123.hp.com/dj4155 Printer

HP Deskjet Plus 4155 is an All-in-One printer that supports both the USB and wireless connections. The supported media type are cards, photo paper, labels, plain paper, and envelopes. Here are the simple guidelines to set up the 123.hp.com/dj4155 printer.


Unpacking the printer

  1. Take out the HP Deskjet Plus 4155 printer from the box.
  2. Clear all the protective materials from the outside of the printer.
  3. Take the protective tape as well as the packing materials from the inside of the printer.

Connecting the power cord

  1. Use the power cord provided with the printer to establish a connection between the printer and wall outlet.
  2. Turn on the printer by pressing the Power button on the control panel.

Installing the ink cartridges

Unpack ink cartridges and install them one by one in their respective slots.

Loading paper

  1. Lift the printer’s input tray.
  2. Place a stack of plain paper in the input tray and align the paper guides correctly.
  3. Open the output tray and then pull out the tray extender from the 123.hp.com/dj4155.

Installing the HP printer software

  1. Download the HP Deskjet Plus 4155 printer software from the manufacturer website.
  2. Install the printer software by following the computer’s on-screen instructions.

HP Deskjet Plus 4155 Driver Download

  1. Access the official HP website from a web browser and type HP Deskjet Plus 4155 in the search bar.
  2. Click the Software, Drivers and Firmware tab on the printer’s support page. The operating system of your computer will be detected automatically. To change the OS, click the Choose a different OS link.
  3. Navigate to All Drivers -> Driver-Product Installation Software and click the Download button below the driver file. This will save the HP Deskjet Plus 4155 printer driver in the Downloads folder.
  4. The HP Smart application and the HP Easy Start printer setup software are the usually recommended printer drivers.
  5. Also, you can download the HP printer driver by clicking the Driver Download link available below.
Hp Deskjet Plus 4155 Driver Download

HP Deskjet Plus 4155 Driver Install

Once you have downloaded the 123.hp.com/dj4155 printer driver on your computer, carry out the easy instructions provided below.

  1. Double-click the downloaded printer driver installer file.
  2. Click the Yes button in the User Account Control prompt dialog box.
  3. This will open the installation wizard on the screen.
  4. To read and review the terms and conditions of the HP software, click the End User License Agreement link.
  5. Click and select the ‘I have reviewed and accept the data collection settings and the HP Privacy Statement’ checkbox and click the Continue option.
  6. Check if the HP Deskjet Plus 4155 printer name is displayed on the screen.
  7. If so, click Continue.
  8. If the displayed printer is not yours, select the My Printer is Not Shown option.
  9. When you see the Enjoy HP Account Benefits message on the screen, click the Continue option.
  10. Now, the Create your HP account webpage appears on the screen.
  11. If you don’t want to create the account, close the web browser.
  12. Click the Skip warranty and account activation link.
  13. Once the Choose your software and driver window opens, select the radio button beside the Full Software and Drivers option and click Continue.
  14. Wait until you see the Setup Complete message on the screen.
  15. Exit the installation wizard.

HP Deskjet Plus 4155 Wireless Setup

Carry out anyone of the following procedures to perform the wireless setup on the 123.hp.com/dj4155 printer.

Procedure 1 – Push Button Configuration

  1. Hold the Wireless button on the HP Deskjet Plus 4155 printer’s control panel.
  2. Release this button after three seconds.
  3. Press the WPS button on the front panel of your wireless router.
  4. Check if the Wireless LED on the printer stays blue.
  5. This indicates that the wireless connection has been established successfully.

Procedure 2 – PIN

  1. Hold the Wireless and Information buttons at the same time on the HP printer’s control panel.
  2. Release these buttons after five seconds.
  3. The printer prints a page that contains a PIN code.
  4. Note down the PIN code.
  5. Launch the router’s web interface on your computer and enter the noted PIN code in the WPS section.
  6. After two minutes, check if the wireless LED turns blue.

HP Deskjet Plus 4155 USB Setup

  1. Download and install the HP Deskjet Plus 4155 printer software on your computer.
  2. While installing the printer software, choose the USB option when you see the Connection Options window on the screen.
  3. Connect the 123.hp.com/dj4155 printer to the computer using a USB cable.
  4. Proceed with the rest of the instructions to finish the installation process.
123.hp.com/dj4155 USB Setup