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Print using Wi-Fi direct

Wi- Fi Direct allows you to print a document without the usage of the local network or linking to the Internet. Documents or images can be printed from Wi- Fi capable systems and mobile devices by enabling Wi- Fi Direct. The functionality is same as Bluetooth. The best part in this is Wi- Fi can be used for greater distances and faster speeds.

Print from an Android device that is compatible with Wi- Fi direct

  •   Keep the Wi- Fi Direct switched on on your printer and Wi- Fi on the Android device you are using. Tap on the Direct- xx- HP option that is screened on the list of printers.
  •   Latest print Service or Mopria Print Service should be installed on the Android device. Download it from Google Play Store or another app provider, based on the locality.
  •   Wi- Fi Direct in your printer should be powered on.
  •   Go to the control panel of the printer, tap on the Wi- Fi Direct icon to screen the Wi- Fi Direct name and password.
  •   For the printers which do not have a control panel, go to the information icon to print a report that has the Wi- Fi Direct name and password.
  •   Suppose the Information button is not present in the printer, tap the Resume icon for 2 seconds to print a report that has the Wi- Fi Direct name and password.
  •   If the option screens, tap Automatic to print without the password or Manual to ratify the print job from the printer or get a password.
  •   In the Android device, tap Settings-> Wi- Fi and ratify that it is enabled. It is not necessary to connect the printer to the Wi- Fi network.
  •   Access the document or photo whose print is to been taken, and then tap Print from the app menu. Or, use the share option from an application to send the required content to the print plugin.
  •   atify that DIRECT- XX- HP screens the printer on the printer plugin settings screen. Suppose a different printer name displays, select the name to display a list of existing printer and then tap on DIRECT- XX- HP (your printer model name) option.
  •   Tap on the Print option.

Fax Setup

Here is the instructions that let you know how to organize the printer to fax.

Step 1 : Satisfy the requirements

  •   Ratify that all the requisites have been satisfied before arranging the printer to fax.
  •   An enabled telephone line.
  •   onfigure the ink cartridge on the printer.
  •   Mount a new white paper in the printer’s input tray.
  •   Own a telephone cord and an adapter that come along with the printer shipment box.

Step 2 : Configure fax on the printer

The telephone cord should be bound to the printer and the settings have to be modified from the control panel.

Connect a telephone cord, subsequently configure the ring settings from the printer’s control panel. Read and follow the instructions provided below:

  •    The telephone devices should be disconnected from the phone jack and the printer.
  •   Remove the yellow plug from the port labeled 2- EXT on the rear side of the printer.
  •   The answering machine power cord should be taken off from the phone jack , and should be connected to the port labeled 2- EXT on the printer’s rear side.
  •   The fax job might fail , if you use any other phone cord rather than the one that comes along with the printer.
  •   Open the printer’s control panel, drag the display to the left to click Setup.
  •   Swipe the display up, tap on Fax Setup-> Setup Wizard and then track the instructions to configure for faxing.

Step 3 : Organize the basic fax settings

The default settings are to be modified depending on your requisitions. The instructions mentioned below are followed in order to modify a few settings.

The contacts are included to the phonebook:

Make use of the instructions that are described below to add a new contact to the phone book.

  •   The printer control panel is to be accessed and then tap Fax-> Send Now.
  •   The Phone Book icon should be chosen.
  •   Directly go to the Phone Book Contact symbol plus sign to generate a contact.
  •   Tap Name, enter the name and then tap the Done option.
  •   Choose Fax Number and then the fax number of the contact should be entered, tap Done.
  •   Choose Add.

Step 4 : Step-by-step Procedure to take a fax test

A Fax test should be performed to check if the fax setup is executed properly.

  •   Tap Setup->Fax Setup-> Tools-> Test
  • The fax sample report will be printed fruitfully.
  •   Have a glance at the Fax Test Report.
  •   In case the report displays that the printer is successful with the test but your printer still has trouble while faxing, the fax settings listed in the report should be examined in order to ensure that they are appropriate. Fax issues can also be caused due to incorrect or blank settings.
  •   In case the report displays that the printer has failed the test, the report should be inspected for more information about fixing the fax problems.

Scan Setup

Scanning a photo

Scanning can be done from your printer, make certain that the computer has the printer software installed, the media (photos or documents) are placed into the scanner, and then touch the scan button on the printer display.

Step 1 : The photo or document is to be inserted

The required documents or photos are scanned using the printer, and then it is saved on your system.

  •   The printer needs to be started.
  •   The photo or document that you need to scan should be inserted.
  •   Use the Scanner glass: Keep the actual document with the print side resting on the scanner glass and then position it as per the graved guides around the glass. Let the scanner lid be closed once the document is placed.
  •   Automatic Document Feeder: If the printer has an ADF tray, the documents are to be inserted into the document feeder tray. The print side should always face upward and the top edge needs to enter into the tray first. The paper width guides are adjusted to fix the document.

Step 2 : The essential document or images are scanned

Your essential document or photo can be scanned, and then your scans can be saved using one of the techniques.

  •   In the printer display, tap Scan, and then the name of the folder that you need to store the document should be selected.
  •   Tap a scan option that appropriately suits the document or image you are scanning.
  •   Tap Ok.
  •    The required document or images are scanned using your printer then they get saved the destination which is specified in the settings.

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