123 HP AMP 130 Printer Setup


It is an ultra- compact 123 HP AMP 130 Printer Setup driver and Bluetooth speaker in one especially made for your phone. Get all- in- one experience using the HP Smart app. It has Mobile printing facility and high quality sound system. Link your Bluetooth and stream music from all your music apps easily.

123 HP AMP 130 Printer Setup


  • Inkjet technology- HP Thermal inkjet.
  • Built-in Devices 15W speaker, LCD touch screen.
  • Connectivity Technology wired, wireless.
  • Printer Features HP ePrint, Wireless Direct Print.
  • Media Type- brochure paper, matte paper, photo paper, plain paper, envelopes, glossy paper.

HP AMP 130 Unboxing Setup

  • The contents that come with your 123 HP AMP 130 printer vary based on country or region.
  • The first step in unboxing the printer is to eliminate all wrappers and plastic tapes that are wound around it.
  • Check for the plastic tapes and coverings inside the printer as well and remove them.
  • To power on the printer, connect the power cord one end to the printer’s rear end.
  • Fix the HP amp 130 ink cartridge into the allotted slot by using the successive steps.
  • When you open the ink cartridge access door, the carriage of the printer moves and halts at the center of the printer. Hold on until it rests in a position.
  • After removing all the ink cartridges keep it into the slot and push firmly until it sets into its slot.
  • Once you installed all the ink cartridges, close the ink cartridge access door. Now the printer starts an initialization process.
  • Check the printer’s paper compatibility and place required number of paper in the loading tray.
  • Feed up to 60 sheets of plain white paper into the loading tray and then move the stack of paper down until it stops.
  • Now go to our website and look for the appropriate driver for your 123.hp.com printer. Use the prompts to complete the installation procedure.
  • Connect the speaker to your mobile device.

123.hp.com/amp 130 Driver Installation

Check our website to know the instructions to install the driver on your computer. We also offer the tips to be followed to complete the installation successfully.

HP AMP 130 Driver Download For Windows

  • If the full- featured driver is installed on your computer, your printer can operate at its best.
  • To install the full featured driver, either get an installation CD or go to our website and follow the prompts to do the needful.
  • Go to the Window Device device Installation Settings and affirm that your computer is customized to download the driver software automatically.
  • Tap on the Yes option and click on Save Changes.
  • Now to connect the printer to the computer, choose any one of the compatible connection methods of the printer.
  • Follow the prompts and establish the 123.hp.com printer connection successfully.
  • Add a printer to the list of available devices in order to initiate your print job.
  • Utilize the Add a printer wizard option to install the built- in driver.
  • Subsequently, allow your printer to print a test page and check if the setup is done successfully.

HP AMP 130 Driver Download For Mac

  • Using Apple software update, install the best HP printer driver on your Mac.
  • Prior to start installing the driver, keep your printer on and check if it is connected to the computer you wish to print or scan from either by means of a USB cable or via your local Wi- Fi or Wired network.
  • Go to the Apple menu and click on the System Preference option.
  • Liable to the operating version of the Mac computer, choose Print & Scan, Printers & Scanners, and Print & Fax.
  • Verify if the Printer’s list has your printer name. If yes, remove and re- include it to affirm the communication and to ratify that the correct driver is used.
  • Pick out your 123 HP AMP 130 Printer Setup name and then choose the – icon to exclude the printer. Once the printer is removed from the printer’s list, click on + icon, tap Add Printer or Scanner, pick out the printer name and move to the next step.
  • If the Printer’s list does not have your printer name, tap on the Plus icon and click Add Printer or Scanner.
  • If the printer is not enlisted in the Add Printer or Scanner windows, ratify that the printer is linked to the Mac by means of a USB cable.
  • Tap on the Use or Print Using menu and click on the name of your HP AMP 130 printer.
  • Choose Add to add the printer to the list. Once the process is completed, close the System Preference windows and choose the print function which you want your printer to do.

123 HP AMP 130 ePrint Setup

  • Check the below instructions to know how to print anywhere with an active Internet connection using ePrint, a cloud- based service.
  • Just send an email of the document whose print is to be taken to print directly to the printer.
  • To use the ePrint feature, your printer should support it and the computer to which your 123 HP AMP 130 printer is connected should have the same internet connection.
  • Enable Web Service by getting directed to the control panel of the printer or the Embedded Web Server. This lets your printer to communicate securely over the Internet using web- connected printing service.
  • Get the printer’s email address by printing the Make the Most of your printer or Important Printer Setup Instructions page.
  • Now, attach the supported file to your email, follow the prompts, send it to a valid account as long as you have an active Internet connection and an email account.

HP AMP 130 Google Cloud Print Setup

  1. Print documents and photos from any network- connected device to your 123 HP AMP 130 printer using a Cloud based free service called, Google Cloud Print.
  2. To initiate the printer connection, the printer and computer or mobile device must be connected to the same wireless network.
  3. After establishing the connection, print from your mobile device or computer.
  4. For further details on 123 HP AMP 130 Printer Setup, give us a call us our experts.