Quick 123.hp.com/setup

The foremost steps to be performed by the user after buying a new printer is to 123.hp.com/setup. The best instructions for setting up your HP printer is given on this site.

How to do HP Printer Unboxing Setup?

  • Once the HP printer is shipped to your home, ensure that the manufacturer’s seal is available on top of the carton.
  • Cut the tape to open the packaging box.
  • Now take all the supplies out of the box.
  • Remove the HP printer and keep it on a well ventilated area that is free from dust.
  • Establish the power connection by connecting one end of the electrical cable to the rear of your HP printer.
  • Plug the electrical cable’s other end into an outlet that is working correctly.
  • Switch On the Hewlett Packard printer.
  • Set your choices on the front panel of the printer.
  • Keep a sufficient amount of the required paper into the input tray.
  • Insert the ink cartridges and install the printer driver from   123.hp.com/setup.

Easy HP Wireless Printer Setup

The HP printers are built with adapters that enable them to connect to the computer, laptop, or mobile phones using a wireless connection. The 123.hp.com/setup for Wireless can be done easily as it does not need any cables or wires to be plugged into the HP printer.

How do I Get Printer to Connect Wirelessly?

  • For HP Wireless Printer Setup, Get the name of your Service Set Identifier and the wireless password.
  • Link your Windows or Mac computer to the SSID to which you want to associate your HP printer.
  • Ascertain to utilize cable or DSL as the wireless connection.
  • Unplug any USB or Ethernet cord that is plugged into your HP printer.
  • Touch the Wireless option on the printer’s control panel.
  • The Wireless Summary window opens on the printer’s touch display.
  • Tap Settings and select Wireless Settings, and then choose Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Do the on-screen prompts for wireless 123.hp.com/setup and then get the driver’s latest version for free of cost from our website.

HP Printer Setup for WPS

The 123.hp.com/setup for Wi-Fi Protected or WPS functions under two modes, the PIN and the Pushbutton methods. The procedures on how to connect the HP printer using the WPS connection is provided below.

Solution for How to do HP Wireless Protected Setup?

  • Before beginning with the PIN method, make sure to get the WPS PIN.
  • Users can obtain the WPS PIN on the Embedded Web Server report or the rear side of their wireless router.
  • Now tap the Wireless button on the control panel of your HP printer and hold it for about three seconds.
  • The Wireless lamp on your HP printer starts blinking.
  • Now open the network configuration web page for your wireless router.
  • Type the Wi-Fi Protected Setup PIN on the web page and then wait for at least five seconds.
  • After the WPS 123.hp.com/setup is completed successfully, the Wireless lamp stops flickering but remains On.

Instant HP Printer WiFi 123.hp.com/setup

A feature that is used for linking two devices together on the network without utilizing a network router or access point is called Wi-Fi Direct. The procedures for doing the 123.hp.com/setup for Wi-Fi Direct is as follows.

How do I Connect Printer to WiFi?

  • Load enough amount of A4 sheets into the main input tray.
  • Open the list of printers that are available on the Device Settings menu.
  • For Windows 10 PC’s, choose the Start icon. Click Settings and select the Devices option, and then choose Printers & Scanners.
  • For Windows 8 computers, Click Devices on the Charms menu and select Add a Printer or Scanner.
  • Choose the name of your HP printer with Direct mentioned in its icon name.
  • Select Add Device and the WPS PIN window gets displayed on your system.
  • Type the WPS PIN on your PC within ten seconds.
  • Go back to the WPS window and choose the Next option to finish the Wi-Fi Direct 123.hp.com/setup.