hp envy 4501 troubleshooting


Color or Black ink not printing properly

Your printer might not function properly, but the printed output might miss the black or color ink or the printed page is empty or has less amount ink.

Step 1 : Use an authenticated HP Ink cartridges

Make sure that you use an authenticated HP ink or toner supplies. The quality or reliability is not a guaranteed for non-HP or refilled cartridges. If you have not used an authenticated HP cartridge, the procedure which is listed below might not resolve an issue. Direct to HP Sure Supply to clarify the ink or toner cartridge compatibility or purchase replacement cartridge and other supplies.

  •   Visit to HP Sure Supply.
  •   If it is urged, tap on your country or region.
  •   Read and follow the guides to place the orders for new supplies or check the cartridge compatibility with the printer.

You can even place an order of an authenticated cartridge and supplies from some other retailers as your wish.

Step 2 : Analyze the estimated ink levels

Low ink levels show the impact of poor print quality. Check the estimated ink levels to check whether the ink cartridge is critically low or empty. On the printer’s control panel, pick out the Ink icon to display the present estimated ink levels.

Step 3 : Eliminate the older ink cartridge include new ink cartridge

Eliminate the faulty ink cartridge and then mount the new ink cartridge into the slot. Once it is done allow the printer to take a print test of the document. You are supposed to follow the succeeding steps when the ink cartridge screen is full.

  • Step 1 :  You must turn on the printer.
  • Step 2 :  Make sure that you have replaced the printer with plain white paper.
  • Step 3 :  Clasp the handles on both sides of the paper in order to open the ink cartridge access door until it clicks into the place.
  • Step 4 :  There lies the changes for the carriage to displace to the center of the printer.
  • Step 5 :  Pause until the carriage is calm and hushed.
  • Step 6 :  Eliminate the ink cartridge by unlocking the lid on the ink cartridge slot, and then gradually pushing the lid back until it stops.
  • Step 7 :  Elevate the ink cartridge to extricate it from the slot.
  • Step 8 :  Keep the new ink cartridge free from its package. Be clear that you should only touch the black plastic on the ink cartridge.
  • Step 9 :  Keep the ink cartridge free from the package.
  • Step 10 :  Clasp the ink cartridge by its sides with the nozzle towards the printer, in order to swipe the ink cartridge forward into the slot.
  • Step 11 :  Lock the lid on the ink cartridge slot to protect the ink cartridge into place.
  • Step 12 :  Repeat the preceding steps to install the other cartridge, if you need.
  • Step 13 :  Lock the ink cartridge access door.
  • Step 14 :  After completing the installation of the new ink cartridge, the printer starts to print an alignment page.
  • Step 15 :  Permit the printer to keep calm in order to discharge the alignment page completely from the printer.
  • Step 16 :  Unlock the scanner lid.
  • Step 17 :  Fix the alignment page in such a way that the printed side is kept down on the scanner glass. The alignment can be done liable to the guides around the glass.
  • Step 18 :  Lock the scanner lid, to choose Ok.

Your printer starts to print an alignment page by itself. You are expected to follow the following steps if the issues have not been resolved.

Step 4 : Clear the ink cartridges

Employ an automatic tool to clear the ink cartridges from the printer’s control panel, and then check the results.

  •   Confirm that you mount the input tray with white paper.
  •   On the printer’s control panel to move the display to the left, and then select Setup.
  •   Choose the Tools option, and then click on Clean cartridge option.
  •   Your printer starts to print a Print Quality Diagnostic report successfully.
  •   Take a look at the print quality on the Print quality Diagnostic report.
  •   If the print quality is satisfactory, click on the No option. You can stop with troubleshooting steps.
  •   If the print quality is unsatisfactory, click on the Yes option when you are instructed to perform the next level of cleaning.

Step 5 : Discover the problem ink cartridge

Discover the Print Quality Diagnostic report you printed in the procedure to clean the ink cartridges.

  •   If you detect any issues with the black text on the page, replace the black ink cartridge.
  •   In case you have not detect any troubles with the colored blocks on the page, substitute the tri-color ink cartridge.

Step 6 : Check the ink cartridge warranty status

If you have a defective cartridge or printhead, it might be under warranty. Clarify the warranty on the ink or toner supplies, and then determine the limited warranty information for the supplies.

Step 7 : Supplant the new ink cartridge

Supplant the faulty ink cartridge with a new authenticated ink cartridge.

  • Step 1 : Switch on the HP printer.
  • Step 2 : Be sure that you place the printer with plain white paper.
  • Step 3 : Clasp the handles on either side of the printer, and then open the ink cartridge access door so until it clicks into the proper position.
  • Step 4 : The carriage commences to move to the center of your printer.
  • Step 5 : Pause until the carriage is idle and noiseless before you begin.
  • Step 6 : To free the cartridge, unlock the lid on the ink cartridge slot, then push the lid back until it stops.
  • Step 7 : Take after the ink cartridge from the slot.
  • Step 8 : Take after the new ink cartridge from its package. Be cautious that you should maintain contact only with the black plastic on the ink cartridge.
  • Step 9 : Take off the plastic tape from the ink cartridge.
  • Step 10 : Clutch the ink cartridge by its sides with the nozzle towards the printer, then drag the ink cartridge forward into the slot.
  • Step 11 : Shut down the lid on the ink cartridge slot to safeguard the ink cartridge into place.
  • Step 12 : Recap the previous steps to set up the other ink cartridge, if it is urged.
  • Step 13 : Lock the ink cartridge access door.
  • Step 14 : Be calm until the alignment page gets fully removed from your printer.
  • Step 15 : Raise the scanner lid of the printer.
  • Step 16 : Mount the alignment page so that the printed side is kept down on the scanner glass. Place it according to the guides around the glass.
  • Step 17 : Shut down the scanner lid. Subsequently, choose Ok.

Now the printer successfully aligns the ink cartridges.

HP ePrint

This printing technology is designed mainly for the betterment of smartphones, tablet, computer and laptop users. This ePrint enables you to print from your mobile devices. Print documents or photos anywhere at any time. Use email account to print your desired document. This feature can be activated using a unique email address to the printer. The file formats inclusive of Microsoft Word document, MS Power Point, MS Outlook document, Image file, PDF, HTML file, Text File, Text Format file can be printed using ePrint feature. This feature takes a great try to make your printing job simpler and faster. To use this amazing feature you should own either a smartphone, a tablet, computer or a laptop and mainly a unique email address. Keep going to print using the simple instructions offered in this manual.

Enabling ePrint feature on your HP Envy 4501 printer

  •   The commencement of the print job can be done by setting your printer to an active Internet connection.
  •   Own either an Android device with 4.0 version or later or an Apple device with Ios 7 or later version.
  •   HP ePrint application is must to print documents and photos using ePrint feature.
  •   It is recommended to install the latest version of HP ePrint application on your devices.
  •   Installation procedures is made simpler for your benefits. Check the manual and make use of it.
Android devices
  • Step 1 : Know about the Wi- Fi settings on your Android devices and ensure that you have activated wireless network before you start a print job.
  • Step 2 : Open the Play Store, search and download HP ePrint on your Android devices.
  • Step 3 : You are instructed to go along with data preference and Done options.
  • Step 4 : Use Grant permission, Add Cloud Account or Add Email Account to permit your app to access the files which you have saved on your mobile devices, social medias, photos and cloud accounts.
  • Step 1 : Ensure that Apple device you are using is connected to the wireless network before you are in search of ePrint app on your App Store.
  • Step 2 : Welcome to HP ePrint Screen gets opened when the latest version of the ePrint app is installed to your device.
  • Step 3 : Go with Activate now or Skip options when the welcome screen gets opened.
  • Step 4 : Click Done from the data collection option.
  • Step 5 : Enter your email address in Activation using your email box and tap Activation to receive the activation code.
  • Step 6 : Check your email for the PIN code which is received from HP ePrint Service.
  • Step 7 : Redirect to the ePrint app again to enter the code which has been received and then Activate it.
  • Step 8 : Select the data preference as how you need and tap Done.
  • Step 9 : Select the printer name which you are currently using.
  • Step 10 : Well set, your printer is ready to print documents of all above-described formats.

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