The HP Officejet 6600 printer is an energy star certified printer. A touchscreen makes operation very easy. This printer provides reasonably good output quality, especially for text.


  •  Mobile Printing
  •  Print speed in Draft mode black: Up to 35ppm, color: Up to 34ppm
  •  250 sheet input tray
  •  Automatic document feeder

  Bottom Line

The HP Officejet 6600 printer is aimed at light home office use. This printer scores reasonably well for speed and output quality. Easily print a document via mobile printing.


  •  Automatic document feeder
  •   Wi-Fi
  •   Good quality
  •   67mm touchscreen control


  •   No duplexer
  •   No Ethernet
  •   Only one paper tray


  •  Print, Copy, Scan and Fax
  •  ePrint and AirPrint direct printing
  •  Easy cartridge loading
  •  Wireless connection with WPS

Driver/Software Installation

Tips to unload the printer from the box

Once you purchase the printer for the first time you need to follow certain tips and guides to unpack and setup the printer. Get your printer ready to print your documents or photos.

  • Step 1 : Take out the printer from the box, and then unwrap all tape and packing material from outside the printer.
  • Step 2 : Take off the packing material from the scanner glass and the ink cartridge access lid.
  • Step 3 : Make sure to detach all hardware and materials from the box before you dispose or recycle the box and packing material.
  • Step 4 : Link the power cord into the printer and set the preferences based on your needs.
  • Step 5 : Open the input tray, position the paper into the tray and then shut the input tray. In case the tray is not locked into correct place, paper jams can occur.
  • Step 6 : Install the ink cartridge into its corresponding slot.
  • Step 7 : Position the tri-color cartridge into the left slot and place the black cartridge into the right slot.
  • Step 8 : Printer calibrates and aligns the cartridge, once the alignment gets over, the printer prints an alignment page.
  • Step 9 : In case the alignment page doesn’t print, then select Setup Printer maintenance Align Printer. The printer prints an alignment page.
  • Step 10 : Choose Ok, and discard or recycle the alignment page.
  • Step 11 : Download the upgraded software for the printer from our website and then install the printing software as per the instructions.
  • Step 12 : Ratify that you do not link the printer to a system until it is instructed.
  • Step 13 : Once you are done with the above procedures, you can print your document or images from your printer.

If you find any issues and queries while setting up your printer, reach us on our toll-free number to resolve your issues.

Toll Free : 1-800-806-4515


Step 1 : Position the photo paper in the photo tray

  • Power on the printer.
  • Insert the paper into the input tray towards you to open it as far as possible.
  • Glide the paper width guides to their outermost position.
  • Mount the photo paper with the short edge forward and the print side downward into the photo tray.
  • Move the paper forward until it stops.


You can scan a desired document or photo from the control panel to your system, ensure that the system is on, the full feature printer driver is installed, and the printer is connected to the system through a USB cable or over your local wireless network.

Step 1 : Mount the photo or document

Scan a document or photo from the scanner glass or from the Automatic Document Feeder tray.


Step 1 : Fulfill the requisites

Ensure that all the requirements have been met prior to configuring your printer to fax

  • An active telephone landline.
  • Install the ink cartridges on the printer.
  • Place new white paper in the input tray.
  • Avail the telephone cord and adapter (if offered) that came in along with the printer box.

Driver installation for Windows

Step 1 : Download the updated driver from Windows operating system

Based on your printer model and the operating system, a full feature printer driver download or the HP Easy Start guided installation application is available on the download page. You can install the best printer driver for your printer.

  •  Make use of the guides to download the upgraded printer driver from our website.
  •  After completion of the printer driver download, you can install the printer driver.
  •  If the HP Easy Start app gets activated but it fails to download the HP printer driver, ratify that the computer has an internet connection, and try to download again.
  •  Suppose you are not able to recognize your printer model from our website or if the website is not available, then continue to use the instructions to download the printer driver from our website.
  •  Navigate to our website to acquire the updated Software and Driver Downloads.
  •  Index your printer model, if required, and then confirm whether the operating system is proper.
  •  Choose Download, which is below the Driver printer Installation Software, or go through the instruction that gets displayed.Updated printer driver will be downloaded in the download folder. Read more…

Wireless Setup

Configure your printer on a wireless network for Windows

Go through the procedures to setup your wireless capable printer on a local wireless network.

Step 1 : Get ready for the installation process

Before setting up the printer on the wireless network, acquire the network name and password, and then verify that the router, printer, and computer are powered on.

Meet the requisites:

  •  Service Set Identifier is the network name.
  •  The network password might also know as WEP key or WPA security passphrase.
  •  Connect the computer to your wireless network.
  •  Avail broadband Internet access.
  •  Switch on your system and the printer. Ensure that you link your printer and the computer to the same wireless network. Position the printer and the computer at a closer distance within the range of the router during the setup process.
  •  Disconnect any USB or Ethernet cable from the printer. Read more…


Replacing ink cartridge on your printer

Replace the ink cartridge when the ink level is low or empty, to prevent poor print quality and other print related problems.

Ink cartridge replacement

Go through the instructions to replace the ink cartridge on the printer.

Step 1 : Substitute the existing cartridge on your printer

Take out the old cartridge from the printer and substitute it with the new cartridge.

  •  Switch on your printer. If required, tap on the power button to turn on your printer.
  •  Open the lid of the printer.
  •  The carriage needs to move to the right of the printer and the printer needs to be idle before you move to the next step. Read more…

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