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Quick fix solutions and easy setup procedures for your 123.hp.com printer are available right here.

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Select your 123.hp.com Printer Models


123 HP Envy Printer Models

The 123.hp.com printer with a sleek and compact design is capable to Print, Scan, and Copy a document easily. Create borderless photo effectively. 123.hp.com/envy Setup

123 HP Deskjet Printer Models

Complete your print jobs quickly and easily using the duplex printing in 123.hp.com/dj Printer. Print your document on the go with the mobile printing capability.
123.hp.com/deskjet Printer


123 HP Laserjet Models

This is the best 123.hp.com printer for your business use. The printer is more secure and you can print your confidential data quickly with its high-speed performance. 123.hp.com/lj Printer Setup

123 HP Laserjet Pro Printer Models

Use auto 123.hp.com printer duplex printing and complete your print tasks within a jiffy. You need not waste your time by flipping the paper. How to Print, Copy, Scan, and Fax a document. 123.hp.com/ljpro Printer Setup


123 HP Officejet Printer Models

The 123.hp.com/oj printer is perfect for home and office use. Link the wireless-enabled printer to all your devices and start printing your document or picture.
123.hp.com/oj Printer Setup

123 HP Officejet Pro Printer Models

With the 123.hp.com/ojpro setup Wired or Wireless connection Print, Copy, Scan, and Fax. Avail a professional quality document for your business. 123.hp.com/ojpro Printer Setup


How do I Setup 123.hp.com Printer?

setup your brand new 123.hp.com Printer by following the simple and easy guidelines that are given on this website.

123.hp.com Printer First-Time Setup

    The first time printer setup is the fundamental step to be carried out by the users after buying a new 123.hp.com printer. It includes unboxing, establishing the power connection, inserting papers, and installing the Printer cartridges.

  • After the new 123.hp.com printer is shipped at your doorstep, verify if the authorized seal is present on top of the carton.
  • Open the packaging box and remove all the contents such as warranty card, manual from it.
  • Take the 123.hp.com Printer out of the shipment box and place it on a dust free, well ventilated area.
  • Check if the 123.hp.com Printer satisfies the conditions such as humidity and temperature.
  • Connect the electrical cord between your 123.hp.com Printer and socket.
  • Switch On the device by pressing and holding the Power button on it.
  • Insert enough sheets of unused papers into the input tray.
  • Install the cartridges that are offered along with your 123.hp.com printer in its box.

How do I Install 123.hp.com Printer Driver?

There are two methods available using which the users can install the driver for their 123.hp.com Printer. The first way is installing the driver by making use of the setup CD provided in the packaging box. If the CD is lost, get the updated driver by clicking the 123.hp.com Printer Models Button available on top of this page. Select your Printer and then download the driver. Read More

How do I Install 123.hp.com Printer Software?

There are various software that is developed by Hewlett Packard to carry out the functions of printers. 123.hp.com Printer Assistant is a software that can be used for managing several print tasks from computers that function on Windows operating system. For systems with Mac OS, download and launch the Utility software for controlling the printer functions. Read More

printer driver

How to Check Ink Levels on 123.hp.com Printer?

  • From the operation panel of your 123.hp.com printer : Most of the Printers display the ink levels of cartridges on the front panel.
  • Look for and touch the Ink drop or Cartridge icon, else choose the Ink Levels menu to see the estimated ink levels.
  • Windows : For PCs that function on Windows 10 OS, download and launch the Smart application from the Store that is available on your device.
  • Add your 123.hp.com Printer to the queue of installed devices to view the ink levels on your computer window.
  • HP Print and Scan Doctor : Download and launch the Print and Scan Doctor application on your Windows system.
  • Choose the model of your 123.hp.com Printer and select the Printer option available on the top menu bar, and then click Supply Levels.
  • Mac : Select the Apple icon and click System Preferences -> Print & Scan or Print & Fax.
  • Choose your printer’s name from the queue and select Options & Supplies, and then click Supplies to view the ink levels on your Mac desktop.
How to Check Ink Levels on HP Printer

How do I Print from 123.hp.com Printer?

  • Select the photograph or document that needs to be printed on your Windows or Mac Personal Computer.
  • Click on the respective file so that it appears on your system’s screen.
  • Now press the Ctrl + P buttons on your keyboard at the same time.
  • The Print pop-up window opens on your desktop.
  • Select the model of your 123.hp.com printer from the list of installed devices.
  • If required, modify the settings of your print task.
  • Now send the document or image to the print queue of your Printer by selecting the Print button.
  • The print function is processed by your printer and then wait for it to complete.

How do I Scan from 123.hp.com Printer?

  • Ascertain to download and launch the Full Feature driver package from our page, to do the scan function.
  • Now open the scanner lid on your Printer and keep the file to be scanned facing down on the glass.
  • Close the lid and if your 123.hp.com Printer has a Scan button or menu, choose your Windows or Mac computer name.
  • If instructed, select the type of scan task.
  • The Printer initiates the scan job, wait for it to end. To view the scanned file, choose the document with Scan in its name.
  • If the printer does not have a Scan button, open Printer Assistant on your desktop.
  • Click Scan a Document or Photo and change the necessary settings on the HP Scan window.
  • Select the OK button or Save icon.

How do I Copy from 123.hp.com Printer?

  • Insert enough sheets of the required paper into the main input tray of your Printer.
  • Raise the scanner lid and keep the document to be copied into the scanner glass or Automatic Document Feeder tray.
  • Now close the scanner lid.
  • Load the file in accordance with the sliders until your Printer says that the text or picture is detected.
  • Tap the Start Copy Color or Start Copy Black button. Now press either of the buttons many times to increase the number of copies.
  • Your Printer begins the copy job after the last button is tapped.
  • If your 123.hp.com printer has a control panel, touch the Copy option on it.
  • Tap the Start button and press the OK option. Start the copy operation by selecting the Start Black or Start Color button.

How do I Fax from 123.hp.com Printer?

  • Ensure you have a traditional telephone service for setting up the fax function.
  • Use the telephone cord that is delivered along with your 123.hp.com printer solutions. If the telephone cord is misplaced, purchase a one that has two wire leads.
  • Insert the 1-LINE jack at the rear side of your 123.hp.com Printer.
  • Now plug the phone cable into the telephone wall jack.
  • If the user has an answering machine, connect one end of the 2-EXT jack at the printer’s back.
  • Attach the 2-EXT jack’s other end into the answering machine.
  • Initialize the fax settings on the control panel of yourPrinter.
  • To ensure the fax setup was done correctly, print a test page by tapping the Run Fax Test or Fax Test Report on your 123.hp.com printer’s panel.
wireless setup

How do I get 123.hp.com Printer to Connect Wirelessly?

123.hp.com Printers that support the wireless setup are built with adapters that enable them to connect to devices such as Personal Computers or laptops. When you use a wireless connection, the 123.hp.com printer can be kept in any convenient place in your office or home. Ensure the location which you have chosen to keep the printer stays within the range of the wireless router. 123.hp.com/setup

123.hp.com Wireless Printer Setup

A 123.hp.com wireless printer like all printers right out of the box is just useless scrap, just like a living being with an empty brain. A software is required before it can be connected to the wireless network and do the task it is designed for.

HP Printer Wireless Guidance

Installing 123.hp.com printer software is however, not as simple as loading the first operating system (OS) one encounters. It is always good practice to download only the right software intended for the 123.hp.com printer and computer combo. This is important because there are a lot of softwares available for download, and choosing the right one is critical for both operating systems.

For the operating system to work effortlessly, the software must be installed to the computer connected to the same wireless network as the 123.hp.com printer. This is important because the process to proceed is given on by the screen instructions:

Always depend on the screen instructions and follow tirelessly until one is asked for the Connection Type. Select from ‘Through the Network’, “Network” and “Wireless Network” when asked from the instruction. The type of prompt will depend on the version of 123.hp.com printer software being installed. In some instances, the software may be prompted automatically to look for the wireless setting. Or in other cases, the 123.hp.com software may just look for the wireless setting automatically without any additional prompt from the user.

3. Complete the software download on the 123.hp.com printer by following the final instruction shown on the screen.

There are cases that the installed software may not be able to locate the connected 123.hp.com printer on the network, do a ‘search’. Find the built-in 123.hp.com printers IP address by printing either the Wireless Network Test Report or a Network Configuration Page. It should be visible and on display when the wireless icon is picked.

That’s about it, the 123.hp.com/setup is now complete, and connected to the wireless network. Do a test print to be certain that the system is working. The above wireless connection guidance are applicable all the 123.hp.com printers like, 123.hp.com/envy printers, 123.hp.com/oj printers, 123.hp.com/ojpro printers, 123.hp.com/dj printers, 123.hp.com/ljpro printers.

How do I connect phone to HP printer?

How do I Connect Phone to 123.hp.com Printer?

Make use of the mobile printing solutions to connect your Android or Apple mobile phone to the 123.hp.com Printer. The mobile printing feature provides the easiest way to carry out the operations of the printer from your smartphone or tablet. Get the best instructions to setup the mobile printing options such as AirPrint, ePrint by tapping the Read More button given right here. 123.hp.com/setup

How to setup Network in a 123.hp.com Printer?

  • An 123.hp.com Printer that is linked to the computer network and which can be accessed from several systems is called a network printer.
  • Depending on the capability of your printer and the type of computer, there are various ways available to install the network printer.
  • The process to setup the network varies depending upon your 123.hp.com/setup.
  • Make sure to link the Printer and the Windows or Mac computer to the wireless network.
  • You can also utilize the Ethernet connectivity to connect the Printer to the PC.
  • To install a network printer, choose the Start menu on your Windows device and click the Control Panel option.
  • If you are using a Windows 8 computer, press the Windows button and type Control Panel in the search bar.
  • Select the View Devices and Printers or Devices and Printers option.
  • Choose Add a Printer available at the top of your screen.
  • Click the Add a Network, Wireless or Bluetooth printer option and choose your network printer from the list.
  • Select the Next option and if instructed, install the required drivers to finish the installation.

123.hp.com/setup Printer Troubleshooting Guide

How to Fix Printer Not Printing Issue?

Various reasons can cause not printing error in the 123.hp.com printers. Issues with the ink or toner cartridges, loaded papers, low ink levels can affect the complete print system of the printer. Quick Solution

How to Resolve Paper Jam Issue?

Check if the paper jam error message gets displayed on the front panel of your 123.hp.com printer. Select the Quick Solution option to view solutions for resolving the issue.
Quick Solution

How to Rectify Printer Offline Issue?

The printer offline or not responding error message appears on the Windows or Mac computer. Users cannot perform any of the functions when the printer is in the offline mode. Quick Solution

How to Troubleshoot Slow Printing?

The instructions to resolve the slow print speed problem is, verify the type of paper, change the printing preferences on your computer and try to reset your printer. Quick Solution

123.hp.com/setup – 123 HP Printer Setup

STEP 1: find out how to take out HP Printer By Following simple Steps.

  • 123.hp.com, to start with 123.hp.com, you have got to get rid of the packing materials and tape each from outside and within the printer terribly rigorously.
  • You should handle the printer components rigorously as a result of any harm might cause you malfunctioning of the 123 HP printer.
  • Then you must check for any packing materials left over within the input receptacle and cartridge areas.
  • Once all the printer packing materials are aloof from the printer, place it for utilization.
  • The next step is to produce power supply for your 123.hp.com printer.
  • For that you simply must connect one finish of the facility chord given together with your 123.hp.com printer with AN external power.
  • Once you have got with success connected the facility chord you’ll be able to activate the printer.
  • Then from the printer control board move to Settings to line date, time, and language of the printer.
  • Next, let’s advance to Step 2: transfer HP Printer drivers.

STEP 2: find out how To transfer HP Printer Drivers at web.123.hp.com/setup

With this on top of step, you have got come back to the top of your 123.hp.com printer hardware founded. Next let’s transfer the printer code and driver. you’ll be able to transfer and install the official HP printer code for your hp printer from 123.hp.com/setup.

  • First move to http://www.123.hp.com/setup
  • Second kind your 123.hp.com printer model variety within the search bar and click on on search
  • Now you may get an inventory of drivers and code displayed within the screen
  • From the list of obtainable driver and code you have got to pick out the acceptable one for your 123.hp.com printer.
  • Click on transfer currently button.
  • The transfer can mechanically initialize in few seconds.
  • Once the transfer is completed next you have got to put in the printer.

STEP 3: find out how To Setup/Install HP Printer By Following straight forward Steps.

To install the printer code confirm that your 123.hp.com printer is connected during a network or a lively net affiliation. once downloading, install the code on your computer/Laptop. Follow the given steps to put in the driving force and code in your computer/laptop.

  • Go to Downloads menu in your computer/laptop and choose the downloaded driver package.
  • Next double click on the package to open it otherwise you will right click the package and choose open.
  • A dialogue box seems. Click affirmative or Run to continue the installation.
  • 123 affiliation screen can seem currently in your monitor. Click on still move to the code choice page.
  • From the code choice page it’s suggested to pick out the customise software selection.
  • Now you have got to click the check boxes to agree the terms and choose Next to start the 123.hp.com printer code installation.
  • All your hand-picked code and drivers are going to be put in in your laptop. Wait till the installation is completed.
  • Now the affiliation screen can seem there you have got to pick out your required connection kind.
  • The installer can find your 123.hp.com printer as per your affiliation kind and continues the installation method.
  • Once the installation is completed, you have got to bring up your computer/laptop currently.

How to download the printer driver 123.hp.com/setup

  • Get that printer from out packaged box and take away the all protective accessories safely.
  • Unbox the package of ink cartridges and hold on one facet, If you hold double facet its dirt ink on your hand.
  • Slowly, open the ink cartridges access receptacle and push the ink cartridges within the outlined slot. Keep pushing hold on the snap.
  • Get the association wire of HP printer; remove the plug on the electrical socket.
  • Press the ability button and turn on your 123.hp.com printer.
  • Set your 123.hp.com printer in your board and choose it.
  • Install your ink cartridges and set your 123.hp.com printer to works.
  • First, take a look at your page to ascertain the printer operating properly.
  • You transfer the drive and software package within the websites for your 123.hp.com printer is want necessary.
  • Select the transfer file and click on on the install to run.
  • Procedure show on to continue and follow the instruction and finishing the installation method.

HP wireless Printer setup 123.hp.com/setup

Firstly connect your 123.hp.com printer with the net, connections through the coax cable or wirelessly. Second, check your net connections each printer and laptop.

How to setup the printer on your wireless network

  • Set your HP printer choice to the board, scroll through printer choice and choose that HP printer.
  • Select the network, that is one on the market on.
  • Select the on the market choice, currently opt for your wireless mode.
  • Select your wireless setup, its wizard to indicate new settings in desktop show ahead of you.
  • Follow these points to finish your 123.hp.com printer setup method.
  • HP Printer Scanner Setup

    With the 123.hp.com setup HP scanner, the user will do scan a document, pictures and any vital document files to avoid wasting in your laptop to scan. In your laptop, the printer software package enabled to figure, when the show in your show to the scanning choice to the user. Install the HP printer software package when show the a number of the on the market operate within the scan. therefore it’s austere to transfer the HP software package for the printer.

    How to scan to a Personal computer?

    Either once check you your laptop already you put in the authentic HP printer software package on your laptop. Turn on your laptop and therefore the HP printer to ought to be to attach over the network. The running before scanning the software package, if you exploitation the Windows package.

    Install the drivers / software for the printer

    After configuring the hardware, you’ll be able to install the drivers from your 123.hp.com printer at 123.hp.com.

    The printer drivers are often simply put in on this official website 123.hp.com. Here you’ll notice the acceptable program to put together Windows or IOS. transfer the motive force for your horsepower printer by visiting our web site at 123.hp.com.

    Download the acceptable package for your waterproof version from the web site so click on the program go into the waterproof connecter to start out the motive force installation.

    If the installation wizard displays a blunder message, uninstall the prevailing driver of your device by following the steps below: 123.hp.com/setup

    Open the Devices and Printers or Apple menu on your pc. Select the printer connected to the device and select the motive force to uninstall in Windows. For MAC-Go to System preferences, click Printers and Scanners and choose the printer you would like to delete. Once the prevailing printer driver is uninstalled, attempt reinstalling the update.

    If you have got issues putting in, you’ll be able to contact our specialists by line of work our fee range for facilitate putting in your 123.hp.com printer drivers.

    123.hp.com/Printer Wireless Setup

    HP printer setup are solid on a Wireless association with a Network. Your 123.hp.com printer is a Self-configurable sort when synchronized with your remote switch. Your would now be able to set up either an Auto Wireless association or a Wi-Fi Protected Setup on your HP Printers. So as to setup the Auto Wireless you initially need to design the 802.11b/g/n arrange card utilizing the remote switch. Guarantee to make a note of the Wireless Network Name and WEP Key that is printed at the back of your switch. Presently utilize the Control Screen show to immediately Setup the Auto Wireless component. Select Wireless alternate route and afterward tap settings menu. Contact hp remote setup Wizard and afterward select Wireless choice. Utilizing the screen console attempt to enter the Network Name and WEP secret word for confirmation reason. Presently check for the printer control board to show a Solid Blue Wireless light shining. On the off chance that remote light is moderate flickering, at that point attempt to move your 123.hp.com printer towards the remote switch for accomplishing better system network. At whatever point there is an occasion of brokenness in your Wireless Network at that point decide to change the Wired Equivalent Privacy secret phrase to a WPA verified Passphrase.

    123.hp.com/Printer Setup Windows 10

    123.hp.com printer is good on Windows 10 variant and the setup strategy is a basic well ordered follow up directions that take your through the Printer Software Installation and after that its Driver Installation. Guarantee that your have built up an appropriately working USB Cable association for your HP Printer and Personal Computer. While introduce hp printer setup ensure that there is no projects or programming running behind in your working framework.

    Snap the Start Menu and after that select Settings to diclose it. Snap Devices to open it in an organizer. Presently select Printers and Scanners from the left sheet of the Devices envelope. Access the correct sheet and after that click Add Printer area. Find Add a printer or scanner catch and snap it. Sit tight till windows scans for your 123.hp.com printer. Presently select the ideal HP Printer from the sought rundown and after that Click Next. Continue with the onscreen guidelines to finish the printer driver establishment.

    Next, select the left sheet and after that attempt to pick the printer organization from the rundown of printer makers. Utilize the correct sheet to decide the printer arrangement and after that Click Next. Presently enter a name in the printer name field and afterward Click Next. You would now be able to choose the relating radio catch for sharing the printer on system. Give a name for the sharing system and afterward Click Next. Continue with the onscreen guidelines and after that click Print a Test choice to mind the availability and its execution.

    123 HP Printer Network Driver Setup

    Are you distressed due to not being able to setup your 123.hp.com printer? Are you trying to setup your HP printer by following the steps given at 123.hp.com but are unable to search out it on your pc screen? Confused and wondering what to try and do next? Don’t panic! Simply have a glimpse on the instructions below where you would be able to find the solution to such a problematic situation.

    Restart the PC, Printer and Router: First, you will have to disconnect the router and switch off your HP printer and your PC. Shut down all the programs and reconnect the ability twine to the router and so flip the printer ON, and conjointly input the pc. then install the HP Printer driver once more.

    Check the Network And Printer connection Status: check if your HP printer is prepared for the setup and is not linked to a guest network. Check the standing of your network association and also the printer furthermore. 123.hp.com

    Run The HP Print And Scan Doctor: HP Print and scan doctor to spot and stop the printing and scanning issues. However, you’ll need to transfer it to your device. Once it’s done, start it again and click on on my product . If it isn’t listed then click ‘Retry’. choose your 123.hp.com printer and follow the given directions.

    Uninstall HP driver and printer setup Again: Disconnect the printer from USB cable and open the control panel on your device. Click on Programs and Features options and choose uninstall. Follow the remaining steps present on the screen and restart your device. Currently you’ll be able to visit the official website of HP and so would be able to setup the driver from there.

    Simple Steps for HP all in One Printer at 123.hp.com/setup

    Simple Steps for HP all in One Printer at 123.hp.com/setup

    To start printing from your HP printer and install the printer drivers, for that you need to go to 123.hp.com setup official website and follow the given instructions.

    • Initial step is to take out the Printer from its box
    • Then, check the inside of the packaging and look for gadgets and accessories .Take a look and search out the printer skirting and different filling for writing
    • Fill out the paper tray of your 123.hp.com printer with papers.
    • Connect your HP Printer with the cable and switch ON the device
    • Then Place the Ink Cartridges .
    • Once your 123.hp.com printer hardware is set up successfully, you will be able to install the drivers from the 123.hp.com printer website

    HP Printer Wireless Setup via 123.hp.com

    Firstly connect your 123.hp.com printer to the internet connections through the coax cable or wirelessly.

    Second, check your net connections for each printer and laptop. HP Printer Wireless Setup is often done on either Windows OS or on MAC. Here we have a team of extremely skillful tech-geeks who have expertise in providing assistance regarding HP Printer Wireless Setup . All you need to do is undergo these provided steps as per your accessible OS.. Below are the simple steps follow it one by one

    HP Printer Wireless Setup in Windows via 123.hp.com

    The wireless setup essentially are often linked in 2 ways in which – SSID and WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). The Simple steps for linking the HP Printer wirelessly to Computer Windows OS are:

    First, Power on your HP printer

    Then, click on the wireless icon on printer panel. Keep your mouse pointer to the settings icon and so choose Wireless Setup Wizard. Then press OK. The wizard searches and displays an inventory of available networks Follow the on-screen directions and choose name of your network to broaden the connection. If required, install the HP wireless printer driver Enter the SSID of your home network and password and link your 123.hp.com Printer to the wireless network with no obstacle However, the printer might also be linked to your router’s WPS button. After you press the WPS button on your Router and your 123.hp.com printer, this may merely link your HP printer on to the in house network.

    HP Printer Wireless Setup in MAC via 123.hp.com

    Here are simple steps to Setup your HP printer WPS on your MAC:

    • Initially check that your HP Printer, router, and pc are all turned on, and conjointly the pc is linked to the wireless network.
    • Then, Move to the control panel and so as to find the wireless icon. Take your mouse pointer to the settings icon and so move to the Wireless Setup Wizard. Then press OK. The wizard identifies and displays an inventory of obtainable networks
    • Follow the prompted instructions given and choose the name of your network to finish the association setup
    • While doing that hit on the Apple menu and choose the choice of concerning the MAC and then click on driver updates. By clicking on the Updates icon it’ll begin change the driver
    • Opt for system preferences to print or scan from apple menu. Now, click the sign within the lower left corner of the window to pick out the name of your HP Printer device. If your 123.hp.com printer is shown on the list, click on the “Add” printer to feature your HP printer
    • After this quit and restart applications that are occasionally open before adding the printer to use the updated HP Driver options. Now, your HP printer is linked wirelessly to your MAC pc
    • Many of you’ll become uninterested after you are “Unable to Setup and Install HP printer” on your PCs. Don’t feel blue as we tend to assist you here 24/7 . All you need to do is talk to our technical team. Our toll free number for United States is accessible 24×7. Your issues would be resolved by our full-fledged techies who would offer you right direction to eradicate your setup linked hitches at intervals in the least interval of time.

    If the installation wizard display any error message, then uninstall the present driver from your device by following the below given steps:

    Open ‘Device and printers’ or ‘Apple menu’ in your pc

    • Choose the printer that is associated to the device and choose driver to uninstall
    • For MAC users, move to System preference and click on Printers and Scanners and choose the printer to eliminate it
    • Once the motive force is totally uninstalled, you’ll be able to strive reinstalling the update. Just in case you’ve got confronted to some glitches whereas uninstalling the motive force from your Windows, then contact United States via dialing our provided helpline. Our skilled professionals will instantly put forward best and handy resolution for you to effortlessly uninstall and set up your 123.hp.com printer driver on your MAC instead Windows computer.