hp 8726 printer setup

Wireless Printer Setup Windows & Mac

To organize the HP printer on a wireless network, link the printer to the network, then download the printer driver and software. When guided, at the time of installation, tap on the Wireless option as the connection type.

Step 1: Organize the prerequisites for installation

Preceding to installing the printer on the wireless network, organize the network name and password, and password, and power on the router, printer, and computer.

  •   Collect the following items:Network name, password, a computer connected to the wireless network and internet access is all you wanted.
  •   Be in no doubt that the router and computer are powered on, and the computer is connected to the same wireless network to which you want to connect the printer. Maintain the printer on and keep it near to the computer and within the permissible range of the router at the time of setup process.
  •   Take away the USB or Ethernet cable from the printer.

Step 2: Begin the printer connection to the wireless network

  •   Get directed to the control panel home screen, drag down to the Dashboard and then click on the Wireless icon.
  •   Go with the Setup icon.
  •   Go to the Wireless Settings option succeeded by Wireless Setup Wizard.
  •   Pick the name of your printer in the prevailing list and then go with the Ok option.
  •   If the exhibited list has not exposed the network name, tap on the Enter New Network Name option, and then go along with the on- screen prompts to key in your network name.
  •   If commended, index the WEP or WPA key and then go with Done option.
  •   A summary screen gets prompted. Tap Ok to get back to the home screen.

Step 3: Download the recent driver for WINDOWS

  •   Manually enter your printer model number, and then trail the Begin option.
  •   Tap on the Download-> Open, Save, or Run option in any windows which exist to download the printer to your computer.
  •   Run the installed driver by double- tapping the driver folder in the browser file or on the computer.
  •   Trail the on- screen instructions to finish the connection setup and driver download.Get directed to our website and complete the printer action and activation.

Step 4: Mounting and installing the driver for MAC computers

Follow the instructions provided here to have a better idea on how to mount and install the latest version of the printer full featured software from our website.
If an Auto Wireless Connect screen is provoked while downloading, practice it to complete the wireless setup. Or else go trail the instructions in the installation software to finish the setup function properly.

  •   Power on the HP Officejet Pro 8726 printer.
  •   If the printer is connected to the computer by dint of a USB cable, it should be disengaged from the computer.
  •   If insisted, pick a method to discriminate the printer model from the screened list, and then trail the instructions to track to the downloads page.
  •   Tap the Download option that displays next to HP Easy Start or next to the full feature driver, based on the option that screens out.
  •   Open the Downloads folder on your Mac dock, and choose HP Easy Start file or full feature driver .dmg to start the installation procedure.
  •   When insisted by the installer, select the Add Printer option to establish a print queue on the Mac.
    The Add window displays.
  •   Pick the printer name-> Use or Print Using menu, click on your printer name in the pop- up menu, and then tap on the Add option.
  •   Get directed to HP installer to complete the installation.

Wired Network Printer Setup (Windows) & (Mac)

Step 1: Arrange for the driver installation and network connection

Previous to downloading the driver, check that you have owned an operative network router and an Ethernet cable.

  •   Check that you have owned a network router, switch, or hub with obtainable Ethernet ports.
  •   Check that your computer is connected to the router, switch or hub if it is not already connected.
  •   Use Ethernet cable and but not a standard telephone cable.

Step 2: Create a link between the printer and the network

Connect the Ethernet cable to the printer and to the router, switch, or hub so that the printer is exposed during the installation.

  •   Keep the HP Officejet Pro 8726 printer on.
  •   Remove any plug or protective cover from the Ethernet port on the rear of the printer.
  •   Attach the Ethernet cable to the printer port, and then link the other end of the cable to an available port on the network router, switch, or hub.

Step 3: Download the appropriate software for Windows

Trail the steps given here to download the HP print driver to complete the network printer setup.

  •   Get direct to our website, manually enter the printer model, and then trail the instructions to install the driver. Liable to the printer model, the guided driver installation app HP Easy Start might get installed.
    •   If a driver or HP Start downloads, track the on- screen instructions to access the download file to start the setup. When guided to select the connection type, tap on the Wired Network option.
    •   If the download is unsuccessful or your printer is not recorded on our website, trail the steps to download a driver from our website.
  •   Get directed to our website, manually enter your printer model if needed, and then confirm the operating system version designated is correct.
  •   Below Driver- Product Installation software, click the Download next to the full feature driver, and then trail the on- screen instructions to use the shown HP Download and Install Assistant, or choose Download only to store and then run the driver file from your Windows computer.
  •   When guided by the installer choose a printer connection option, and then click the Wired Network to go with and finish the setup.
  •   Make a trail to print, scan or fax, based on the printer functionality.

Step 4: Installing the software on Mac computers

  •   When guided by the installer, click the Add Printer option to form a print queue on the Mac.
    The Add windows exhibits.
  •   Choose the printer-> Use or Print using menu, click your printer name in the pop- up menu, and then go with the Add option.
  •   Get directed to the HP installer to complete the installation.

USB Printer Setup (Windows) & (Mac)

Step 1: Device the requirements for the printer setup

  •   Check the following requirements and the items before you start the process:
  •   The HP Officejet Pro 8726 printer must be kept on.Aid a USB cable not less than 3 m (9 ft 10 in) in length.
  •   There lies an available USB port on the computer: If you attach the USB hub or docking station, the printer might not acquire adequate power for proper function.
  •   If the USB cable is aided to connect the printer to the computer before connecting the driver, trail these steps to uninstall the printer from the installed devices to obtain a fruitful result. If not go to the next step to download the driver.
  •   Eliminate the USB cable from the computer. Avoid attaching the cable until you are instructed.
  •   Look for Windows for ‘devices’ and select the Devices and Printers control panel settings in the results.
  •   Right- click on the printer icon and then click the Remove device option. If many icons occur for the printer, remove them all.
  •   Close down the Devices and Printers windows, and then follow the next step.

Step 2: Install the driver and create the network connection (Windows)

It is essential to download and install the best available print driver to finish the USB connection.

  •   Get direct to our website, key in the printer model and then go along with the instructions to download your driver. According to your printer model, you get directed to the driver installation app HP Easy Start may download.
    •   If a driver or HP Easy Start downloads trail the on- screen instructions to access the download file to start the setup process. When demanded to choose the connection type, select the USB option. It is not mandatory to complete the enduring steps provided in this section if the setup is effective.
    •   If the download is futile on the printer or the printer is not exhibited in the list, trail the steps to download a driver from our website.
  •   Get directed to our website, enter the printer model manually if instructed, and then substantiate the operating system selected is correct.
  •   Below Driver-Product Installation Software section, click the Download option lies next to the full feature driver, and then trail the directives to utilize HP Download and Install Assistant or choose the Download only option to save and launch the driver file from the computer.
  •   When demanded by the installer to choose the printer connection type, select USB to proceed and finish the setup.
    Allow the printer to print, scan, or fax, liable to the functionality you need.

Step 3: Download the driver and install the connection (Mac)

Download the best driver and install it. Liable to the printer type and the operating system version, a full feature driver download or the HP Easy Start gets installed.

  •   Get direct to our website, include the printer model, if guided, and monitor the operating system version is precise.
  •   Below Driver-Product Installation Software you are supposed to choose the Download option that is placed next to HP Easy Start or the full feature driver
    liable to the option that exhibits, and then open the HP Easy Start file or the HP .dmg file in the Downloads folder or browser bar to start the installation process.
  •   When instructed by the installer to select the printer connection option, you are supposed to click USB.
  •   Get direct to the Install screen, affirm that HP Scan or HP Easy Scan is preferred if the printer possesses a scanner to enable full scan functionality.
  •   When instructed by the installer, click on the Add Printer option to make a print queue on the Mac.
    The Add Window get exhibited.
  •   Choose the printer name, choose the Use or Print Using menu, and then click on Add.
  •   Get back to the HP installer to complete the installation procedure.
  •   Try to print, scan, or fax, based on the printer functionality

Color or Black Ink is Not Printing

Your printer might face the lost black or color black ink or the printed page is blank or has very slight ink on the printer outs even the printer is occupied.
On the whole, the poor ink level should not have an impact on the print quality. The printer might reset and show a message when the ink level is too low. Even though the printer might obtain a partial amount of printing in back mode at low ink levels. In backup mode, not all the blacks are obscure. In such condition, the low ink cartridge should be replaced.

Step 1: Trail to print using genuine cartridges

  •   Get directed to our website.
  •   If demanded, select the country/ region.
  •   Trail the on- screen instructions to purchase new supplies or check the cartridge compatibility with the printer.
  •   HP ink cartridges can even be purchased from the retailers.

Step 2: Monitor the assessed ink levels, substitute any low or empty cartridges

If your printer attempts any issues regarding the black ink printing, then the black ink might not be sufficient, and the printer might undergo backup method. Monitor the estimated ink levels to check if any ink cartridges are low or empty.
Get directed to the control panel of the printer, move down from the top of the screen to display the Dashboard, and then tap on the Ink Level Indicator icon. The control panel screens projected ink levels.

Step 3: Change any low or empty cartridges

It is compulsory to replace the low or empty ink cartridges, and let the printer print again. Avoid this step if all the ink cartridges show remarkable ink levels.
Make your printer to print. If the former steps resolute the problem, it is not needed to last troubleshooting.

Step 4: Clean the printhead

The printhead might get stopped and it is needed to pristine the printhead several times to restore the print quality. Use an automatic tool from the printer’s control panel to pristine the printhead.

  •   Get navigated to the printer’s control panel, swipe down to expose the Dashboard, and then click on the Setup icon.
  •   Swipe up on the exhibit, and then go with Printer Maintenance option.
  •   Tap on the Clean Printhead option, and then continue with Continue option.
    A test page gets designed.
  •   Verify the test page.
    •   If the print quality is not good, click Clean Again to proceed with the next level of cleaning. Redo the steps for the third cleaning stage, if needed.
    •   If the print quality is within the acceptable range, click on the Done option.
      Allow the printer to print. If the steps have resolute the issue, it is not required to continue troubleshooting.

Step 5: Replacing the printhead

If the printer issue has not been cleared, alter the printhead. If you are an HP Instant Ink subscriber, there are the chances for you to receive a newest of HP Instant Ink cartridges. It is necessary to install the ink cartridge initially, or when an ink cartridge fault occurs.
The below guarantee ink cartridges might also lead to poor printing quality.

To analyze the guarantee on the ink or toner supplies, visit our website and then evaluate the limited warranty data for your supplies.
You can get new printhead assembly from online if it is not under guarantee.
Let the printer print the documents. If these steps have not put the issues to an end, stop the further troubleshooting steps.

Step 6: Examine the printer

The printer should be examined if the previous troubleshooting steps have not resolved the issue.
Substitute the HP product if completed all the steps. The product can be checked for a guarantee by directing to our website and following the prompts.


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