Envy 5642 PRINTER

It is a standalone scanner, copier and fax machine appropriate for home purpose. It has single paper tray and so it’s somewhat hard to change among the plain paper and the photo paper every time. Appropriate to print books or magazines as the ADF handles legal- size pages.


  •  Plain paper fax type.
  •  Max Copying Speed Up to 7.5 ppm (mono) / up to 4 ppm (color)
  •  Max Printing Speed Up to 20 ppm (mono) / up to 16 ppm (color)
  •  Optical Resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi for Scan.
  •  Max Transmission Speed 33.6 Kbps for Fax.

  Bottom Line

This HP Envy 5642 e-All-in-One inkjet printer is meant predominantly for home-use. It can scan, copy, print and print via cloud. This can perform mobile printing.


  •  Print, Fax, Scan and Copy using Cloud
  •  Integrated with Wi- Fi and Wi- Fi Direct
  •   Automatic Duplex Feeder tray.
  •   Superior photo printing.


  •   Lack of Ethernet feature.
  •   Lack of fax capability.
  •   Not suitable for professional printing.


  •  Print, Copy, Scan, Copy
  •  ePrint
  •  Mobile Printing
  •  Mopria Certified.

Driver/Software Installation

Basic printer setup

We made your first time setup procedure uncomplicated with our simple instructions in this guide.

Step 1 : Take out the packing materials from the printer

The first step is to grab the printer from its box. Take off all the packing tapes from the printer.

  •  Take off all the labels and stickers from the printer display.
  •  Lift the scanner lid to take off the tapes present inside the printer.
  •  Eradicate all the tapes from your printer.
  •  Make certain that no plastic tapes exists inside the printer before moving to the next steps.
  •  No plastic covers should remain inside the photo paper tray.
  •  Eradicate the packing materials and proceed doing with the next step.

Step 2 : Examine the articles which comes along with the printer

There is an obligation to remove all the packing materials and tapes from the printer and it is either recycled or discarded. The articles that comes along with the printer may vary for country/ region.

Step 3 : Build up the power cord connection, fix preferences

The instructions described below makes you to connect your printer to the power supply.

  •  Attach one end of the power cable to the printer and attach the other end to the power supply.
  •  At this point, power up your printer.
  •  Now you need to select the preferred language. For this, you need to access the control panel of your printer after powering up.

Step 4 : Attaching the ink cartridges into your printer

It is urged to employ the genuine ink cartridges to obtain the best print quality. The proper procedure is described below.

  •  Unfasten the ink cartridge access door meticulously. You can look at an alert message displaying that The ink cartridge access door is open. Close the door to continue on the printer display at the time the door gets accessed.
  •  Free up your new shipped ink cartridge from all the packing materials. Never keep your hands rather than the black plastic case on the ink cartridge.
  •  Eliminate the ink cartridge from the protective tape.
  •  Be cautious while fixing the ink cartridge. Install the tri- color ink cartridge to the left side whereas the black ink cartridge to the right.
  •  Insert the ink cartridge then shut the door. By doing like this, the Door open message gets vanished and the printer control panel goes back to the Home screen.
  •  Select Ok option and stay until the printer finishes the calibration cycle.

Step 5 : The paper tray should be filled with unused paper.

Remember to fill the paper tray with the clean unused paper before installing the ink cartridge into the printer.

  •  Grip the handle to drag out the tray.
  •  You can get the Close Tray on the printer control panel with a message- ‘A paper tray is open. Make sure the paper you want to use is loaded, and then close the tray to continue.’
  •  Wait until the printer prints an alignment automatically.
  •  Go along with the prompts in case the printer does not print the alignment page.
  •  Open the scanner cover. Mount the alignment with the print side kept down on the scanner glass.
  •  Click on Ok option after closing the scanner cover.
  •  The printer scans the alignment page now.
  •  Select Finish and then dispose off the alignment page.

Step 6 : The system should be installed with the printer software

After setting up all the hardware, allow your system to install the printer software. You must not link the printer to the system unless you are instructed.

If you find any issues and queries while setting up your printer, reach us on our toll-free number to resolve your issues.

Toll Free : 1-800-806-4515

Wireless printer Setup- Windows

Make use of the instructions and connect your printer to the wireless networks using the directives.

Step 1 : Download the software and establish a wireless connection with the printer

It is mandatory to connect the printer to the network before starting the print or scan job. When the establishment of connection gets over, start to install the software. Here are the procedures to setup the printer over the wireless network. Read more…

Envy 5642 – Printer Setup

Printer Setup- Computers using Windows operating system

Make use of the instructions on how to setup your printer for the computers which works using Windows operating system.

  •  You are urged to alter the print job settings prior to initiating the printer functionalities.
  •  Generally, slight modifications like modifications on font size, layout and other appearance settings are applicable.
  •  tart the app by tapping on the folder where you have created it, click the File or the menu button and proceed doing with the Print option in order to go to general settings.
  •  To obtain access to more layout, quality, and advanced print settings, click the Printer Properties, Properties, or Preferences option.
  •  You can have a glance at the Document Properties or Printing Preferences window.
  •  Perform the alterations that are need to be done to the layout and paper settings.
  •  Alter required changes to the quality and color settings to obtain the best printing results.
  •  Select the OK option and then Print.

Printer Setup- Computers using Mac

  •  Before starting your print job, you need to perform all the required modifications in the settings.
  •  Go the app where the document was generated, select the File and Print.
  •  The printer settings window is viewed on the display. In case the menus in the windows are not screened, pick the Show Details.
  •  Now pick the option that initiates the print job or go through the Presets menu.
  •  You are urged to pick the unspecified menu at the middle of the window to select various settings type. The printer settings and menu names are varied for all printer models and for the application that prints your documents.
  •  Tap on Print after doing all required modifications.
  •  Inspect the wireless signal strength on your system by tapping on the wireless connection symbol from the Windows task bar. In case if the signal strength is too weak, place the router, computer and the printer close to each other.
  •  Make certain that no extra strains are happening over the network, like downloading or streaming services. Depending on the bandwidth, activities may decrease the speed of your prints.
  •  If you employ an Ethernet cable to enable connection with the printer, make certain that the cable connections are fully secured.
  •  The router needs to be rebooted, wait for 10 seconds and restart it.

Extra tips

These additional tips might aid to resolve your issues with slow printing.

  •  If the printer is linked to the computer using a USB cable, try to connect using different USB cables. The print speed might be affected by using USB cable with more length or irregularly shielded.
  •  Few printers are designed in such a way that it allows you to print using only one cartridge. Slow printing may also be resulted while using only one cartridge.

Driver installation- Windows

You need to download the updated version of printer driver on your computer which uses Windows operating system.

Step 1 : Download the updated version of Printer driver for Windows operating system

Depending upon the printer model and the version of the operating system you are using, a full featured printer driver downloads or the HP Easy Start guided installed app is obtained from the downloads page.

You need to install the best obtainable print driver for your HP printer. Read more…


Solution steps for slow printing issues – Windows

The printing speed of the printer may get low than assumed. Trail the solutions to get rid of the slow printing issues.

Step 1 : Re- configure the printer settings

Here are the instructions which let to solve the printer issues.

  •  Your printer needs to be maintained in on state.
  •  Stay tranquil calm until your printer maintains in idle mode and then pursue with the following steps.
  •  When your printer is turned on, the power cord needs to be disconnected from the printer’s hind side.
  •  The power cable that is connected to the wall outlet needs to be detached.
  •  Stay calm for a while. Read more…

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