HP Envy 4501 printer

Being one among the less weight printers, it is easy to transfer and fix wherever you want. Compact in design. It is one of the printers that supports both Windows and Mac operating system.

  •   Maximum monthly duty cycle is 100 pages.
  •   Optical resolution for scan is about 2400 x 2400 dpi.
  •   Both color and black cartridges can be installed.

  Bottom Line

Being low consumer of ink, it plays a good selection for the customers who are looking for the low-cost printers. All basic functionalities like copy and scan comes along with the printer is one among the admirable reasons.


  •   Compatible with Cloud printing feature.
  •   Possess Automatic Duplex printer.
  •   Fastness.
  •   Cheap.


  •   Absence of Ethernet feature.
  •   Installation process is quite difficult.
  •   Mediocre speed.
  •   Input/ output trays are small.


  •   Scan, print, Copy.
  •   Maximum supported memory is about 32 MB.
  •   Low power consumption.
  •   Installed RAM size is about 32 MB.

Driver/Software Installation

Primary setup of HP Envy 4501 printer

  • Step 1 : Take away the printer from the box and unpack the packing materials from the printer.
  • Step 2 : Grab the handles on any one side of the printer to open the ink cartridge door. Clear all the packing materials from interior side of the printer.
  • Step 3 : Close down the cartridge access door.
  • Step 4 : Connect the power cord to the posterior side of your printer, and connect the other end of the power cord into the socket and power on your printer.
  • Step 5 : Unlock the input tray door and place a stack of paper with proper width guides.
  • Step 6 : Unlatch the ink cartridge access door. Be cautious that you should touch only the black plastic on the ink cartridge
  • Step 7 : After completing the installation process of the ink cartridge, the printer prints an alignment page automatically.
  • Step 8 : Locate the ink cartridge correctly and get the best quality printing.
  • Step 9 : Open the scanner lid carefully.
  • Step 10 : Mount the alignment page with the print side downward on the scanner glass. It should be placed according to the engraved guides around the glass.
  • Step 11 : Latch the scanner lid, and then tap on the Ok option on the printer’s control panel.
  • Step 12 : The printer aligns the ink cartridge automatically.
  • Step 13 : You should download and install the printer hardware and software.
  • Step 14 : Make certain that you have not linked the printer to the computer until instructed.

Toll Free : 1-800-806-4515


The printer should be set up in such a manner that it is ready to print either side of the printer. Read the guides to make changes to the settings in the printer driver and turn the pages, liable to the printer type.


Get the scan of the document from the printer easily. This can be done only if the printer software is installed. Mount the material into the scanner, and then tap the scan button on the front panel of the printer.


Scanning can be done by inserting the document in in the Automatic Document Feeder tray or on the Scanner glass. With the aid of the scanner glass, you can copy original image or to produce a two-sided copy.


Use an authenticated HP Ink cartridges

Make sure that you use an authenticated HP ink or toner supplies. The quality or reliability is not a guaranteed for non-HP or refilled cartridges. If you have not used an authenticated HP cartridge, the procedure which is listed below might not resolve an issue.Direct to HP Sure Supply to clarify the ink or toner cartridge compatibility or purchase replacement cartridge and other supplies. Read more…


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