HP Officejet Pro 8725 Troubleshooting

Color or Black Ink is Not Printing

Your printer might encounter the lost black or color black ink or the printed page is blank or has very slight ink on the printer outs even the printer is occupied.

On the whole, the poor ink level should not affect the print quality. The printer might reset and show a message when the ink level is too low. Even though the printer might obtain a partial amount of printing in back mode at low ink levels. In backup mode, not all the blacks are obscure. In such condition, the low ink cartridge should be replaced.

Step 1 : Try genuine cartridges

  •   Reach our website.
  •   If instructed, select the country/ region.
  •   Follow the on- screen instructions to purchase new supplies or check the cartridge compatibility with the printer.
  •   You can even purchase genuine HP cartridges and provisions from the sellers.

Step 2 : Take a look at the assessed ink levels, and then substitute any low or empty cartridges

If your printer encounter issues regarding the black ink printing, then the black ink might not be sufficient, and the printer might undergo backup method. Take a look at the estimated ink levels to check if any ink cartridges are low or empty.

Go to the control panel of the printer, move down from the top of the screen to display the Dashboard, and then click on the Ink Level Indicator icon. The control panel screens projected ink levels.

Step 3 : Replace any low or empty cartridges

It is necessary to replace the low or empty ink cartridges, and then make an attempt to print again. Avoid this step if all the ink cartridges show good ink levels.

Make your printer to print. If the preceding steps resolute the problem, it is not needed to last troubleshooting.

Step 4 : Pristine the printhead

The printhead might get stopped and it is needed to pristine the printhead several times to restore the print quality. Make use of an automatic tool from the printer’s control panel to pristine the printhead.

  •   Go to the printer’s control panel, swipe down to expose the Dashboard, and then click on the Setup icon.
  •   Swipe up on the exhibit, and then go with Printer Maintenance option.
  •   Tap Clean Printhead, and then proceed with Continue option.
  •   A test page gets designed.
  •   Verify the test page.
  •   If the print quality is not good, click Clean Again to proceed with the next level of cleaning. Redo the steps for the third cleaning stage, if needed.
  •   If the print quality is within the acceptable range, click on the Done option.
  •   Allow the printer to print. If the steps have resolute the issue, it is not required to continue troubleshooting.

Step 5 : Procedure to replacement printhead

If the printer issue has not been resolute the issue, alter the printhead. If you are an HP Instant Ink subscriber, there are the possibilities for you to receive a newest of HP Instant Ink cartridges. You must install the ink cartridge initially, or when an ink cartridge fault occurs.

The below guarantee ink cartridges might also result in poor printing quality. To scrutinize the guarantee on the ink or toner supplies, visit our website and then evaluate the limited warranty data for your supplies.

You can buy a new printhead assembly from online if it is not under guarantee. Make a trial to print the documents. If these steps resolved the matter, stop the further troubleshooting steps.

Step 6 : Analyze the printer

The printer should be analyzed if the preceding troubleshooting steps have not resolved the issue.

Substitute the HP product if completed all the above steps. The product can be checked for guarantee by visiting our website and following the prompts.


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