Wired Network Setup for Windows and Mac device

Step 3: Software installation on the computer

Make certain that you have installed the printer driver to finish the network printer setup.

  • Reach our website, key in the printer model you are using, and then trail the instructions to download the driver. The guided driver installation application HP Easy Start might download, liable to the printer model.
  • Suppose a driver or HP Easy Start downloads, trail the instructions to access the downloaded file to commence the setup. You are supposed to choose the connect type as Wired Network when guided to do so.
  • Suppose the download is not successful, or the printer is not screened in the list, trail the instructions to install a driver from the website.
  • Reach our website, and then choose Software and Driver downloads, key in the corresponding printer model, if prompted, and then ratify whether the operating system version is selected correctly.
  • Windows: Below Driver- Printer Installation Software, choose the Download option which is found next to the full- feature printer driver, and then trail the instructions to use the guided HP Download and Install Assistant, or go with the Download only option to save and then run the printer driver from the computer.
  • Mac Device: Below the Driver Printer Installation Software, go with the Download option that lies next to HP Easy Start or the full feature printer driver, liable to the option which screens, and then access the HP Easy Start file or the HP .dmg file in the Downloads folder to commence the installation.
  • Windows: when it is urged by the installer to pick out the printer connection type, go with the Wired Network option to proceed to the configuration.
  • Windows: Make an attempt to Print, Scan or Fax, liable to the printer’s permissible functionality.
  • Mac: When it is guided by the installer, choose Add Printer to generate a new print queue on the Mac device.
  • The Add window screens.
  • Pick out the name of the printer you are using, choose the Use or Print Using menu. Tap on the printer name which is yours from the drop- down list, and then click on the Add option.
  • Revert to the installer in order to finish the installation process completely.


Step 1: Booting up the hardware involved in the printing

  • Take off the power cord from the router.
  • Power down the printer and the system you are using.
  • Re- insert the power cord into the printer, pause for a while until the Internet activity light blinks indicating the normal connection status.
  • Power down the printer and the system.
  • Make an attempt to install the HP printer driver and software once again.

Step 1: Booting up the hardware involved in the printing

Make certain that the network you are using is in proper working condition and the printer is ready for the network configuration.

  • Ratify that the printer is all set to start the network configuration: you are provided with the prompts to be followed by both the Wired and Wireless connection.
  • Make certain that the printer is not connected to the guest or host network.
  • If you have double band router, make certain that the 2.4 GHz band is setup. If the router is connected to the 5 GHz band, the printer cannot be linked to the network.
  • GTap on the Type, paper type or Media menu on the Paper or Quality or Features option.
  • Open the system, monitor the network name and the password in the notification area.
  • Make an attempt to install the HP printer driver and software again.

Step 3: Connect the printer to the network manually

Make an attempt to link the printer to the network manually so that the HP installer can discover the printer. Aid Wireless Setup Wizard if your printer has touch or text- based control panel or try with Wi- Fi Protected Setup. Do the necessities and subsequently, try to install the HP printer driver and software again.

Step 4: Activate the HP Print and Scan Doctor

Make use of Print and Scan Doctor to discover and confirm the printing and scanning issues. Activate HP Print and Scan Doctor to quickly and automatically perform various troubleshooting techniques to resolve the issues.

  • Go to the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool, and then go with Start on the welcome screen.
  • If the printer is not denoted in the list, make certain that the printer is powered up and connected or choose My printer is not listed, and then go with |Retry.
  • Select the printer and then go with Next.
  • If the connection issue is encountered, pick out the method to link the printer, trail the instructions on the screen, and then go with the Retry option.
  • Step 5: Disable the firewall software on the system temporarily

    • Get back to the Print and Scan Doctor window, and then go with Network.
    • From the drop- down list, choose Troubleshooting Firewalls.
    • Select the Firewall which is enabled, and then tap on the Disable option.
    • Make an attempt to install the printer driver and software again.

    Step 6: Uninstall procedure for HP Printer driver and software

    • Suppose the printer is connected to the system using a USB cable, remove the cable from the printer.
    • Search for the Windows for Programs and Features, go with the option Programs and Features in the sorted list.
    • From the installed program list, pick out the printer name and then go with the option Uninstall.
    • Trial the instructions to complete the software removal.
    • Boot up the system.

    Step 7: HP software and printer driver reinstallation

    • Power up the printer.
    • If you have used a USB cable to link the printer to the computer, it should be taken off.
    • Reach our website, and then go with Software and Driver Downloads.
    • Tap on the Download option that is present next to the full feature driver, or choose the Basic Drivers for the other driver options.


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