HP Officejet Printers

A Bluetooth enabled printer best known for its portability.

An inkjet mobile all in one printer and copier, first of its kind.

Compact, wireless, mobile printer with Quiet Mode functions.

Automatic two sided printing made possible with an ADF.

(With inbuilt Neat Organizer system and one TB backup.)

An Instant Ink ready, all in one, wireless, and mobile printer.

Reduce paper usage to half with two sided printing aspect.

Perform multiple tasks with effortlessly with its Fax and ADF.

Wireless connectivity, NFC, are some features available.

Quality, sharp photo prints with this elegant design printer.

The Windows 10 compatible HP printers with driver updates.

Print in large quantities with its 250 sheet input tray feeder.

The e all in one printer, copier, scanner and fax machine.

Connect to your network through an in box Ethernet cable.

Wide format printer capable of handling large print jobs.

With inbuilt Neat Organizer system and one TB backup.

HP Officejet Printer Setup and Installation for a Wired Network on Windows PC

You can easily install the latest HP Officejet driver software for your Windows PC to work with a wired network connection (Ethernet). During the installation process, if the software prompts you to select a type of connection, choose the Wired Network or Ethernet connection as the default network connection.

Step 1 : Prerequisites for the HP Officejet driver installation and network connection

Prior to HP Officejet driver installation on your Windows PC, make sure that you have a properly functioning router and an Ethernet cable.

  • Check whether you have a network modem with many Ethernet ports.
  • Connect your computer to the Network router (Modem), if it is not already connected to it.
  • Always use an Ethernet cable and avoid using a standard telephone cable. An image of Ethernet and telephone cable has been given below for your reference.

On an Ethernet cable, the Connector is wide and has eight wires. On the other hand, a typical Telephone cable has a narrow Connector with 2-6 wires. Hence Avoid Using the Telephone Cable instead of Ethernet cable.

Step 2 : Connect the HP Officejet printer to the network

Connect the Ethernet cable to the HP Officejet printer and to the network modem (router), so that the HP Officejet printer is detected by your Windows PC during the driver installation process.

  • Switch ON the HP Officejet printer using the power button.
  • Before plugging the Ethernet cable, remove any protective material from the printer’s Ethernet port as shown in the image given below.
    Remove the protective plug from the printer Ethernet port
  • After the above step, connect the Ethernet cable to the HP Officejet printer’s Ethernet port.
  • Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the network modem, as shown in the image given below.

Step 3 : Install the HP Officejet printer driver software

After setting up the hardware parts like network modem and your printer, it is time to install the driver software on your Windows computer. You can install the printer software from the 123.hp.com. Follow the steps given below for the installation process.

  • Switch ON your HP Officejet printer if it’s not in ON state.
  • Disconnect any USB cable of the printer connected to the computer.
  • Open your browser and go to 123.hp.com
  • Search for your HP Officejet printer model and download the appropriate driver software according to your computer’s Operating system (Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 10).
  • For any queries give us a call back at our Toll free number, our HP printer professionals will setup your HP Officejet printer for you within a jiffy.
  • After downloading the HP Officejet printer driver software, install it by following the on-screen instructions of the software.

HP officejet printer driver Installation Process

  • Switch ON your HP Officejet printer if it’s not in ON state.
  • Disconnect any USB cable of the printer connected to the computer.
  • Open your browser and go to 123.hp.com to download the driver.
  • If the website prompts you, choose a method to find your HP officejet printer model.
  • After the above step, follow the on-screen instructions on the webpage to go to the HP officejet printer driver download webpage.
  • Once the website opens, click on the Download button present next to the HP Easy Start or the full-featured driver, based on the download option that displays.
  • The HP officejet printer driver gets downloaded on your Mac computer, if you choose full-featured driver as mentioned in the above step or else HP Easy Start software gets downloaded, if you choose HP Easy Start.
  • Go to the Mac dock on your Mac computer and open the Downloads folder.
  • Based upon the option you chose on the previous step, click on the HP Easy Start file or the .dmg file to begin the driver installation process.
  • When prompted by the software installer, click Add Printer to add your HP officejet printer on the Enable Printing screen.
  • Click on the name of your HP officejet printer from the list of available printers in the Add window.
  • After the above step, click on the Use menu and then choose your HP officejet printer model in the pop-up menu.
  • After choosing your printer model, click Add and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the HP officejet printer driver software installation on your Mac computer.

HP Officejet Printer Setup and Installation for Mac

You can connect your HP Officejet printer with Mac computer running OS X with the following steps. The full featured driver software for your HP Officejet printer is available at 123.hp.com Steps to install the HP Officejet printer driver software on your Mac computer :

Initially, setup and connect your HP officejet printer to our Mac computer as stated in the above process (HP Officejet Printer Setup and Installation for a Wired Network on Windows PC).

Printer hardware and network modem setup are same as that of the Windows computer expect the installation of HP officejet printer software.

What to do when an error message displays while installing the printer software?

If you have recently updated your Mac OS to a newer higher version of OS X, then the following error messages displays if you install HP printer software launched for the previous older versions of OS X.

Error Messages:

  • HP Installer doesn’t work since it is from an unidentified developer
  • Unverified Operating System

To resolve these error messages due to the Mac OS update, always try to install the latest HP officejet printer driver for your current version of OS X from 123.hp.com If you face any issues while installing HP officejet printer driver on your Mac, kindly call us at our Toll free number for professional assistance. Our team of printer experts will resolve all kinds of issues arising out of your HP officejet printer.


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