123 HP Officejet Pro 8725


Cost per page is reasonable and this plays one of the best reason to buy the printer. Compatible with mobile features as you can print from anywhere as you wish. It has large input and output source and relatively fast.


  •   Compatible with flatbed inclusive of ADF scanner type.
  •   Duplex scanning.
  •   Water proof resistant.

  Bottom Line

It is great competitor for color laser multifunction printers than to typical inkjets by means of the delivering speed and paper capacity. It is likely to be suitable for small office purpose.


  •   Par excellence paper quality.
  •   Controlled touch- screen.
  •   Cloud printing compatibility.
  •   Compatible with Ethernet, Wi- Fi, Wi- Fi Direct and NFC.


  •   Smudge is likely to occur.


  •   Copy, Scan.
  •   Wireless Printing compatibility.
  •   Duplex printing.
  •   Mobile printing.

Driver/Software Installation

Initial printer Setup

The initial setup of the printer starts with eliminating the printer and all packing materials from the box, connect the power cable, configure a control panel preferences, install the ink cartridges, and then load the paper into the tray.

Step 1 : Get rid from the printer from the box

  •   Take the printer out from the box and all tape, stickers, and packing materials from the printer.
  •   Take away the printer from the packing box.
  •   Remove all the tapes and packing materials from the printer’s outside portion, and then remove the film from the printer control panel.
  •   Lift the scanner lid, remove the packing material from the scanner glass, and then close the scanner lid.

Step 2 : Connect the power cord and set your choices

Connect the printer into an electrical socket, switch on the printer, and then configure the choices.

  •   Connect the power cord to the rear of the printer, then connect the other end of the power cord into the electrical outlet.
  •   Power on the printer.
  •   To set the choices on the printer control panel, tap on the preferred language and country/ region, and then click on the Yes option to confirm the choices made.
  •   If guided, set the date and time, and then tap on the Yes option.

Step 3 : Load paper into the input tray

  •   The input tray should be tugged out and the packing materials should be eliminated.
  •   The plain white paper should be installed into the input tray with the short edge onward and the print side facing down.
  •   The stack should be shoved into the tray until it locks into the place properly.
  •   The paper width guides should be glided till they rest against the edges of the paper.
  •   The paper tray should be pulled out into the printer.

Step 4 : Fix the ink cartridges

  •   The ink cartridge door should be accessed.
  •   The tape that are wrapped around the ink cartridges should be removed.
  •   The ink cartridges should be gripped by its edges with the color circle near you, and then the ink cartridge should be moved forward till it snaps into the place.
  •   The ink cartridge access door should be closed.
  •   The printer gets the printhead lined up, and then the alignment page gets printed.

Step 5 : Downloading the printer software

The HP Officejet pro 8725 printer hardware is now installed, and proceed to download the print software. Avoid connecting the printer to the computer until initiated to do so in the printer software.

If you find any issues and queries while setting up your printer, reach us on our toll-free number to resolve your issues.

Toll Free : 1-800-806-4515

Wireless Printer Setup Windows & Mac

To configure the HP printer on a wireless network, connect the printer to the network, then download the printer driver and software. When guided, at the time of installation, select the Wireless option as the connection type.

Step 1 : Arrange the prerequisites for installation

Prior to installing the printer on the wireless network, organize the network name and password, and password, and power on the router, printer, and computer. Read more…

USB Printer Setup (Windows) & (Mac)

Step 1 : Formulate for the printer setup

  • Ratify the following requirements and the items before you start the process:
  • The printer must be kept on.
  • Get a USB cable not less than 3 m (9 ft 10 in) in length. Read more…


Color or Black ink not printing

Your printer might encounter the lost black or color black ink or the printed page is blank or has very slight ink on the printer outs even the printer is occupied.

On the whole, the poor ink level should not affect the print quality. The printer might reset and show a message when the ink level is too low. Even though the printer might obtain a partial amount of printing in back mode at low ink levels. In backup mode, not all the blacks are obscure. In such condition, the low ink cartridge should be replaced. Read more…


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