Instant 6255

Easy Solution for First Time Printer 6255 and Driver Installation. 6255

How do I Set Up HP Envy Photo 6255 Printer?

  • Take the printer out of the shipment box and remove the styrofoam sheet covering it.
  • Place the printer on a table that is sturdy and free of dust and debris.
  • Take the power cable present in the printer package and stretch it.
  • Attach one end of it to the printer and the other end to a power outlet.
  • Power on your printer and keep it close the computer and router.
  • Go to the printer’s control panel display, tap Tools, select Update the printer.
  • This will update the printer firmware thereby allowing you to print effectively.
  • This overcomes bugs and prevents printer failure and issues.
  • Take the ink cartridge from the printer box and remove it from its package.
  • Place it in the cartridge slot after opening the cartridge access door.
  • 6255 the cartridge in its appropriate slot. Check whether the color code matches the color of the ink cartridge.
  • Push the cartridge gently until it clicks into place.

How do I Install HP Envy Photo 6255 Driver?

  • Begin by installing the printer driver on your computer by opening the installation CD present in the printer package.
  • If your computer doesn’t have a disc drive, you can use a one which has a CD ROM and copy the contents of the drive to a USB flash drive.
  • Insert the flash drive into your computer and install the driver.
  • If the driver is outdated, you can get an updated version of it easily & quickly from our site.
  • Click Here to Download HP Envy Photo 6255 Driver.
  • The Download Process will begin.
  • Access the setup file from the computer’s Downloads location.
  • Proceed with the prompts on the screen to complete the hp envy photo 6255 setup.
  • Once the 6255 is complete, HP Easy Start will open, Use this software to register the printer and perform the printer’s functions efficiently