HP Officejet 6600 Troubleshooting


Replacing ink cartridge on your printer

Replace the ink cartridge when the ink level is low or empty, to prevent poor print quality and other print related problems.

Ink cartridge replacement

Go through the instructions to replace the ink cartridge on the printer.

Step 1: Substitute the existing cartridge on your printer

Take out the old cartridge from the printer and substitute it with the new cartridge.

  •  Switch on your printer. If required, tap on the power button to turn on your printer.
  •  Open the lid of the printer.
  •  The carriage needs to move to the right of the printer and the printer needs to be idle before you move to the next step.
  •  Press on the ink cartridges to release it and then take it out if the cartridge access slot.
  •  In case you are replacing the tri-color cartridge, take out the cartridge on the left slot.
  •  Suppose you are replacing the black ink cartridge, take away the cartridge from the right side slot.
  •  Take out all the packing material surrounding the new cartridge and pull on the pink colored tab. This removes the protective packing from your cartridge.
  •  The cartridge needs to be held in such a way that the copper strips face the printer and are on the bottom side.
  •  Clasp the ink cartridge at a slightly elevated angle and move it into the cartridge access slot until you hear the cartridge fixes into the proper position.
  •  The black ink cartridge should be fixed on the right side slot.
  •  The tri-color cartridge needs to be installed on the left side slot.
  •  Ratify that the top cover is closed before you commence.

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