HP Envy 5660

If you are looking for a printer that lets you print wirelessly from everywhere, then HP Envy 5660 is the appropriate choice. With its multifunctioning capability, this printer supports ePrint for printing from Android phones and AirPrint only for Apple devices. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system while arranged over a wired or wireless network. It is a power-star energy guaranteed printer with an additional feature of printing from SD memory card.

  Bottom Line

The performance of the printer is balanced when we talk about the print quality. The best printer that can be used highly for home office purpose that lets you print numerously throughout the day with the same print quality. Printing from Secure Digital memory card is an added positive feature of this HP Envy 5660 printer.


  •  Performance of the printer is up to the mark.
  •  A low price printer.
  •  Stylish design with a good print speed and quality.
  • Wireless printing and scanning feature works well.


  •  Memory card purchased from the manufacturer does not fit sometimes.
  •   Not easy to organize the printer.
  •   Poor photo print quality.
  •  Frequently faces the printer offline issue.


  •   A multifunction printer with Copy, Fax, Scan and Print options.
  •   Enabled with Duplex printing.
  •   Supports printing from Secure Digital Memory card.
  •   Wireless Direct mobile printing capability such as HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint etc.

Driver/Software Installation

First time printer setup

To make a printer function successfully, it is important that you set up its hardware. The steps provided below help to arrange the printer independently.

Step 1: Unlade the printer.

Unseal the printer and the packing materials inside and outside the printer.
Do away with the sticker over the display of the printer’s control panel.
Raise the scanner lid to remove the tapes and packing materials on the scanner glass, then bend the scanner lid forward to close it.
Similarly, hold the small handles of the access door of the cartridge from beneath and remove the packing materials and all the tape.
Align the paper width guides to its extreme end and remove the packing materials and tape that has surrounded it.

Step 3: Mount paper into the printer’s paper tray.

Grab the input tray towards you with its handle to open it.
Close the paper tray from the printer’s control panel if you find the Close Tray screen displays a paper tray is open message.
Tap the play icon to see the paper loading instructions which is also available on the bottom corner of the left side of the screen.
Extend the paper tray and move the photo tray forward by aligning the paper width guides to its far end.
Insert unused white paper into the paper tray, keep moving it forward until it locks into its place and then bring the paper width guides closer to the paper edges.
Ensure that the guides do not stress the paper edges.

Step 2: Analyze the contents of the box.

Ensure that you clear all hardware and items from the box before you initiate the recycling process.
The contents of the box might change based on the country/region.
Observe the packaging for a list of things consigned in the box.

Step 4: Attach the power cord and customize your preferences.

Link one end of the power cord to the back side of the printer and the other end into a wall’s electrical outlet.
Turn on the printer by using the Power button and from its control panel, choose your preferred language, and then tap Continue to approve your choice.
Choose your respective country/region, and then tap Continue Setup. Slide the menu to set the month, day and year and then tap Continue.
Similarly, set the time by scrolling the control panel menu further, and then tap Continue.

Step 5: Instate the ink cartridges into its respective slot.

Install genuine HP ink cartridges that are provided along with your printer.
Open the access door of the ink cartridge by placing two of your fingers under both the small handles from the sides of the access door and lift it up slowly.
When the Door Open screen appears on the printer’s control panel with The cover or door must be closed to the print message, close the door and check if it is completely closed.

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Mopria Print Service Plugin, a free app available in the Google Play Store of your Android mobile Device. Using the app, you can print photos, documents, WebPages, and emails from your Android Device to your network connected printer.


Turn on the computer to install the full feature printer driver .Connect the printer to the computer with a USB cable or over your local wireless network.

Wireless Connection

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Make use of following solutions to solve common settings and connectivity issues when printing with Mopria Print Service.
Turn on the Mopria

  •   Access Settings and Select Printing.
  •   Tap On the Mopria Print Service.

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