123.hp.com/dj3634 Setup

The fundamental instructions to be done after buying a new 123.hp.com/dj3634 printer is to set it up. It includes unpacking the carton, setting the power connectivity, loading papers, and installing the cartridges.

How to Setup HP Deskjet 3634 Printer?

  • Break the seal to the shipment box.
  • The installer CD, user guide, and other components are given in the box.
  • Remove the Deskjet 3634 printer from the box and keep it on a dust free, well-ventilated surface.
  • Ensure there are no damages to the printer. Discard the packing tapes from the device.
  • Navigate to your Deskjet 3634 printer’s rear and plug one end of the power cord to it. Connect your cord’s other end to a wall outlet.
  • Long press the Power button to switch On the Deskjet 3634 printer.
  • Browse through the menu and select the desired language and tap OK.
  • Load a sufficient quantity of unused papers into the paper tray.
  • Install the genuine ink cartridges into the slots.
  • Wait until an alignment page gets printed by the 123.hp.com/dj3634 printer to finish the process.

Free HP Deskjet 3634 Driver & Manual Download

How to Download HP Deskjet 3634 Driver?

  • The driver is required for accessing the complete features of the Deskjet 3634 printer.
  • Users cannot download the driver over a business or public Wi-Fi 123.hp.com/setup 3634.
  • Ascertain to delete all the unwanted and temporary software from your Windows or Mac system.
  • Check if enough memory is present on your PC.
  • Based upon the Internet speed, the download time varies.
  • Click on the Driver Download button available on this page.
  • Make sure not to switch Off the Windows or Mac system when the download is in progress.
  • Go to the Downloads location on the desktop and then click on the software file twice to start the 123.hp.com/dj3634 installation.

How do I Install 123.hp.com/dj3634 Driver?

  • The software can be installed using the installer CD given in the shipment box.
  • Ensure your Windows or Mac PC has an external drive on it, else copy the contents from the installer CD into a USB drive.
  • Insert the CD or USB into the correct drives, and a set of files display on the computer screen.
  • Double-click on the appropriate file to start the 123.hp.com/dj3634 installation.
  • On the Installation Agreements and Settings screen, mark the checkbox.
  • Choose the purpose of your installation that is for home or office use.
  • Select a Postal Code and click the Yes or No button on the Do you need a fax 123.hp.com/setup 3634? Screen.
  • Comply with the on-screen directions and then choose the Finish button.

Instant HP Deskjet 3634 Wireless 123.hp.com/setup 3634

  • Before you connect the Deskjet 3634 printer to a wireless network using WPS, ascertain to get a router that supports the connection.
  • Make sure to link the computer to the network to which you intend to connect the Deskjet 3634 printer.
  • To utilize the Push Button configuration method, long press and hold the WPS button on the Deskjet 3634 printer for more than five seconds to enable the WPS mode.
  • After the Wireless lamp on the printer starts blinking, locate the WPS button on your access point or router and press it.
  • Wait for two minutes to complete the 123.hp.com/dj3634 wireless connection.
hp deskjet 3634 wireless setup

HP Deskjet 3634 Wireless Setup for Mac

  • To 123.hp.com/setup 3634 the Deskjet 3634 printer to the network, get the SSID and the password.
  • Download and launch the printer software for free of cost from this website.
  • When you are directed, select Wireless as the type of connection and then comply with the instructions that appear on the screen.
  • Choose the Hewlett Packard icon available inside the Application folders.
  • Select the Setup New Device option from the Devices menu available on top of the screen.
  • Do the on-screen instructions and then add your printer to the list. Open the System Preferences menu on your Mac dock.
  • Click the Printers & Scanners option in the Hardware drop-down list.
  • Select the + button and choose your 123.hp.com/dj3634 printer.

How to Find HP Deskjet 3634 WPS Pin?

  • Go to the web-based configuration site of your wireless or network router.
  • Open any browser on your Windows or Mac computer and type in the search box.
  • Press the Enter key and type your sign in details.
  • Do not enter anything in the user name box.
  • Enter admin as the password in the Password field.
  • Choose the OK button and select the Wireless menu, and then click on the Wi-Fi Protected Setup tab.
  • An eight digit PIN gets displayed on the third column of the Wi-Fi Protected 123.hp.com/setup 3634 window.
  • Take note of the password; it is the WPS PIN for your router or access point.

Quick 123.hp.com/dj3634 Mobile Printing

The ability of the Deskjet 3634 printer to print documents or pictures by receiving the information from the smartphones or tablets is called as mobile printing technology.

How do I Enable HP Deskjet 3634 ePrint?

  • An application that allows users to perform the print operation from HP printers that are linked to the network is known as ePrint.
  • Download and launch the ePrint app from the respective Store available on your device.
  • Select the icon of the ePrint app to open it.
  • Choose the Settings option and then tap Activation.
  • Enter your email ID in the Activate Using Your Email box.
  • Touch Activate and ePrint sends an activation code to your email address.
  • Note the activation code or PIN and enter it on the ePrint app.
  • Enable the ePrint service by clicking the Activate option.
hp deskjet 3634 eprint

How do I Connect HP Deskjet 3634 Printer to iPhone?

  • Ensure your 123.hp.com/dj3634 printer supports the AirPrint service.
  • Place papers into the input tray and install the compatible, genuine ink cartridges.
  • Verify if the iOS device and the Deskjet 3634 printer are bridged to the same network.
  • Open the app that you want to utilize for doing the print function.
  • Select either the Print option or Printer icon.
  • Click the Select Printer option and then choose your Deskjet 3634 printer in which the AirPrint feature is enabled.
  • Choose the number of pages that you want to print.
  • Tap the Print option available on the upper left corner of the window.

Easy HP Deskjet 3634 Cloudprint Setup

  • Locate and force press the Power button to turn On the Deskjet 3634 printer.
  • Link the Deskjet 3634 printer and the computer to the same local network.
  • Download and launch the Chrome browser on your system.
  • After installing the Chrome browser, open it and log in to your Google account.
  • In the address field, type chrome://devices and then tap the Enter key.
  • Choose Register if the model of your printer is present in the list.
  • Click Register to print an information report.
  • Check if your 123.hp.com/dj3634 printer is available in the My Devices menu to finish the 123.hp.com/setup 3634.

How to Perform HP Deskjet 3634 Scan Function?

123.hp.com/dj3634 How to Scan?

  • The HP Scan software is used for doing the scan task.
  • Install the full feature software from this page. Open the HP Printer Assistant software on your computer.
  • In Windows 8: Right-click on the Start menu. Choose the All Apps option and click your Deskjet 3634 printer from the queue.
  • For Windows 8.1: Choose Start and click your HP Deskjet 3634 printer.
  • In Windows XP or Windows 7: Select the Start button and click All Programs.
  • Choose the Hewlett Packard folder and double-click on your HP printer’s icon to open HP Printer Assistant.
  • Click Scan -> Scan a Document or Photo.
  • Change the necessary settings on the Settings tab and then choose Scan.

HP Deskjet 3634 Scan to Computer

  • Open the scanner lid on your Deskjet 3634 printer and place the document on the glass.
  • Close the scanner lid.
  • If the 123.hp.com/dj3634 printer has a Scan menu, select your Windows or Mac computer name and choose the scan type.
  • Wait for the scan process to finish. Now navigate to your PC screen.
  • View the scanned text or image by selecting the file that has Scan in its name.
  • The scan function can also be done using the HP Printer Assistant software.
  • Click Scan a Document or Photo and the HP Scan window displays on your PC.
  • Modify the needed settings and click either the Save icon or OK button.

How do I Set Up Scan to Email on HP Deskjet 3634?

  • Ensure that the HP Scan software is installed on your computer or laptop.
  • The HP Scan software is included along with the Full Feature driver package.
  • Search for Hewlett Packard or HP on your system and choose your Deskjet 3634 printer.
  • The HP Printer Assistant dialog box opens on your Personal Computer screen.
  • Choose the Scan button and then click the Scan a Document or Photo option.
  • The HP Scan software opens on your desktop.
  • Select an email shortcut such as Email as JPEG or Document to Email and then click the Scan button.
  • Choose the Send option to end the process.

How to Connect HP Deskjet 3634 to Computer?

  • Ensure that the 123.hp.com/dj3634 printer is powered On and is in a ready state.
  • Purchase a USB cord of the right length, else utilize the one that was delivered along with the Deskjet 3634 printer.
  • Make sure not to attach the cable until you are directed to do so.
  • Remove all the driver files on your Windows or Mac computer. Now launch the software from this page.
  • When instructed, ascertain you choose the type of connection as USB.
  • After installing the driver, insert one end of the USB cord at the back side of your printer.
  • Now attach the USB cord’s other end to the port on your PC.
  • Add your Deskjet 3634 printer to the queue and carry out a test print.

Fix 123.hp.com/dj3634 Troubleshooting Issue

The problems that occur in any Hewlett Packard printer can be fixed by the process called as troubleshooting. Users can identify the issues through the error messages that display on the front panel of the printer or computer screen. Ascertain to maintain the 123.hp.com/dj3634 printer regularly to overcome the issues.

Why is HP Deskjet 3634 Won’t Print?

  • Ensure the input tray is loaded with sufficient papers.
  • If the quality of the inserted paper is not correct, the print operation might get stopped.
  • If the Deskjet 3634 printer uses a wired 123.hp.com/setup 3634, remove and then attach the USB cord.
  • For a wireless connection, check if your Internet is functioning correctly.
  • Confirm your printer and system are associated with the same network.
  • Verify your HP Deskjet 3634 printer is not in the Sleep mode.
  • Make sure to set the Deskjet 3634 printer as the default one. Remove all the unnecessary print jobs from the queue.
  • Check if the cartridges are inserted correctly.

Why is HP Deskjet 3634 Won’t Scan?

  • If the Deskjet 3634 printer is not switched On, power it On by long pressing the Power button.
  • Wait until the 123.hp.com/dj3634 printer stays silent.
  • Go to your Deskjet 3634 printer’s back and remove the electrical cord.
  • Unplug the cord’s other end from the outlet.
  • Wait for at least one to two minutes and then reinsert the cord between the Deskjet 3634 printer and the outlet.
  • Power On the printer and confirm if the scanning issue is fixed.
  • Check the functionality of the scanner glass by taking the document out of it.
  • Tap the Copy button or icon and then confirm if the error has been rectified.

Solve 123.hp.com/dj3634 Won’t Print Color Issue

  • Make sure to utilize the right type and quality of the paper into the main input tray.
  • Keep only new, wrinkle-free paper into the printer.
  • Verify the ink levels of the tri-colored cartridge.
  • Update the firmware of the HP Deskjet 3634 printer.
  • You can do the upgradation process directly from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Make use of the printer software for cleaning the printhead.
  • The printhead cleaning can also be done using a lint-free cloth.
  • Verify if the tri-colored cartridge is compatible and genuine with your 123.hp.com/dj3634 printer.

Why is HP Deskjet 3634 Won’t Connect to WiFi?

  • Make sure to place the Deskjet 3634 printer within the range of the wireless router.
  • Try power cycling your Personal Computer, router, and Deskjet 3634 printer.
  • Disable the Virtual Private Network 123.hp.com/setup 3634 on your PC for a temporary period.
  • Check if you have launched the driver’s recent version on the system.
  • If the software is corrupted or outdated, get the same from our site.
  • Make sure to turn Off the firewall or security application on your Windows or Mac system.
  • Ensure the settings on your router are done correctly.
  • If the issue persists, try modifying the IP address of your Deskjet 3634 printer.

Why is HP Deskjet 3634 Printer is Offline?

  • Download and install a diagnostic app called HP Print and Scan Doctor to rectify the offline problem.
  • Open the application on your Windows PC.
  • Click Start and then select your HP Deskjet 3634 printer from the list.
  • Choose Fix Printing or Fix Scanning and perform the on-screen prompts.
  • Now verify if the offline error has been resolved. Else, reset your printer and Windows or Mac system.
  • Power cycle the router if the printer uses wireless connectivity.
  • Make sure to utilize an active Internet connection.
  • Remove the USB cable and reattach it. Set the 123.hp.com/dj3634 printer as the default.