Instant setup

The primary step the users perform after getting a new printer is setting it up. It includes unpacking the box, setting the power connection, inserting papers, and installing the cartridges.

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How to Setup HP Envy 4511 Printer?

  • For Unboxing 4511, Open the printer’s shipment box and take all the contents out of it.
  • Remove the Envy 4511 printer from the packaging and make sure to keep it on an even surface.
  • Ensure there are no damages on the Envy 4511 printer.
  • Set the power connectivity by plugging the electrical cable between the Envy 4511 printer’s back and the socket.
  • Power On the HP Envy 4511 printer.
  • Initialize the basic settings on the front panel of the printer.
  • Keep enough unused papers into the main input tray.
  • Install the cartridges that are shipped along with the Envy 4511 printer.

Free HP Envy 4511 Driver & Manual Download

Launch the driver to get the complete features of the printer. The manual acts as a technical guide that contain details about the Envy 4511 printer. Get the driver and the manual for your printer by tapping the Driver Download and Manual Download buttons that are available on this site.

How do I Download Driver?

  • The driver is required to get the full features of the HP Envy 4511 printer.
  • Before downloading the software, ascertain there is a sufficient memory space on your Windows or Mac device.
  • The software cannot be downloaded if enough storage is not available.
  • The download time changes based on the Internet speed.
  • To download the software for your Envy 4511 printer, touch the Driver Download button.
  • Make sure you don’t power Off your Windows or Mac PC during the download process.
  • Wait until the download finishes and then locate the driver file in the Downloads location.
  • The 4511 file format varies depending upon the operating system used on your Windows or Mac Personal Computer.

How do I Install HP Envy 4511 Driver?

  • Make use of the installer CD given along with the printer.
  • Check that an external drive is available on your Windows or Mac PC.
  • Load the installer CD into the external drive.
  • Wait until all the setup files get displayed on your system.
  • Double-click on the respective driver file to start the installation.
  • Accept the Conditions, choose the type of connection.
  • Modify any settings if required and save the changes by selecting the OK button.
  • Do the procedures that appear on-screen and then touch the Finish button. After launching the software, perform a test print.

HP Envy 4511 Ink Cartridge

A hardware component used in the Envy 4511 printer that has the ink inside used for doing the print task is called cartridge. HP 63 Black and HP 63 Tri-colored cartridges are used in the Envy 4511 printer.

How to Change Ink on HP Envy 4511?

  • Switch On the printer. Load white papers into the input tray.
  • Lift the cartridge access door until it gets locked into place.
  • The carriage slides to the center region.
  • Remove the empty cartridge from its respective slot.
  • Buy the replacement cartridges from the authorized store.
  • Now place the new cartridge into the correct slot and push until it clicks into place.
  • Ensure that the cartridges are placed correctly into their slots.
  • Lower the cartridge access door and then wait until the Envy 4511 printer prints an alignment page.
HP Envy 4511 Change Ink Level

Quick AirPrint 4511

  • A built-in mobile feature available in the Apple devices is called as AirPrint.
  • Set up the network connectivity between your Envy 4511 printer and Mac device.
  • Ensure that the Envy 4511 printer is powered On.
  • Check if the cartridges are installed and enough papers are loaded in the input tray.
  • Click the document or photo that you want to print and then tap the Share icon or option.
  • Open the Printer Options dialog box by tapping the Print icon.
  • Choose your printer by clicking the Select Printer option.
  • Modify all the settings that are needed for your print text or image. Initiate the printing operation by selecting the Print option.

How to Print on HP Envy 4511 Printer?

  • Load enough quantity of white papers into the main input tray.
  • 4511 the genuine, compatible cartridges into the printer.
  • Click the Start icon and then open the File Explorer window.
  • Choose the text that you want to print and do the necessary edits.
  • Alter the font text and size if needed.
  • Choose File and select Print to open the general print settings.
  • Click either the Printer Properties or Preferences button.
  • Change the orientation for your print task and then select the OK button.
  • Start the printing operation by clicking the Print option.
  • You can also save the modifications for your future print tasks.

How to Scan on HP Envy 4511 Printer?

  • Ensure that the Full Feature driver is launched on your Windows or Mac PC.
  • Else, get the software for free from this web page.
  • Open the scanner lid.
  • Load the document or image facing the scanner glass.
  • Lower the scanner lid on the Envy 4511 printer.
  • Tap the Scan button on the Envy 4511 printer’s front panel.
  • Touch the computer name to which you want to send the scan to.
  • Select the type of scan that you require and then tap the OK button.

How to Scan Multiple Pages on Printer?

  • To scan multiple pages, download and launch the HP Smart application from the Store that is present on your device.
  • Connect your Envy 4511 printer to the Windows or Mac computer through the HP Smart app.
  • Place the respective item that is be scanned either in the ADF or on the scanner glass.
  • Tap the correct Scan tile.
  • Tap the Settings icon for making changes in the color, resolution, and more.
  • Begin the scanning task by pressing the Scan option.
  • If you want to scan many pages, select the Add Pages icon.
  • Carry out the above steps for scanning all the other pages that are present in the file.