from the printer or to require a password.
  • From the Android device, select the Settings Wi-Fi and ensure that it is set to On. There is No need to link to the Wi-Fi network.
  • You can open the document or photos that you want to print from, and then click Print from the app menu. Employ the Share option from an app to send the essential content to the print plugin.
  • Confirm that DIRECT-xx- HP [your printer model name] displays as the printer on the print plugin settings screen. If not, select the name for a list of available printers and then select the printer model. Tap on Print.

Envy 4500 Scan

Scanning a preferred snap

Scan from the corresponding printer, ratify that the system has the printer software installed, position the media into the scanner, and then click on the scan button on the front panel of the printer.

Step 1 : Position the photo or document

Scan the essential document or photo from the printer, and then save it on your computer.

  • Switch on the printer and load the item for scan.
  • Scanner glass: Place the original item with the print side facing down on the scanner glass, and then adjust the guides; close the scanner lid.
  • ADF: If the printer has an ADF tray, place the document in it with the print side facing upward and the top edge into the tray; align the width guides.

Step 2 : Scan the necessary document or photo

Scan your chosen document or photo, and then save your scan using one of the options.

  • From the printer’s control panel, select Scan, and then choose the name of the computer that you want to store the scanned document in.
  • Choose a scan option that matches the document or image you are scanning.
  • Select Ok.

Your printer scans the necessary document or images, then stores it to the destination which is specified in the settings.

Envy 4500 Copy

Copying document or images

Position the original document in the Automatic Document Feeder tray or on the scanner glass. Use the scanner glass to copy the original image or to produce a two-sided copy.

  • Ensure that you power on the printer.
  • Place the original document or images.
  • Use the Automatic Document Feeder : If the printer has an automatic document feeder, place the document into the document feeder tray with the print side facing upward and the top edge moving into the tray first. Adjust the width guides to place the document. You can insert up to 35 sheets of paper in the Automatic Document Feeder.
  • Scanner glass : Place the document with the print side downward on the scanner glass, position it according to the engraved guides around the scanner glass, and then close the scanner glass.

Procedure to copy the document or photo

Once you position the original document, alter the copy settings such as paper size, paper type and lightness or darkness level, and then copy the document or photo.

  • Select the copy icon. Set the no.of copies using the keypad or input a number.
  • Select the Settings icon, and then fix the advanced settings as below:
  • Two-sided : Choose On or Off.
  • Paper size and Type : Ratify that the input tray is inserted with the correct paper size and paper type.
  • Resize : Pick the size of the image or document that you want to copy.
  • Actual : Generate a copy that is of the similar size as the original document. The margins of the copied image might be attached.
  • Fit to page : Make a copy that is centered with the white border around the edges. Fit to page does not work with two-sided option.
  • Custom : Increase the size of the photo by selecting values greater than 100% or decrease the size of the photo by choosing the values which are less than 100%.
  • Lighter or darker : Scroll the button and choose the lightness or darkness level, and then click Ok.
  • ID card Copy : Make a copy of both sides of an ID card from the scanner glass.
  • Choose Back to move to the Copy screen.
  • Select Start Black or Start Color to initiate the copy job.

The printer prints the corresponding copy job.

Wireless WEP, WPA, WPA2 password


To print your document wirelessly. You need to have the wireless network password to connect the printer to the wireless network. The password might be known as Wi-Fi security key, WEP key or WPA or WPA2 passphrase. Your wireless password is provided by your ISP, and you might have altered the password. In some instance, if you cannot remember the password of the wireless network, you can recognize it from your system, the router, or the paperwork provided by the Internet service provider.

Step 1 : Find the password from your computer linked to the wireless network

Find out the wireless network password from a computer that is connected to the wireless network. To view the network security password on a Windows system, open the network properties window.

  • In Windows, find view network connections, and choose View network connections from the results.
  • The Network connection window gets screened.
  • Right-click on the wireless network name, and then tap Status.
  • The Wi-Fi Status or Wireless Network Connection status window gets displayed.
  • Select Wireless Properties, security option and then choose Show character check box to see the wireless network password.

In case the Show character check box is not accessible and cannot be selected, follow the next step.

Step 2 : Recognize the password on the router

Most of the routers from an ISP have a label on the bottom that displays the wireless network password. The wireless network password is also named as the wireless key, WPA key, security password, wireless password, WPA password, WPA2 password or WEP password. In case you cannot detect the password from the label or your password has modified, follow the next step.

Step 3 : Identify the password on the Internet service paperwork

Ensure the documentation from the Internet service paperwork. The welcome letter from your ISP provides the network name and the password. Contact your Internet Service provider for more help. For additional info, contact our technical support on our toll-free number to fix your issues and queries.


Print your essential document wirelessly, all you need is a wireless network password to link the printer to the wireless network. The password may also be known as Wi-Fi security key, WEP key or WPA or WPA2 passphrase. Wireless password is provided by ISP, and you might have changed the password.

Identify the password from a computer associated with the wireless network

  • From the Finder menu bar, click Go, and then choose Utilities.
  • Open the Keychain Access application.
  • From the Keychain list, click Local Items.
  • From the category list, select Passwords.
  • Double-tap the wireless network name, and then tap on the Show password checkbox. Key in the administrator password if prompted and select OK.

In case the show Password check box is not accessible or you do not have the administrator password, follow the next step.

Step 2 : Identify the password on the back side of the router

Mostly routers from an ISP will have a label on the bottom that has the wireless password. In case you cannot spot the password from the label or it is changed, proceed further.

Step 3 : Obtain the key from the Internet Service Provider

Verify the manual or the welcome letter from your ISP has the network name and password. Avail your ISP support for the password if required else call our tech support.


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